Biology of Kundalini A Science and Protocol of Spiritual Alchemy    

Resources - Kundalini

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Resources - Neuroscience

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Resources - Child Development

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Resources - Spirituality

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Resources - New Civilization

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Resources - Health

 Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version —Dr. Batmanghelidj —Stan Grof’s Website —Holotropic Breathwork International —Peter Levine —Focusing Institute —Ron Kutz —Pat Odgen —Rosen Method —Jack Tips, Pro-Vita Diet Plan, and other books —Fantastic articles on vitamins etc…by Ward Dean M.D. et al. —Institute for Traditional Medicine —Leslie Taylor’s incredible herb site —Lee Holden Qi Gong DVD —Shawn Philips, Spiritual Body Building —Good nutrition info

Energies: —Abert Roy Davis & Walter C. Rawls Jr. — Orgone Biophysical Research —monoatomics and David Hudson —ORMUS, White Powder of Gold —Tom Bearden, energy from the vacuum/kundalini. The Excalibur Briefing. —Cleve Backster; Cellular consciousness

Supplies: —Kelp powder and seaweeds, Maine Coast Sea Vegetables —000 Capsules and Supplements —Great Herbs, Oils etc… —Neem Products —Jaffe Bros., Inc. Fresh seeds and nuts etc… —Raw foods supply (hemp seed) —Wolfberry/Lycium fruit —Azomite/Juicers/Sprouting seeds — for seeds and info on the benefits of broccoli seeds for cancer etc....Another source for broccoli seed is 800 626 5357—they sell 50 lbs for $200, that’s $4/lb — Mushrooms info and growing kits

Raw Sites: —Rawfood book source —Mathew J. Monarch’s book —Info and Community —Nature’s First Law —Rawfood treatment center Florida. —Rawfood Spa San Deigo

Sound Technologies: —Bill Harris —The Munroe Institute —Kelly Howell —Jonathan Goldman

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Resources - Other Websites

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A full science of eco-harmonious BioCosmoEnergetics has yet to be established, but will be ultimately realized by a combination of data from scientific geniuses like the following: (Many of these you can learn about on and

Viktor Schauberger—Living-Water, Implosion, (Callum Coats)
Walter Russell—Sacred Geometry and Cosmogony
John Ernst Worrell Keely—Sympathetic Vibratory Resonance (Dale Pond)
Buckminster Fuller—Synergistic cosmic design
William McDonough—Sustainable Cultural Design
Paolo Lugari—Gaviotas-Ecovillage of the Imagination
Jacque Fresco—The Venus Project-Vision of the Future
Fritz Albert Popp—Biophotons
Harold Saxton Burr—L-Fields (Life Fields)
Georges Lakhovsky—Radionics
Wilhelm Reich—Orgone, Antigravity
Rupert Sheldrake—Morphogenic Field Theory
Tom Bearden—Zeropoint and Scalar technology
Tom Valone—Bioelectromagnetics, Anti-Gravity
John Hutchison—Zeropoint, Wave tech, Crystal Permanent Batteries
Hal Puthoff—Physics, Consciousness, paranormal
Matti Pitkanen—Topological Geometrodynamics & Quantum Biology
Nassim Haramein—Geometry of hyperspace, Grand Unified Theory
Stephan Riess—Virgin Water made in Earth’s crust
Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D.—Water Cure Genius
Jacques Beneviste—Memory in water
David Hudson—Monatomics, rediscovered m-state
Barry Carter—ORMUS. Main nexus of monatomics
John Milewski—SuperLight, MEOW
Glen Rein—Scalar Waves
Cleve Backster—Primary Perception of cells
Robert Becker—Body Electromagnetism
C. Louis Kervran—Biotransmutation of elements
Bruce Lipton—Cell Membrane influence on evolution
Stuart Hameroff—Photons through microtubules
Dr. Royal Rife—Electromagnetic cancer cure.
Rudolf Steiner—Biodynamic Agriculture, Anthroposophy
Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls—Magnetism
Bill Mollison—Permaculture Founder
David Holgrem—Permaculture Founder
John Hamaker, Don Weaver—Carbon-cycle Ice Age Theory
Bargyla Rateaver—Plant uptake of large molecules
Phillip Callahan—Paramagnetism
Stephen Harrod Buhner—Scientist, Herbalist, Nature Mystic
Richard Allan Miller—Alchemist, Physicist, Herbalist
Lyall Watson, John Davidson—Subtle Energy
Paul Devereux—Geomancy/Geobiology earth-energies.
Robert Sapolsky—Stress, the Brain and Primate Politics
Ingo Swann—Remote Viewing and Psi
Richard Nolle—Annual Astro data for sociobiology etc…
Ray Tomes—Cycles, Harmonics, music and scales
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz—Calculus, optimism, monadism

There is no greater spirituality than living in communion with the Earth and gaining the intimate understanding of Nature and the Universe that such communion necessitates. All minds, energy and resources must now be spent on reinventing and redesigning human civilization.
—totally awesome physics site like you would not believe.
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If you would like to be added to the penpal list, please contact me here with your
  • name
  • location
  • age
  • sex
  • approximately 20 words describing your kundalini activity and duration


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The following is Kundalini inspired artwork by Jana Dixon:

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