Biology of Kundalini A Science and Protocol of Spiritual Alchemy    

Heart Expansions


"Thinking hard about subtle energy seems to lessen its influence while just being seems to make its influence stronger." Paul Pearsall, The Heart's Code

The heart then the nervous system are the first things to form in a human embryo. At 5-9 days the heart begins to form and the foundations for the foetal brain, spinal cord, and entire nervous system are set in place. By 10 weeks the heart is completely developed--the organism is developed within the field of the heart. As the dissolution progresses one can assume that the heart muscle itself is relaxed and made more permeable to energy to the same degree that the neuromuscularskeletal system is decontracted. The heart being a holographic representation of the entire neuromuscularskeletal system. As the heart starts to experience this "new space" it would go through contractions and expansions which in effect feel like gravity warping and crushing.

Joseph Chilton Pearce says that the EMF of the heart can be measured up to 15 feet from the body. Yet the "unmeasurable" scalar-healing energy field emerging from the heart would perhaps also be formed in a toroidal shape, but this field would be many times larger than the electromagnetic field itself. The metamorphic heart is more sensitive and responsive to the vibratory condition of the body and environment. And as I repeated say, the bodymind is dismantled and rebuilt within this greatly expanded and amplied heart field.

Heart expansions occur along with intense love, bliss and weakness in the arms. The heart expansions and grounding are also associated with fatigue because the heart's field becomes so huge seems like it pulls one into the ground. This grounding is actually caused by temporary parasympathetic dominance and can be so severe that it is really difficult to put one foot in front of the other in order to walk. This fatigue is dealt with through grounding the entire spine by lying on one's back on grass. Also by walking on grass, repolarizing around running water and in nature, eating greens and avoiding stimulants. Whatever aids grounding and repolarization will reduce the fatigue!

At this time one is intuitively called to spend as much time as possible outside under the open sky and in nature because the electromagnetics of this event need to occur in communion with the planetary field and nature's energy fields. Being inside buildings at this time you will feel cut off for your true nature--the heart expansions will demand that you be outside. The metamorph proceeds when we are connected to the earth's energy and the sun. You could say that we lose our soul in buildings.

After the body has grounded, the heart now freed, sours out of the body as though painfully breaking through the chest. To relieve the pain of expansion one needs to thump the thymus gland on the sternum like an ape, and this relieves the pressure. The thymus gland under the sternum wakes up significantly; this could be part of the huge expansion and energetics of the chest that is felt during an awakening. I have yet to scientifically verify this, but I am sure that the thymus is retraining white blood cells in their transmutational function.

Entrainment represents the integration or harmonization of various oscillators, creating a blending of various rhythms. The amplified heart field and the associated heart-brain entrainment is probably the cause of the increase in ESP, insight, higher states of awareness and supersensoral abilities that are prevalent at this time. The amplified heart and the opening of new areas of the brain, or the new synergy of parts working in greater unison, leads to a melting of the former being and a surrender to the bliss of transmutation.

The morphic field around us that is generated at this time of transformation is probably the largest it will ever be in our lifetime. This may be a major factor in outer body experiences and ESP. Extrasensory means that the senses are so amplified that it "seems" like ones consciousness is "out there." Ones sense of self is so radically different during kundalini I call it "super-sensoral" or experiencing the supernal realm. There is such an unprecedented relaxation of heart, muscle and nervous system that one no longer feels confined to the body, and ones feeling self seems to extend beyond the body allowing us to "feel" others from a distance. I could never figure out if the remote sensing of people in our home range was due to these supernal senses or whether it was due to the amplified precognition of our own timeline.

In a healthy individual a delicate balance between vasoconstriction and vasodilation is maintained by endothelin, calcitonin and other vasoconstrictors on the one hand and nitric oxide, prostacyclin and other vasodilators on the other. These two modes of expansion and contraction constitute the kundalini path as it hyperboles from one extreme to the other.

It is apparent that expansion phases where there is an influx of spirit, a relaxation and euphoria are associated with the circulation of vasodilators in the body. The dilation of the blood vessels lowers blood pressure and this increases fatigue—heart expansion and gravity expansion periods are always associated with fatigue and the urge to go to ground. Some of the agents that facilitate this vasodilation would be histamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, nitric oxide and even endorphins themselves. Studies found that arteries in an actively contracted state were dilated in a dose dependent manner by enkephalins and morphine, due perhaps to the presence of opiate receptors in the vessel walls. Another vasodilatior is Adenosine, which plays an important role in biochemical processes, such as energy transfer - as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and adenosine diphosphate (ADP) - as well as in signal transduction as cyclic adenosine monophosphate, cAMP. If energy production goes up in the mitochondrias during kundalini, Adenosine might be an important promoter of the expansion phase. When adenosine enters the circulation, it causes an increase in coronary vasodilatation.

In order to bring the body back to equilibrium after the expansion phase the sympathetic nervous system kicks in to bring about vasoconstriction. This contraction phase is associated with gravity crushing, panic, hypervigilance, desire for movement, and emotional stress. The agents of this phase include vasopressin, adrenaline, the catecholamines: epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine; antihistamines and caffeine. This serves to increase heart rate, blood pressure and raise blood glucose. Endothelin is a vasoconstricting peptide that plays a key part in vascular homeostasis. It is one of the strongest vasoconstrictors currently studied. Found in smooth muscle and endothelial cells and is instrumental in increasing the discharge of sodium through urine and the production of urine by the kidney. It also stimulates Nitric oxide (NO) release to redilate vessels and mediate vascular homeostasis. Overproduction of endothelin can cause lung artery hypertension. Prostacyclin is a prostaglandin produced in the walls of blood vessels that acts as a vasodilator and inhibits platelet aggregation. It is used in the treatment of primary pulmonary hypertension.

Prostaglandins are another important factor in the regulation of vascular homeostasis. Prostaglandins are a large group of fatty acids that regulate cellular processes, where they are produced. They are not stored but are produced as needed by cell membranes in virtually every body tissue. They may also act as messengers for hormones, in that the hormone binds to the cell, increasing the levels of prostaglandins, which activate a specific cell process. They participate in a wide range of body functions such as the contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle, the dilation and constriction of blood vessels, control of blood pressure, modulation of inflammation and glandular secretion. One such substance, which stimulates contraction of the uterus, is used clinically to induce labor. Prostaglandins also control the substances involved in the transmission of nerve impulses, participate in the body's defenses against infection, and regulate the rate of metabolism in various tissues. Several prostaglandins have been shown to induce fever, possibly by participating in the temperature-regulating mechanisms in the hypothalamus. The fact that aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have been shown to inhibit prostaglandin synthesis may account for their usefulness in reducing fever and inflammation.


Dealing with the Angst of Extreme Pleasure

The ecstasy of Kundalini occurs as extreme pleasure (love) in the heart region mostly, and left brain, in the belly, down the left side of the body. Accompanied by a general all over ecstasy, bliss and satiation. There is the feeling of saturation of the tissues with mana juice flowing like ambrosial honey through the veins. It is like constant nongenital sex with God. The brain is lit up with kundalini (light) and you can see it in the irises, the skin glows with the bliss energy flowing through then nerves. When it starts backing off the parasympathetic comes on and so the vessels are so widened blood pressure is low, the arms loose strength, movement is slower and you feel pulled to the ground.

Ecstasy means 'to stand outside the ordinary self' through unification with God-numinious, via the direct experience of Divinity. The experience of divine union is not translatable into words, but it is the basis of all religion and spirituality the world over. We can in describing this ineffable event only communicate in symbol, word and metaphor...and thus we create our religions and myths. People have been trying to express the ecstasy of Divine Union ever since they encountered it. Here is some words that attempt to describe ecstasy: Grace, beatitude, blessed, delirium, ebullience, elation, enchantment, euphoria, exaltation of the cells, full-gladness, glad-fullness, complete, gone, happiness, heaven, inspiration, intoxication, joy, paradise, rapture, ravishment, rhapsody, trance, transport, twilight zone, scintillating transcendence.

I had quite a significant bout of ecstasy for 4-5 days around full moon in November 2006. This heart expansion happened as the climax of the revelatory chemistry I had in September and the two months of high level intellectual work I was doing. But really I think it was so intense because Mr. Universal came to town for a book talk on Saturday, and apparently my physiology still responds greatly to him, even though I never got closer than 2 miles from him.

This Heart expansion period was somewhat more lucid than most; no loss of cognition and my math even improved which is weird, because I am so used to getting a loss of brain function with the bliss. At the beginning of this ecstasy period I was feeling poor-me and isolated with the condition; locking myself away to prevent inflicting ecstasy on the world or getting jabbed at while so blown open. Finally as it started to back off I asked myself, well just how IS one supposed to deal effectively with ecstasy, instead of suffering from the awesome power of so much pleasure? Even though all spiritual drive, practice, progress, and motivation is a step in the ecstatic direction, no where are we told just how to tolerate the "prize" when we do receive it.

I realized there is only really a problem if I try to stay as small as my normal egoic self. You see, that much energy and Presence trying to fit into the tiny vessel of my defended-wounded self is what causes the angst of ecstasy. The small self tries to hang on for dear life as the current of bliss is blasting it away.

The ecstasy of the incarnation of Presence is difficult if approached with an unconscious lack of piety or ungrateful attitude. It might be that each successive Heart expansion period renders the ego less and less resistant to Spirit’s force simply through progressive loss of the habit of unconsciousness. The intensity of the pleasure literally commands surrender, and it is very apparent that conscious-will must be “actively” engaged throughout the Heart expansion period to accept both the pleasure sensation of ecstasy and the presence of Presence in the bodymind as well. During such periods of rapid incarnation we cannot simply passively open to Spirit and be filled by it, but we must be “actively” bailing out in order to make room within us. Plus we must apply conscious-will to "WELCOMING" Spirits descent into us. Accepting ecstasy becomes therefore an agentic act of devotion and gratitude; in fact devotion might simply BE the active allowing of ecstasy.

It is when we meet Spirit with hesitation, agenda, resistance, divisiveness, rebellion, lust, usery or any other ulterior motive that the tension of extreme pleasure becomes intolerable. Just as when we greet another person with these kinds of egoic attitudes. To avoid this we must maintain the correct stance (koroko gamae)…to actively voluntarily surrender to the pleasure of consciousness…to embrace it and not back away from it or attempt to use it for lower purposes. If we are passive toward the enormous overwhelming influx of Love and Light during ecstasy then we will feel self pity even in extreme rapture...until we take up an active Will in order to receive this unbridled pleasure. Self-pity is not bad, it is just the weaker side of compassion; it is the first sensing of the harm or deprivation prior to taking up ones Will to doing something about it. If however you simply stay in self-pity as a general state then you are stagnating the natural growth process and are living in bad faith.

Other than the obvious practical methods for the metabolization of extreme chemistry such as breathing, circulating energy, grounding, taking baths, drinking plenty of water and such, there is a need to widen the size of the vessel by circulating the energy to others. If we try to keep the ecstasy contained within the narrow confines of our body and normal personality we run into great difficulty. As soon as we make an effort to widen the circumference of self then we have more room in which the energy can flow and the pressure and isolation of extreme states of ecstasy are relieved. Anything is endurable if we widen the vessel enough. Though I am still not brave enough to ask “Bring it ON Spirit, I can take all you’ve got to give.”

Alberto:"I also see my ego's attempts to return to its former life, borne out of a desire to blend in with society as a whole (suddenly I feel like a superhero, or one of the X-Men!). At times, being normal never felt so sweet. My ego tries to make me forget my awakening, lulling me in to thinking that my life can revert to what it was previously."

Rather than going the lower road of unconscious conformity to society in order to feel a-part-of, what this ecstasy period showed me was that we can actually be more gregariously intimate with Other through embracing our Presence and extending it "out" by sharing the Juice! That is the source of our social being changes from the mask and shield of the automaton with its projection of attraction and aversion, to the sharing of a prior unity and a joint participation in the Mystery.

We can only find ourselves and be ourselves in relation with others...we are socially wired creatures; but at the same time we must be differentiated and transcendent of the social realm through divine umbilical to the universal. If we were not adequately bonded with our initial primary caregivers a kundalini awakening gives us the opportunity to die and regrow toward a higher form of bonding with humanity at large, through progressive loss of the barriers of pain and deprivation. With Heartfield expansion we can become wired for spiritual communion and community.

"When Spirit descends, it's not solely for the benefit of our small selves. Spirits descends so that it can flow through our being and out to others -- pushing through boundaries and fortifying Self." Mary

That the ecstasy of incarnation is not soley for us gives a new spin on the meaning of responsibility...responding to Spirit. Spirit keeps turning up the volume on the bliss dial until we get it. That we are a "vehicle" for Spirit and that Spirit is driven to merge with itself through amplification of its force. If the "work" of Spirit is for the collective anyway, then at some point we should be able to say "Yea Spirit, bring it on, give me all you've got so I can spread it around!"

In the bookstore where I work I shared a question I had written down for my boss with two sage women customers: "In all your years of reading, have you ever encountered anything on how to handle and metabolize ecstasy?" These two women grokked the question, thought it cool and then promptly left. I thought perhaps the reason for their hasty retreat was because it is not "normal" for someone to be in radical ecstasy in a daily life setting. The non-ordinary freaks people out; so generally while we are actively sharing the pleasure of our ecstasy and Presence with others we cannot "let on" to Other what it is that we are actually doing. We cannot put a crack the cosmic egg and expect others to still participate...thus we must bridge worlds!

Despite the fact that Divine Union is the reason and goal of all religions, even so ecstasy is still apparently a dangerous subject when it comes to establishing and maintaining the power differential in the workplace and community. For ecstasy constitutes social emancipation and freedom from destructive social codes and power structures. Ecstatic love undoes all that the ego tries to protect and sustain itself with.

Continuous Breathing— A type of regenerating breath that is good for energy integration during panic attacks, ecstasy and heart expansions is Fish Breathing. The mouth is completely relaxed and open like a fish; you breathe gently at medium pace in and out of the mouth without a pause between in and out breath. This is especially effective while walking. This continuous, nonpause breathing can be done through the nose also when needing more focus and brain power during peak kundalini activity; make the inbreath nasally and the outbreath throaty.

As the Solar Heart first starts its circuitry connections you can get pain in the thyroid throat area for several years...breathing is the key to handling and facilitating this. Use CMR on the area placing one hand on the right side of the Heart and the other on the throat. Send consciousness into the area through the brainstem and mindseye, with the breath slightly throaty while focusing on "Joy" at the nostrils. Doing this will facilitate growth of the Solar Heart even if you do not have the throat pain. Work on the solar plexus a little as well while doing this throat work. As the heart-brain connection is stabilized our periods of ecstasy no longer disrupt cognitive function, but enhance it to the point where you are “living your genius or one with the Muse”. At this point it means we are basically an Adept...however living up to that enormous Grace is the next challenge and doing something substantial in the world other than mere theorizing.

I decided that doing massage on other people while you are in radical heart expansion-ecstasy is generally not a good idea, for the blood pressure is too low with the expansion of all the blood vessels and heart...and there is no strength in the arms anyway, coupled with the slowing and fatigue generated by this expansion period.

A funny thing happened during a massive 4 day ecstasy period around the full moon in January 2007 (when the earth was closest to the sun). I was in a hardware store floating around in ecstasy looking for things and an Australian sheep dog barked at me. I made a joke that it was because the dog is Australian and I am a New Zealander, but really I knew he was barking at the ecstasy energy, which vicariously inflates the heart fields of lifeforms within its reach. The owner eyed me suspiciously however...perhaps I could have told the owner that the dog was barking due to my radically magnified heart field...but that would be just too much information for a non-initiate (trancer).

While there is some volition and cooperation needed, mostly as “surrender to Grace,” it is the "alchemy" itself that does all the "work." Altho people have been trying for centuries, you cannot really force the heart to open, it opens of its own accord in its own time, and in its own pace...and it doesn't have a lot to do with our will, volition or ego control. When the cerebrospinal fluid is adequately ionized, and the amrita substances filter into the blood+lymph that goes to the right side of the heart…then the heart goes solar and circuitry in the brain is transformed at a faster rate...the whole body is transfigured within the magnified heart field. The ecstatic heart is obviously palpable to the person who owns it, and also at an unconscious level by those who come within the heart’s field. I think eventually scientists are probably going to call this energy scalar energy, if the research done at Heartmath institute is any indication.

After coming down from a period of ecstasy you might feel a withdrawal-like hangover. Comprising of a sense of disorientation, clouding and sense of loss in the brainstem area. Baths, walking, stretching, rebounding, breathing, drinking water, toning and meditating with the mindseye on the brainstem will help metabolize the down-cycle.

“Wisdom arises when the vibratory capacity of an individual, or a group, increases to a point of direct apprehension of the underlying pattern, or unity of phenomenon is possible. This capacity is modulated through a sequence of subtler planes of experience and seems to best be achieved when the heart opens. We see with this kind of opening that the root of wisdom is to be found in what we truly care about.” David La Chapelle

The hardest thing to actually handle is the "pleasure" of our own emergence.

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