Biology of Kundalini A Science and Protocol of Spiritual Alchemy    

Higher Homeostasis


Extreme chemistry requires extreme adaptation.

With kundalini the body is sent on a wild ride of hills and valleys eventually creating new levels of homeostasis. The bodymind must be strengthened and purified in order to allow the seeker to endure and stabilize the energy of higher states of consciousness. The lifestyle in which we maximize lifespan is the same lifestyle that maximizes spiritual growth. So in a sense the "deeper" we go in Spirit, the longer we potentially live. Of course it is not so much living for a long time that is desired, but to live greater "Depth" now. We have an inbuilt with the desire to go deeper and to "know ourselves" before we die.

The key to the proactive adaptation to metamorphosis is to rise to a higher degree of homeostatic balance by upgrading the body's four homeostats: energy, adaptive, reproductive and immune. Thus the evolutionary cycle and metamorphic process itself must be made "conscious" and worked-with. With higher homeostasis we can learn to grow in a sustained wave rather than in fits, starts and backslides. Anything that will contribute to our ability to maintain a higher-homeostasis will allow faster ascent through stronger adaptation with less catabolic breakdown and depression.

If we fail to address the extra free radical load on the body during metamorphosis our nervous system and brain function will simply take much longer to come out of depression and reinstate itself. And we will simply not evolve as much as when we work-with dissolution and regeneration. To live longer or go Deeper requires--minimum free radical damage, maximum ATP/enzyme reserves, super-nutrition with minimum toxin generation. That is a minimum and precise consumption of food, with perfect detoxification. This is so in order to permit charge, focus, speed and conductivity of consciousness.

I cannot stress enough how vitally important it is to support the body as it is going through this extreme chemistry. In my first awakening for example I had bad tooth problems because my immune system was compromised by the stress hormones. And in my second awakening I only came to the realization of needing to upgrade adaptogenesis and protect the body's cells "after" my peak, so during my own kundi-awakening I wasn't taking anything but cleansing herbs. It wasn't until after the fact that I worked out the need to prevent free radical damage, support hormones and feed neurotransmitters, and bind metabolites. Had I adopted my protocol during my awakening, I would not gone through years of suppressed immunity, burnt out, functional-depression and loss of left-brain function.

The stronger the body, the greater the resources, the greater the conductivity, the higher the charge, the more open to spirit are the tissues. If we change over to a "raw-food" diet then the physical, mental and spiritual growth that we have been surpressing with a cooked food diet, rapidly springs forth. A kundalini awakening is very likely under these circumstances. To navigate this crisis of awakening we must understand that we are not only emerging from our own self-suppression, but also from the "collective" species-wide suppression of our Human nature. I propose we look into how we are creating our bodies from birth. Are we creating bodies that can really handle the extreme force of evolution when it hits us?

My experience has shown me what we must do as a species to build up our bodies to endure metamorphosis, so that we can support the alchemy, grow our spiritual bodies, with less organic and mental damage in the process. Once we know exactly what is going on with our physiology, and why we are having the symptoms we are having, then we can relax and do what is needed to FORWARD our alchemy even in the midst of the most intense kundalini flux. Going-with kundalini therefore takes a very high degree of knowledge, sophistication, higher purpose, determination, force of personality and self-respect. It is so easy to just backslide and become a spiritual wreck, rather than cultivate the experience into a trans-egoic art form. If we are indeed the growing edge of humanity, then we have a responsibility to secure the metamorphic ground we have won and not regress out of fear of claiming our divine nature.

The ability to withstand and co-operate with metamorphosis has got to do with the strength of the protein structures of the body, blood sugar, and quantum tunneling of electrons within the protein structures. If we had a less catastrophic (slow burn) awakening in a well-resourced body, we would be able to keep up our neurotransmitter/hormone supply and there would not be this wild swing of supreme height and plummeting fall. It is vitally important to support the hormonal, neurotransmitter and immune system to prevent bio-freakout--that is the hyper-activation of the stress hormones and sympathetic nervous system and the catastrophic overwhelm of all body systems.

It is very important to realize that even though there is massive free radical production with the rising of kundalini, and there is cell die-off because of this, the body uses this mechanism to restructure itself. So the temporary loss of functions should not be seen as pathological, but should be celebrated as part of the Metamorphic process. This "non-pathological stance" is very vital to grasp. This death and resurrection process may seem like an illness to the conventional mindset, but we must learn to see the Whole of it--the die-offs, the loss of cortical function, the pain, the bliss--we must see all of it in the larger picture of the evolution of humanity as a whole. It may appear like I am contradicting myself creating a protocol to prevent severe free radical damage, supporting hormones and neurotransmitters...why not let the body completely exhaust itself and cannibalize itself...doesn't that mean greater evolution? No, the dissolution occurs only in the service of greater order. We must simultaneously preserve the new order while supporting the old to fall away.

The bottom line is protect your membranes, build your enzyme and mineral resources, repair your receptors, keep your blood nonacidic and get plenty of raw plant life into your system. Then you have the potential to rise to a higher homeostasis.

Higher homeostasis, is to ride the dragon without falling off.


Factors that warrant the use of supplements to support kundalini awakenings are legion. Since metamorphosis is one of the most profound and intense biological process we will ever undergo, and for which we never seem quite ready, it is advisable to "go-with" and support it in any way we can. Otherwise the ego will try to fight it and we will resort to inertial methods of control that cause us untold organic damage and deprive us of ourSelves.

While undergoing the extreme conditions of an awakening the heart muscle needs strengthening during its intense metamorphic exertions. The cells need antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents for protection from the increased free radical production. The immune system needs careful support with herbs like cats claw, pau d'arco, olive leaf, echinacea, astragalus, elderberry. Any extra heat or energy production in the body will use up enzymes so we need to build both enzyme and mineral reserves.

Collagen is the primary substance of the bone matrix and the most common protein in the body. Silica is involved in the buildup of the minerals on the matrix during the formation of bone or connective tissue. Because there are such changes to the connective tissue matrix of the body during kundalini, it might be advantageous to take silica in the form of horsetail during an awakening.

The digestive system needs support in cleansing, calming and strengthening due to excessive stimulation of the overdrive of the sympathetic-nervous-system. The adrenals and thyroid need the strengthening and balancing effect of adaptogens such as ginseng, licorice and gotu kola, plus they need increased nutrition due to their metamorphic hyper-activation--this applies to all the endocrine glands.

Lipid peroxidization throughout the body, and in the liver especially, must be guarded against with outstanding liver protectors like pinebark, grapeseed, schizandra berries and milk thistle, methionine, reishi mushroom, choline, alpha lipoic acid and garlic. Also you might look into detoxifying your liver, as that is the main organ of adaptation, and most people's livers are not in optimum shape.

Hormonal supporting herbs are also necessary, such as dong quai, black haw, valerian root, black cohosh, tribulus. As all systems are full tilt during an awakening there must be increased protection from the body's own stress response by herbs that reduce the stress hormone cortisol, such as ginkgo, bacopa, magnolia and Rhodiola rosa. Interestingly the blocking of cortisol is supposed to help reduce body fat. Increased nutrition must be supplied to feed and balance all the neurotransmitters and hormones, which become exhausted during the heightened metabolism of metamorphosis.

We also may need nervines, antispasmodics and anticonvulsants during the acute cycles to cope with the heart expansions, intense energies and emotional conniptions. If we resort to the use of anti-depressants, tranquilizers and anticonvulsant drugs we can kiss our awakening and evolution itself goodbye. There are so many excellent plant remedies to choose from that we need never have to rely on manmade chemicals even in the most extreme cases.

Obviously more blood sugar is needed to fuel increased energy conductivity and heightened metabolism of metamorphosis, however if blood sugar rises above the body's current needs then the kundalini will burn too hot and a physical, emotional and mental collapse will ensue. Thus blood sugar must be stabilized with judicious diet and by the use of such supplements as: glucosol (banaba), carnosine chromium, vanadium, gymnena, fenugreek, Alpha lipoic acid, fish oil, selenium, green tea, stevia. More on blood-sugar later.

Many of the herbs listed in the herb formula below are chi tonics and adaptogens to increase our ability to "adapt" to the metamorphic changes. Rather than suppressing any of the symptoms these herbs will serve to help us deal with the stressors and will help "tone excess" and "fulfill deficiency." With such herbal support our body has the resources to establish a higher-homeostasis during awakening, thus there is less burnout and down cycles are not so acute and long lasting.

This kundalini protocol would work for romantic love prevent women from losing consciousness in the sex game...and prevent the dumb love syndrome. It basically focuses on free radical protection, support for neurotransmitters and hormones and buffering agents for metabolites. If one takes such a protocol their whole life then it should reduce senility as well.

Obviously one doesn't need to go overboard and include a multitude of substances in ones kundalini adaptation program, even if one only uses kelp, ginseng, gotu kola and ginkgo, these four will greatly ease and facilitate the alchemy. Despite all the supplemental chemicals that are out there, it's good to remember that we are organic machines, of a highly sensitive and refined nature. Whatever you do, always look back to green juices, kelp, spirulina and wheatgrass as the basis to whatever supplementation you might like to add. There is no point in allowing the organism to go into super-drive if the cells do not have deep integrity, for this just leads to depletion.

All the work in the body is done by enzymes and during kundalini there is a huge increase in work being done in the body than during normal metabolism. So supplementation with plant-based enzymes is essential during an awakening to build enzyme reserves, to aid digestion, and to prevent the toxicity and inflammation that leads to leaky gut. Suggested reading: Mark Rojeks excellent articles on .Enzymes

I suggest anyone interested in exploring the mechanisms of metamorphosis to get Hari Sharma's book "Freedom From Disease, How to Control Free Radicals A Major Cause of Aging and Disease." Although it is not about kundalini it holds a huge amount of information related to the metamorphic process.

WARNING: Those who are bipolar, have epilepsy or depression or are taking antidepressant Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, or anticonvulsants need to consult their doctor before establishing a kundalini supplement protocol.

If undergoing an awakening the two most important things to consider even if all else is ignored are: 1. Faith and 2. Antioxidants!!!

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