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Your pain is not just due to your injures and insults, but also diet and the slow depletion of energy (enzymes) and resources (minerals, hormones, neurotransmitters) in dealing with your life-conditions. For an experiment try to cut all grains and sugar from the diet, and only have about cup of sweet fruit or sweet vegetables (corn, carrot, beets) per day. If you do this along with radically increasing your raw greens intake your pain levels will drop within days.

Sugar makes the nerves more sensitive to pain and dismantles protein structures in the body, it also encourages yeast which produces toxins that increase pain. You will find pain and depression will lift by dropping the majority of carbohydrates from your diet. Grains are for the birds not for apes like us humans, they should only be used for occasional use like once or twice a month at that. Also try to use easily digestible dairy such as yogurt and feta so you don't deplete the body's enzyme supply.

Calcium is the major mineral for pain and damage control in the body and it is especially necessary during the catabolic breakdown of tissues during metamorphosis. Save your egg shells, grind them and put the powder in your potting mix for growing sprouts. I eat mostly green buckwheat sprouts and wheat grass for juice, other sprouts don't interest me much. Any increase in calcium/magnesium in the blood will reduce pain...Silicon is transmuted into calcium in the body, silicon rich herbs are: Nettle, Oatstraw, Horsetail, Eyebright, Cornsilk, Comfrey, Lemon grass, Ginger.

In my experience Olive Leaf helps to build cell membranes and the myelin sheath of nerves protecting against inflammation (free radicals) and so reduces pain and the raw-nerve exposure feeling of the body. Try to grow olive trees wherever you go, dry the leaves, grind, sift and put into capsules. Ginkgo, Gotu kola, Ginseng, Echinacea and Golden seal should also be grown.

Milk thistle will help the liver to detoxify, once the liver is healed this helps all tissues to reinstate their integrity. A happy liver=pain free body. By boosting both zinc and selenium this will increase free radical (antioxidant) protection thereby reduce pain. By aiding the adrenal glands licorice will also reduce pain, as will Gingko by improving circulation and oxygen supply. White willow (Salix Alba) is the original source of aspirin. The bark of white willow has a longer half-life in the body than aspirin does.

Papaya/banana smoothies also reduce pain in my experience, perhaps due to Beta Carotene and enzymatic energy lift. I have a feeling that papaya leaf/seeds will also reduce pain. The papain enzyme found in papaya can readily digest protein in either and acid, alkaline or neutral medium. Both fat, carbohydrate and protein digestion is helped by papaya. Papain is also a powerful mucus solvent that helps to cleanse the intestinal walls and tissues of waste matter. Papain has the ability to breakdown proteins and converts some of it into Arginine which increases Growth Hormone Release.

Get some pure real rosemary oil and rub into your neck, shoulders, spine, feet and calves. Grow rosemary and capsulate it also, and use it as a tea or in food, it's a major antioxidant and nerve protector.

Anything GREEN reduces pain by increasing oxygen and by alkalinizing, remineralizing and detoxifying. Raw cabbage reduces pain very effectively by helping the liver, it can be added to daily vegetable juice intake.

Anything that buffers and alkalinizes acids/toxins/free radicals will reduce pain. The ionic effect of clay does this, either taken internally or as a clay mask, body-pack, or bath. Baths made from a tea of ginger root, peppermint (is cooling and boosts energy), catnip, chamomile, borage, comfrey, basil etc....will reduce pain. Also 1 Tblsp of Caster oil added to the bath helps the body to gently detoxify and leads to a feeling of expansion. Mineral salts from thermal areas added to the bath will also reduce pain and provide energy.

OTHER HERBS FOR PAIN: Aloe extract, Kava Kava, Sheep's Sorrel, Olive Leaf, Valerian root, Wild Yam, Garlic, Lemon balm, Catnip, Chaparral, Chamomile, Yucca root, Borage, California poppy, Mullen, Marshmallow, Slippery Elm, White Oak Bark, Licorice, Peppermint. Cardamon, Dong quai and Angelica have warming, blood and chi moving properties. Sassafras/Ginger/Cinnamon stick chi would also be good for arthritis type pains, giving a warming grounding feeling. Feverfew might be useful to counter the effect of excessive opiate production, dizziness, brain and nerve pressure from an overactive nervous system.

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