Biology of Kundalini A Science and Protocol of Spiritual Alchemy    

Intro to the Inner Arts


The interior self is the new frontier.

There is as much potential to journey into the infinite depths of our internal space as there is to explore outer space.

The Inner Arts are a tool we can use for inner exploration and self-communion as well as for relieving stress/trauma and removing blocks/voids from the bodymind. If undertaken as a daily practice the Inner Arts are some of the deepest and fastest spiritual-healing work there is to embody the Self. The 3 STEPS--Cardiomuscular Release (CMR), Psychospacial meditation (PSM), Neuroemotional Reprogramming (NER). are preliminary training for a much deeper JOURNEY--PsychoSomatic Release (PSR). Inner Arts practice is realignment therapy for freedom from bodymind holding. It works to achieve Ground zero of emotional neutrality and equanimity, it also removes discordant static charge and consequently frees the evolutionary impulse from the inertia of the past.

The experience of finding Psychospacial Meditation taught me that peace resides in the enteric brain (i.e.: solar plexus). From that I realized that our true power and empowerment arises from building and substantiating that "belly peace" by entraining the brain, heart and enteric brain in sympathetic resonance. It was then apparent that it was receptivity or biological worthiness, which was the major key to establishing both the Peace of Power and the Power of Peace through the incarnation of Presence!

Biological worthiness is the measure of our degree of incarnation. That is how much we are keyed into our Self and the All and this is also reflected in how deeply we are aligned with the "life-will" or the "death-will." Bliss is simply Eros or the evolutionary catalyst of the Life-will. Pride arises from a deep sense or organic unworthiness, and it is this false pride that generates poverty mentality by creating arrogant, superior and self-righteous states in which learning and receptivity are diminished. This prideful unworthiness represents an inertial force by which we are stuck in the past, entrenched in Matter and cannot awake fully to Spirit in the present moment. Thus obstructing and curtailing the full flow of the light of Spirit throughout the bodymind in its connection to the All. It is this unresponsiveness to Spirit that is the core of our resistance to enlightenment and our rejection of the natural abundance of existence.

Since Bliss is the felt-sensation of love, and we are love, the craving for Bliss might be the re-cognition that there is something, either a block or void, in the way to being fully integrated as love. Craving for Bliss is simply craving for more Presence. This craving is a good thing because if we listen to our heart it shows us the way to the realization of the full Flow of Light. Freedom or Bliss is making that which is unconscious conscious by bringing light to it. The unwillingness to enter a wider field of consciousness through the illumination of Matter with Spirit and to radiate it out to infinity, is our only hindrance to happiness.

"Longing is the core of mystery. Longing itself brings the cure." Rumi

Longing of the heart is the key to the Mystery and the answer to the question of life. However we are not taught to go into it and inquire into it, and thereby realize a greater life. We are taught to subdue it with lesser energies and lesser matters, and cut it off before its greater realization. We are programmed by biological inherited unworthiness to subvert and undermine the "urge of the divine light itself." Thus the living death of being unknown to our Self.

The intent and focus of consciousness alters the quantum field of consciousness. Ecstasy is the beginning of the Great Way through communion with the Self and unity with the Cosmos--bliss is the result of unifying the Universe with make sacred, holy or whole. Wherever we place our focused awareness there is a simultaneous flow of lifeforce to that area of our body, field or environment. Coherent thought and feeling activate energy vortexes within us that effect energy, geometry, harmonics and warping at the quantum field level. Eros, love or gratitude and appreciation create coherent resonance which increases energy flow and integration throughout the bodymind and by which we enter communion with the omnipresent All.

Basically what yogis do when they transcend the world of form is to put all sticking points of identification into Emptiness, by voiding the body chemistry in bliss-meditation. The natural opioids wipe out the emotional memory associated with the sticking point so that the individual is not caught up in the vortex of preoccupation with thought or emotion around the sticking point. Thus we can maintain our transcendence...that is to flow like a river over and around happenstance, without being forever caught up in back eddies. The Inner Arts are the practice of habitually cultivating Emptiness or Ground Zero.

"Power is the ability to remain in context no matter what the subject or object," Garwin Redman


1-CMR--Thus as a sequence of practices first we need to establish Cardio Muscular Release in order to remove nerve static, turn down the sympathetic nervous system, focus and entrain consciousness and build the inner felt-sense to generate familiarity with the heart-brain.

2-PSM--Psychospacial Meditation gives us a tangible grasp of the mind's eye which we focus on a series of gateways that open up communication between the head-brain and the enteric/solar plexus brain. Dropping bodymind and bringing organism to Ground Zero or Peace--giving us the ability to remain in "context" (unconditional/nonduality/equanimity) no matter what the subject or object.

3-NER--Neuroemotional Reprogramming eliminates blocks/voids to empowerment by Presence through infusing the body with Universal-unconditional value-qualities; thereby changing cell and neuron growth, raising vibratory resonance and possibly changing gene expression. Also heals GI tract.

4.PSR--Psychosomatic Release is a journey of a priori transformation to the Always Already whole body-mind-soul. Blood, oxygen, immunity, nerve energy, prana and life follow consciousness...This psychosomatic release work is a body-meditation that uses the focused awareness principle...progressing through all holding areas in the body, allowing the light of life to integrate and unify body, mind and soul. This is a melting process of pushing warmth, feeling and consciousness into the numbness of blockages of holding. You can use any "value-feeling" word for attitudinal breathing at any block you might come across...some blocked areas might tell you what they are about if you inquire as you work on them.

5-Pot of Gold--Ecstasy is the evolutionary catalyst and the secret of the nottwo of Matter and Spirit. The more you do the preparatory 3 steps and the journey the more you unblock and build self-communication, the greater the amount of amrita elixir you are able to generate in the Pot of Gold. When you are proficient in the Inner Arts you can use the Pot of Gold anytime to gain greater peace, love, equanimity and Unity.


Negative emotions such as anger, frustration jealousy or divisiveness are associated with an erratic, disordered, incoherent pattern in the heart's rhythms and consequently throughout the body via the heart's EMF, superconduction of consciousness and by metabolic chemistry. Positive emotions give rise to a mode that HeartMath Institute calls "psychophysiological coherence."

It is essential to allow the organism to reach Ground Zero long enough and deep enough to be "structured" in a trans-anthropomorphic mode. That is only in the resting neutral state of Ground Zero can a Universal patterning come into effect to slowly transmute the human into the God. Thus we see that the "acceptance of our Divinity" is a receptive act that first requires an active emptying, surrender and letting go of that which we currently are. Apocatastasis means the reconstitution or restitution and restoration to the original or primordial condition through the realization of potential. Apocatastasis occurs when a soul, which is Divine Light trapped in Matter, frees itself by attaining special knowledge or gnosis to rejoin the Unified Field or Absolute Reality (God).

The Neutral resting state, or Absolute Peace is where the ego-mind-defense-associative-meaning making brain is offline and the body's reality can be fully palpated, that is tacitly felt without filter or explanation. Once the mind has let go of its tyranny over the body, we can listen to the pain and abandonment of our organs and nervous system and then we can "program" higher frequency vibratory states into them. When consciously and lovingly acknowledged our abdicated lost parts come back into the orderly fold to greater coherence. An ecstatic reconstitution of our lost and broken parts occurs bringing restitution and restoration to the original or primordial condition of our Divine Self. Without the knowledge for doing this inner work of reconciliation with our abandoned cut off parts, we tend to run around like headless chickens looking for this Lover, Guru or that healer to "make it all better for us."

Actually with the Inner Arts letting go and diving into the abyss is easy. You build higher neuronal, biochemical and vibratory structures FIRST, laying the pathway for universal being, then the maladaptive (ego) patterns drop away because you no longer have any "use" for them. Through cultivation of Absolute Qualities we build the Universal or nondual bodymind through which enlightened experience is possible. Perturbation of the conditioned mind allows the change in perspective necessary for Grokking to occur. Grokking of course is nondual consciousness.

"What we call mass would seem to be nothing but an appearance, and all inertia to be of electromagnetic origin." - Henri Poincaré, Science and Method.


Perhaps stress is the resistance to the stretch necessary to grow. Stress is suffering--suffering is stress.

Through this practice we can train ourselves to be open (vulnerable) and hence "spiritual," by opening up communication channels within the body and emotional-limbic brain. Increasing coherency between the left and right brain, thereby unifying our feeling, sensing, thinking and intuition. By using these techniques we should notice an increase in intuition, no-mind and freedom from worry and the incessant badgering of the left-brain's analysis. Our critic and judge that is invested in keeping our painbody and armor in a defensive holding pattern, is dissolved during this transformational work, thereby releasing us from our limitations, allowing us to embrace life anew. If any fear arises during this process focus the mind's eye on the brainstem while doing attitudinal breathing for peace...peace into the heart on the in-breath, then down into the solar plexus with the out-breath.

You might like to begin your Inner Arts session with hanging, primal release pose and 20 minutes of nude sunbathing or sun meditation for optimum effects. Also a wheatgrass shot prior to Inner Arts and a super-smoothie after will synergize the results. Inner Arts work best on an empty stomach, but the energy boost of something like wheatgrass juice would be beneficial. Toning and meditation-pulling energy up the spine, and do toning while you do the Inner Arts greatly amplifies the effect. Freely allow "huff" breaths and emotions to occur if they arise. You can also listen to meditation tapes like Kelly Howell's "Destiny," or "Secret" while you do CMR. Listening to tapes might help you drop ego-recriminations and disbelief faster if you are having trouble quieting the mind.

It is best for you to be relaxing lying down for all the inner arts except the primal release pose and the psychospacial meditation.

Stress is suffering and suffering is stress. Any of the Inner Arts allow you to detoxify from the days stress, and in cultivating universal-value feeling-qualities the petty mind is readily dropped because the body is trained to appreciate the sensation of being free from the defense-recriminations mind and lower emotional states. When we do not accumulate our emotional tone day after day, this allows more of a clean slate each morning, so we can be new and flexible with each unique day. Thus it will probably cultivate genuine equanimity over the course of years. I reached psuedo-equanimity with the bliss chemistry, but it was more of a repression of response due to the neuroinhibiting effect of endorphins than anything. Dissociation is not a true dropping and takes enormous energy and focus to drop what is not Self.

The three steps of CMR, PSM, and NER entrain the brain to the heart and synchronize the heart, cranial, and solar plexus brains. Cardio Muscular Release (CMR) gives us a tangible grasp on our inner feeling sense, and reduces nerve scatter, establishes communication with the heart, conscious belly breathing and an attitude of self-respect/listening. Then when the nerve energy is well "organized" and readily employable it is then we can take this Presence on into Psychospacial Meditation and Neuroemotional Reprogramming. Because CMR readily establishes a conscious felt-sense of Presence it is very important to include in the development of the Inner Arts. You need to first gain some proficiency in Cardio Muscular Release (CMR), then you need to build up your ability for Psychospacial Meditation in order to train the minds eye to open the gates to the enteric gain conscious purchase on this area...that is to palpate it with the mind's eye and bring it into conscious awareness. After which you can run through the Neuroemotional holding positions in sequence.

How one approaches this practice depends on ones discipline and time allowance. Obviously the more Presence you put into it the more you get out of it, for this is "work." Sometimes late at night in bed I don't have the Presence to do the full sequence systematically but potter around between CMR and Neuroemotional holding positions as my body demands. It is perhaps best to set some time aside during the day for the 3 step process and go through everything systematically, then during the downtime prior to sleep or first waking up you can just do a more spontaneous version.

Neuroemotional Reprogramming (NER) is the focused building of subtle communication within the nervous system via the generation of plasma balls of feeling-tone associated with higher archetypal qualities of being. This process involves a coordination mind, body and soul in a concerted YES to life by reprogramming tissue from its resistant defensive posture of ancestral, collective and individual trauma...into its Universal condition "prior to and transcendent of" the shutdown, limitation and maladaptive patterns of survival that warp and diminish our ongoing incarnation. Thus NER is for the purpose of transcending the narrow reflexive conditioning (armor) we have build up through our social environment and habitual thought order to experience a vaster, limitless sense of being, extra-dimensional cognition and full spectrum feeling-tone. That is we get to experience Presence. Each of us has different holding patterns, blocks and numb voids built up from our past.

With NER I have given a general template of the sequence of holding places and archetypal-values to work with. I suggest one would start out with this sequence (which to me at least seems a universal template) and then move on to feel-sense what is needed your own particular case relative to the way your neuroemotional matrix has been built up over your life. Once you have learnt the form, self-inquiry is the next step in using these techniques. I suggest you locate sticking points and question them to see if a meaning-cause arises...(worry, envy, hatred, greed, sadness etc...). Start a conversation with these blocks/voids by sensing what they have to teach and asking them how they are to be dissolved.

The Inner Arts combine to help us get more in touch with our inner kinesthetic will. Only consciousness that is "self-willed" into felt-sense cognition is effective in building the interior-self...thus we must do our own "work" if we are to have an internal life of the soul. Because we still live in a culture of fear, the Western world has yet to fully grok that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. We generally have an outer persona to deal with the world and an anesthetized interior; thus the epidemic of low self esteem, biological unworthiness and powerlessness which is just now becoming more recognized.

"One simple way of recognizing emotional health is that ALIVENESS increases. Now, this of course isn't the only criterion of "spiritual growth" or "self realization." But "freeing the awareness" is an absolute criterion of those (above) processes... I want to suggest that Self-realization requires an incredible amount of audacity to attain. If it means freedom --- and it does --- then imagine the strength it takes to individuate from family, culture, neurosis, addiction, and all of the other assorted gremlins that enslave one's consciousness. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Yet, in true paradoxical fashion, if one is strong enough, selfish enough, to attain the Self, then gratitude, reverence and humility are natural expressions of being infinite and finite, the part and the whole, the primate and the God. But whatever's phony don't cut it. Of that I'm certain." Jack, 1998

To become more of a mystic, that is a sovereign spirit, instead of a victim, seeker or follower and to deprogram from the automaton, disingenuous, rote, reactive and assumptive strategies of our Western conditioning, I suggest a Sufi-like "Pathless Path" training. Chances are we need the reinforcement of the extra-dimensional cognition of the Sufi tradition to embrace the full spontaneous nature of Spirit, and help prevent the regression and reversion to prior-mechanical thought processes once the peak of our awakening has subsided.

"We all experience the world of material consciousness, including the Andean priest, but for them it is not the only world and it certainly is not the primary world. Every material object also has a spirit or energetic aspect. The mountains, the trees, rocks, plants, rivers, even buildings and cities, possess an energetic consciousness. All creatures, from the tiniest protozoa to human beings, elephants, and whales, all possess this same energetic consciousness, a "bubble" of living energy that surrounds and interpenetrates the material body. To enter the world of the Andean mystical priest you must learn to communicate and interact directly with this world of living energies and with the energy bubbles of other people, beings and places...Intellectually grasping an idea is very different from experiencing the living reality." 130, Initiation, A Woman's Spiritual Adventure in the Heart of the Andes, Elizabeth Jenkins.

Many of us have grown up in a culture than denies the reality of the felt-sensation of this energy world. It is a world much larger and deeper than intellect can penetrate. Because we have not built the cognitive senses and language for this deeper world, and were often punished if we admitted the reality of this energy-world, we basically were cut off from both our inner shaman and our inner priest. The Inner Arts help us to get in-touch with the FEELING reality of the energy world by relaxing our guard and building inner communication hardware.

While there is some structure involved in training for this FEELING of energetic reality of the bodymind, what emerges is the larger WILL beyond the intellect, which has a priori consciousness that is "wholistic" and far more cognizant of Reality than mere intellect. It is the Genius that lies behind intelligence; it is the source of the mind and all else besides. Thus with these practices we have tangible and immediate recognition of the WILL within us that is being suppressed by the alienated and dissociated personality...bringing us back into a sense of Presence, integrity and wholeness which should have been ours from birth...had we been born in a more enlightened society. Through such training we can more fully become the multidimensional being that we always intuited that we were, but could never fully realize.

The dropping of the mask of conditioned consciousness is achieved not by the "negation" of thought and emotion but by the "development" of them. These practices are not for making men or women more emotional, but of amplifying the perception of the energy world that is already there; note that emotion here means felt-sense of the energy world. Like flipping the switch to an innate sensory intelligence that we have been conditioned out of during our socialization, while having our emotional wiring laid down in conditions of untruth, double bind, callousness and avoidance of psychic information. I suggest there is almost unlimited capacity to awaken to a vast inherent intelligence and sensitivity to inner and outer environment that has been knocked out of us...and which we have been collectively denying is even there.

By rejecting, repressing and cutting off disowned parts of ourselves and our difficult emotions we lose access to the opposite empowering qualities of the emotions we deny or fail to integrate...thus if we repress fear we lose access to our courage; if we repress anger we lose access to focused loving action. It is obvious that that which is repressed cannot grow, therefore emotional-spiritual development is held back through this emotional retardation. Since emotion is the go between mind and matter...having the emotional body retarded in this fashion is holding back the entirety of human evolution. We reclaim Presence (whole consciousness) through derepression. Thus we must learn to be our own Good-Mother, holding ourselves in unconditional embrace, in order to build the neurology for "transcendent emotional regulation," i.e.: equilibrium, equanimity and Presence.

When you set about generating the noble, Universal qualities within your bodymind, especially worthiness and gratitude...what happens is the primary wound of separation and shame is healed. You become "whole," autonomous and plugged back into the cosmos via your own umbilical. The old shame, punishment and reward authoritarian projection mechanism that makes us go search for a Good Mother or Father, or Bad ones for that matter, no longer exists. The whole ball game of mythic, seeking and deprivation spirituality collapses and any attention given to that will only hold one back from the sovereign growth of spirit. Both the need for a healer, teacher, Guru and lover pass away when we grok or listen to our Self and directly give our Self what it is we really need--our own Presence!

"Whoever cannot seek the unforeseen sees nothing for the known way is an impasse." Hera*censored*es


You can voluntarily turn on the parasympathetic nervous system by lowering the jaw via dropping the tongue progressively into the belly. Then if you focus peace with the mind's eye on the brainstem and this turns off recriminations-defense mind that is associated with flight-fight chemistry. As the parasympathetic switches on the digestive and growth functions then are activated and the excited fear charge in the solar plexus disappears so that Trust may be built in that area. Presence does not incarnate without this biological Trust being established in the solar plexus, and only through Presence is soul-relationship possible. We normally associate the more human-humane nurturing qualities with growth/parasympathetic/visceral activity. The activating or sympathetic nervous system's protection mode doesn't allow for bonding and togetherness, nor "depth" in relationship.

Bruce Lipton in the google video "The New Biology Where Mind and Matter Meet 2" said that stress chemistry allows more EMF and radiation damage to occur, but if you are not stressed EMFs and radiation do not affect you as much. It is the same with social influence also, if we are stressed then other people can influence our health and wellbeing to a much greater degree. Even our own thoughts would impact our health more if we are already stressed.

As we drop into the body and reclaim all our painfully numb cut off places (occlusions) our brainwaves drop into the alpha and theta state. By progressively entering deeper and subtler brain waves we become more relaxed, integrated, expansive and present. Eventually when all our occlusions are filled with the light of Presence we completely shift beyond identification with the body, mind and ego to naturally re-align with spirit, thereby allowing effortless disengagement from limiting physical, mental and emotional patterning. With our template/temple/temporal cleansed so to speak, we are free to create a life that is an expression of higher consciousness, rather than acquired conditioning and reaction.

Discoherence or static in the nerve circuits generates confusion, stress, lack of efficiency, inability to concentrate or non-communication of consciousness. It is the degree of efficiency (charge minus resistance) in neurological functioning that determines our alignment with the Universal. Achieving "Ground Zero" by dropping the bodymind is another name for "peace" is this neutral resting state that allows the static to be removed from the nervous system and thereby give a chance for the Universal imprint of the soul to evolve the bodymind beyond reactive social conditioning.

First we have to get to the rational, conscious level through prefrontal lobe "executive" control of the limbic functions. But this control cannot be a repressive form of control...creating a Superego that barely lets any humanity arise. To break from the inertia of the past and build a beneficent nurturing superego we need a full-on training combined with bodywork, energy arts, nutrition, psychology, philosophy, spiritual practices etc...thus we need to essentially "rebuild" the human from the ground up in order to organically become transcendent of the knee-jerk nature of the consensus trance and the residual pain in our own wiring.

Repressive belligerent prefrontal lobes do not allow the emotional limbic structures to evolve...which is why the majority of adults are still emotional children. Kundalini however by lifting the repressive mechanism of the prefrontal-Superego and marrying the hemispheres of the brain, allows us to not only release the "charge" that was built up from an ineffective childhood, but also allows the limbic brain to "cleanse" itself and "evolve." This derepression, expression and maturing of the brainstem and limbic brain is the most tangible boon that kundalini offers us at our present stage of collective evolution. In the later stages the permanent ecstasy of kundalini moving through the limbic brain's pleasure centers, means we have the grace, detachment, energy and desire to do whatever corrective work needs doing on the personality and social skills level.

According to people like The Mother (Aurobindo)...we flip back and forth between unity and suffering, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. We thus vacillate until we willingly go to God and in this way we flex our muscles, hone our homing beacon and burn off our karma. However this flopping around is mostly due to lack of lucid awareness, applied practice and discipline (i.e.: ignorance). There must be an "active-visionary-goal" in place in order to know which way to turn the rudder. Willed imagination occurs through a conscious act of will. Then every storm that arises we apply the Inner Arts to return to stable sailing again in the direction of our dreams. Both the interior landscape and the external landscape actively pull our attention here and there. Our ability to weather these environmental gates depends on the level of our transcendence of our archetypal matrix, and our skills for insight-penetration, determination, concentration, discipline and Pragmatic Outstanding Operations (spiritual agency). These skills of aware-will determine how well we proceed through the environmental gates toward the completion of our goal, whether the goal is worldly, relationship or spiritual.

Once the unconditional Universal body is substantially developed it becomes somewhat impervious to the ignorance (uneducated, unskilled, unconscious) of others. Thus we grow a social immunity, at which point we enter the chrysalis stage of sovereign development, where we can grow at our own pace without too much regression and retriggering from outside forces and social influences. To substantiate this fragile condition, when we are on the cusp of moving from the reactive social animal over to the sovereign individual, we may have to move on from previous relationships and environments in order to be free of the inertia (expectations and attitudes) of others who invariable will try to keep us in the exact same spot that they put us in. That is most people don't even know change is possible and they are resistant to change in you especially increased Presence, sovereignty, skills and agency. This is so because Freedom is a threat to the need for power and control.

Eckhart Tolle helps us in touch with the Now...that is to start moving "toward" reality and not away from it. Tolle has made a major contribution in making the painbody a thing not to be feared but to be embraced. Our human primate society is the most aggressive of any animal on earth, hence the potential for pervasive full spectrum PTSD generation due to general ignorance, lack of awareness and lack of spiritual development. This potential for nerve damage coupled with the insidious double binds and paradoxes we live in, could be generalized under the term "parasite." This is the way Miguel Ruiz was using the word parasite. In this sense any thought or action that is not based on spiritualized love is in essence parasitic and coming from separation not Source. Ruiz is great for people going thru awakenings to deal with their archetypal matrix and feel self-supported...because we/I are literally almost totally unsupported in this society, so we have to internally build self-preservation skills. Ruiz offers a kind of loving-warriorship for this, and helps us to get over the shame/guilt/blame programming that will keep us at lower realms of being.

I adopted the use of the term painbody because people were using it, but I see the PTSD effect of reality on the body as the cellular memory of "defense response" to danger, insult or injury. I think this is how Tolle uses it also. As you know the painbody (Tolle) loves to keep growing and occupy our bodymind like a parasite (Ruiz). Thus we return to the same habitual grooves like a stuck record, until through repetition we gain some objective distance and can see that we are simply wasting our time living down on those levels. Then we start looking around for the skills, experiences, people, ideas, resources, opportunities with which we can pick up energy and substantiate at a higher order of being. The painbody of higher states, is not the same painbody as lower is concerned with different agendas, has a different intention and has a different knowledge set to teach us. The Inner Arts is a method of skillfully allowing the painbody to evolve by exploring it and listening to it, and melting it with nondual compassion (Presence).

Because the wiring "to" the reptilian brain from the newer parts of the brain are vastly less than the wiring "from" the reptilian brain, this makes it possible for our autonomic and defense functions to interfere with our higher brain capacities if the charge, damage and dysfunction are not addressed. We address chaos in the nervous system by directing loving, embracing consciousness into the cut off areas so they are magnetically bought back into the fold of the organism-total. The propensity to unconsciously remember pain and suffering at the expense of current reality is parasitic in that it will color and dictate our present reality unless we work to vibrationally remove cellular PTSD from our tissues.

Some personalities create ongoing brain damage to themselves through indulging in retriggering mental-emotional pain. By infusing the body parts that are involved with our defense-system (social) wiring with compassionate Presence we invite those excluded cut off parts back into the organism-total. When the light is flowing strong and evenly throughout the body and brain with little blockage/contraction then we become more impervious to retriggering into pain and brain damage, from environmental triggers both within and outside. While pain is commercially exploited by the medical, psychological, spiritual and entertainment industries. Through state-resonance the pain we carry around in us tends to generate automatic social responses and situations in which we get to experience more pain. Thus accumulated pain tends to accumulate more pain through attractor factors that are mostly unconscious. Whereas happiness, success and lack of pain tends to be rewarded with more of the same.

The main problem with humanity at present is the inability for original thought in daily life...and this is so perhaps because of subtle and overt fear mongering. Fear literally spiritually brain damages people into conformity (orthodoxy) through dropping people back into the more primitive circuitry. Even so the Reptilian Brain is not the enemy. The autonomic brain becomes a problem when it has not been allowed to fully integrate into the higher compassionate pilot of soul, due to low conscious childhood circumstances, life-trauma, deficiencies in experience or the general milieu of fear and anger in society. The higher spheres of the Self cannot substantiate themselves into existence when there is unfinished business left in the autonomic structures. Besides direct energetic reworking on our reptilian hardware, there needs to be a development and refinement of social engagement patterns and psychospiritual adjustment to our social context, in order for the triune brain to fully integrate and liberate the stable coherent energy needed for deeper transmutation to occur.

Creating the Universal Body and infusing our blocks and voids with the bliss of Presence allows us to more fully show up in all circuits. The bliss of Kundalini is the Grace that is given, but then the "work" we must do involves applying the will of gratitude and receptivity to let go of the past and the conditioned self. The work is to put Presence (love-consciousness) into the places that lack it, and with "transcendence" to treat the occlusions as if they were not even there...touching the wholeness beyond the separation. Transcendence is the compassionate, objective Witness that resides beyond the conscious mind. Focus on healing is still reinforcing the problem state...but once you get out of the problem state and into a state of transformation then change (healing) is possible.

Note to practitioners: If you are regularly facilitating others through the Inner Arts you will need to be a rawfoodist to have the energetic sensitivity to do so; also you will need to take superfood smoothies and do cardio-aerobic workouts, such as running several times a week. The reason being that even facilitating others through this inner work propels us into radical parasympathetic opening, and this excessive and repetitive heart expansion might increase down-time, fatigue and narcotic trance, thus interfering with a balanced life.

Metamorphosis is about growing a strong enough body and personality to handle it, and intuitively knowing what the incarnation of Presence asks of us in order to "work with it."

Imagineering for Health: Self-Healing Through the Use of the Mind by Serge King

Visualization, Directing the Movies of your Mind, Adelaide Bry

Creative Imagery, How to Visualize in all Five Senses, William Fezler

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