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Supplements For Awakening


The following supplement protocol is for preparing the body for kundalini as well as coping with and reducing the negative effects of kundalini. I emphasize that the protocol is not to stimulate kundalini but to enable the bodymind to withstand the incredible metabolic changes and energies and to allow the advances born of awakening "stick." It is important to go-with the Tao of the wave and to avoid excessive stimulation during both the up-cycle and the down-cycle. The focus should be on deepening the integrity of one's health and building bodymind resources, without further adding to the burden of processing either food or experience.

The emphasis should be on clearing stuff away rather than pathological accumulation of any kind. Surrender all that is unhealthy into the fire. In a perfect world we would not have to resort to supplements in order to maintain balance. Because we do not live in a perfect world I believe that everyone experiencing active kundalini, even Gurus, need protection against free radicals and nutritional nerve support. With these supplemental formulas I am attempting to boost the homeostatic coping level to "meet" the radical chemistry of kundalini for extreme chemistry requires extreme adaptation.

To create more specialized formulas than these for the various stages and types of kundalini awakenings, research will have to be done. But the general ethos must be in support of the existing chemistry, plus protection from metabolites and their quick conversion and elimination from the body via the liver etc... I don't think it advisable to try to suppress the hills with depressants, nor to try to prop up the valleys with stimulants, but to support the chemistry in whatever its current cycle. Kundalini nutrition must aim to work-with the Tao to magnify our resilience, to build reserves and increase our homeostatic coping ability, all the while trusting that the body will find its own way through the storm.

Until we get some serious research on balanced formulas it is inadvisable to use ourselves a guinea pigs when already in the throws of extreme chemistry. We are less likely to unbalance our system if we use whole-life supplements like kelp, spirulina and herbs. Thus I think it important to balance manufactured supplements with more "natural" herbs, superfoods and green foods. Whatever we do with food and supplements during awakening, we must aim to put as little stress on the organs and tissues as possible and to establish a super-nutrition program from multiple sources. You need some nutrients to absorb others, and an excess of one nutrient can inhibit the absorption and metabolism of another. So taking large amounts of a single vitamin or mineral can throw us out of balance. To avoid this it is best to base our nutritional program a good multivitamin and mineral.

If you don't want to mix your own formulas to use in addition to a good basic multivitamin and mineral, I suggest you take a high performance training formula. For we have to take into consideration that kundalini awakenings demand the type of extra nutrition perhaps of a professional athlete or body builder. says that Universal Animal Pak is the number one best selling supplement program for body builders. Second is AST Multi Pro 32X. But don't just take "extra" of a cheaper multi-formula or you may overdo certain elements. Make sure you don't overdo the RDA, for example Zinc would be 12 mg for females, 15 mg for males, and a maximum of 200 mcg selenium per day. A safe dose of Calcium is about 1 gm a day.

During an awakening (and during pregnancy) it is important to add herbs and foods collected from the wild to our diet. We should sprout wheatgrass/buckwheat or if at all possible grow our own garden and build up the soil with compost, seaweed, ground up eggshells, montmorillonite clay and paramagnetic basalt (AdzsumPlusª). Other ways of remineralizing include adding ionic minerals (sea solids) into our drinking water and taking about 1 tsp of kelp powder a day. Some minerals are more easily absorbed when chelated, usually to an amino acid. During kundalini when the digestion and intestinal lining might be compromised it is best to avoid colloidal minerals; as these are made from clay deposits and so there is a danger of absorbing too much aluminium.

A good read on minerals is The Healing Power of Minerals by Paul Bergner.


Following is a preliminary set of formulas I devised for myself, which others will improve upon with research. Different stages of metamorphosis require slight changes, and each type of awakening requires a different protocol, not to mention individual differences in physiology. I have no negative side effects from taking these formulas as they are, but I had to eliminate taurine, glycine, and tyrosine out of my formula cause they made me dozy, stoned and nauseous; somehow interfering with prefrontal lobe function. I am not sure exactly which one was the culprit, but getting rid of all of them solved the problem.

I can suggest a broad outline for how these formulas may be used during a kundalini awakening. For a "full-on" awakening I recommend a protocol that covers the four essential areas to facilitate higher homeostasis: antioxidants, conjugation of toxins and metabolites, adaptogenic support and nervous system supplementation. 

Formula #1 is taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to support the neurotransmitters. Formula #2 taken once or twice during the day for antioxidants and neurotransmitters. I usually take the antioxidant and the nootropic formula together in the morning. Formula #4 is largely of adaptogenic herbs and supplements that are too bitter to be taken uncapsulated. Formula #5 is support, buffering and mildly cleansing herbs. Note there is some repetition due to the fact that the formulas are built to stand on their own; you may want to eliminate the repetitions in your own program.

I recommend Formula #1 for periods of acute stress or the peak stage of kundalini. However after a period of time, it is necessary to adopt the nootropic formula to recover the functional edge of the brain. The Calm Formula #1 doesn't make one more intelligent just less neurotic, disturbed and panicy. It probably takes the edge of both the ecstatic highs and the terrific lows. I stopped taking the Calm formula about a year ago because I no longer needed it to regulate my moods.

The main precaution with taking supplements during kundalini is to avoid taking stimulants during the peak or hyper phase. So until we know more about the chemistry of the acute phase of kundalini, it might be best to avoid stimulating nootropics during the 6 month peak. Formula #1 and "protective" nootropics can be taken at any time along with the antioxidants and herbs. With this caution in mind I suggest that the nootropic formula #3 be taken once kundalini hyperactivity is backing off and you are staring to head into the down cycle. It is also good to take #1 rather than #3 on weekends and down time, or days when extra calm is needed. If we reduce things that stimulate adrenaline and stress hormone production like caffeine, we can remain on a more even keel during the peak and reduce the severity of the burnout during the down cycle.

You can buy most of the supplements from BAC: Beyond A Century They are a great company with high integrity and inexpensive products. The herbs not stocked by BAC can be wild-crafted, or bought from the bulk section of your Wild Oats/Whole Foods.

Depending on one’s prior condition and adaptation capacity, I would say that five years after a “full-on” awakening you could probably cut back to just a multi-vitamin and mineral, B-complex and Formula #4 Herbal Support. I myself am attempting to stop using manmade supplements and concentrate on superfoods and herbs. It cannot be stressed enough that diet, exercise and integral spiritual practice is the foundation of our ability to use these times of spiritual acceleration to our advantage—to ride the wave. Besides the supplements I recommend practices and experiences to boost mood and brain function. During an awakening, sensory and motor stimulation is of prime importance, as is community—we can think of the entire phenomenal world as our pharmacy.

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