Biology of Kundalini A Science and Protocol of Spiritual Alchemy    

Turning It Off


I started out looking for a way to stop or reduce kundalini nutritionally, because it is maladaptive to survival in our current society. But if one uses glycine, taurine and GABA (neuro-inhibiting amino acids) this just makes one nauseous, heavy, dull headed and stoned, which adds, to the already overwhelming symptoms of kundalini. So it appears that rather than the counter-attack of directly taking neuro-inhibitor amino acids, a better approach would be to support the existing neurochemistry, aim for maximum free radical protection and do a variety of relaxing practices to bring the parasympathetic into balance with the sympathetic nervous system.

Since kundalini is the energy of evolution, turning it off is counterproductive. However if someone is maladapted to it and can't find adequate coping mechanisms, or raise higher homeostasis to balance the degree of spiritual acceleration, some things that might be used to reduce kundalini are:

  • The primary way to reduce kundalini symptoms is to halt the intake of all carbohydrates except green and non-starchy vegetables. This means stopping all sugars including fruit and grains.

  • The serotonin precursor L-trytophan (5-HTP) might reduce kundalini awakenings, but both sleep and relaxed states don't seem to inhibit kundalini flow.

  • Increasing carbohydrate intake in an effort to increase the neuro-inhibitor serotonin, will not reduce but will amplify kundalini.

  • Research needs to be done with the hormones relaxin and melatonin to see how they affect the manic or hyper stages of Kundalini.

  • GABA is an antianxiety amino acid can be purchased from beyond-a-century and also is made in the body from the amino acid Glutamine.

  • Glycine and taurine might be used to stop kundalini however it appears that simply taking things that increase the nerve off-switches may produce nausea, dull headedness and head pain rather than turning off kundi.

  • Tyrosine, Vipocetine/hydergine, glycine and taurine might contribute to nausea.

  • Supplements that seem to help limbic hyperactivity are DL-phenylalanine (DLPA), L-tyrosine, and S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe).

  • The herbs feverfew, kava kava and valerian might have neuro-inhibiting potential during the hyperactive phases of kundalini.

  • Morphine--Christina Grof said the morphine turned off her childbirth kundi

  • Lithium Orotate might be considered under medical supervision in circumstances of extreme maladaption to kundalini. Lithium is stored in the pituitary, ovaries, thyroid and adrenal glands. It may play a role in fertility and in cellular uptake of glucose.

  • There is a good chance that since lysine blocks NMDA glutamate receptors it might reduce nerve excitation.

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