Biology of Kundalini A Science and Protocol of Spiritual Alchemy    

Sound for Detoxification


"Sound can act like a psycho-active substance, altering and enhancing consciousness." ~ Jonathan Goldman, Tantra of Sound.

In Food of the Gods, Terrance McKenna says that speech helped to vibrate the brain in the skull, cleansing the brain via the movement of cerebral spinal fluid. This vibration and cleansing helped to evolve us faster say than the Neanderthals because they had thicker skulls and so did not receive such resonant vibrations in the brain from their speech. Besides increasing social cohesion and heart openness, this detoxifying capacity of sound is perhaps why most if not all religions exhibit some form of chanting, toning or singing.

"Vibrations of human skull, as produced by loud vocalization, exert a massaging effect on the brain and facilitate elution of metabolic products from the brain into the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)...The Neanderthals had a brain 15% larger than we have, yet they did not survive competition with modern humans. Their brains were more polluted, because their massive skulls did not vibrate and therefore the brains were not sufficiently cleaned. In the evolution of the modern humans the thinning of the cranial bones was important." ~ Julian Jaynes, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Houghton Mifflin 1977.

I think there is something to this because nothing is more "normalizing" to brain function than toning, mantra, huuuing and singing. Even meditation doesn't clear the cobwebs and normalize brain function as fast as sound vibration in the brain can. Nothing seems to return "off" chemistry to normal faster than toning, probably due to increased oxygen, plus the extra movement of CSF and increased glandular and ionic influence on this fluid that baths the central nervous system. Coupled with the sound vibration entraining brain syncopation between the hemispheres and various regions of the brain.

There is an element of the power of intention while toning tho that magnifies its guy told me that the more the heart is put into the toning the better the results. It's putting the heart into the sound that really wipes the slate clean. Sometimes it's hard to put the heart into it, or stay conscious while toning depending on how off (discordant) we are when we do it. Persistence however will bear fruit because toning is one of the fastest ways of recovering deep alignment. Toning is also a significant way to stabilize our courage and heart opening and overcome the magnetism of Thanatos and addiction. One can just imagine that the sound vibration is acting to clear metabolic detritus out of the synapses, increasing syncopation of neurons and tuning the brain to optimum functioning. Toning allows the brain to "let go" and the heart to entrain the brain in its frequency. (See Heart of the Vibrational Universe)

Lack of inner division creates the Nectar of Grace as a consequent of sympathetic resonance of syncopated nerve activity. When the brain is "undivided" it no longer goes through its cycles of neurotoxic build up, one is thus able to transcend ones reptilian reactivity to society and the world is made sweet around one. Any real transformation or evolution is a leap in the dark. On Whole-Seeing we no longer fear the Unknown and only the uniÞed mind can see things whole.

According to Hans Jenny toning the vowel sounds of ancient languages such as Hebrew, Sanskrit, Egyptian, Tibetan and Chinese may have a greater effect. Actually it's not the words, but the vibration, toning, or degree of sympathetic resonance created in the body via the use of sounds.

Jonathan Goldman's CD Chakra Chants 1 is a particularly effective sound intervention that you might find useful for integrating the energy of kundalini. His website is at


"The greater the lateralization in the brain, the greater the feelings of separation--and the greater the feelings of separation, the greater the fear, stress, anxiety, and isolation." ~ Bill Harris. Thresholds of the Mind.

Because of the power of brainwave technology to change brainwave frequency, increase synchronization and decrease hemispheric lateralization, there is great potential with sound to facilitate stabilization during an awakening and bring about a more speedy and enduring higher homeostasis. With such binaural beat sound programs as Holosync, Brainsync and Hemi-sync we might be able to bring about even greater benefits than a radical kundalini crisis, without the "crisis." With such sound technology new neural pathways are developed which facilitate the "awakened mind state." That is similar degrees of Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta occurring simultaneously and in relative balance between the left and right hemispheres.

Since the chemistry created by such “brain tuning” reduces cortisol, increases DHEA and increases melatonin, it is apparent that use of such sound programs during kundalini would act to reduce the intensity and tenacity of the extreme highs and lows. It seems to me that the ecstatic peaks would be more grounded in everyday consciousness (Beta) and with a more stable Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis we would not have to endure extreme versions of panic or Dark Night experiences. Plus use of the Alpha-Theta band that gives us the increased psychic activity during the peak, would continue its presence after an awakening, so we will not have to endure the feeling of falling from Grace. Plus Delta frequency associated with deep dreamless sleep, witnessing and unity consciousness would remain somewhat consistent throughout and thus the intensity of the exhaustion phase ay be reduced, with its alienation, separation and depression that often arises on the deflation or down-cycle of an awakening. Using Kelly Howell’s beta CD “High Focus” will probably help reduce certain kundalini symptoms such as confusion, lack of attention and inability to spiritually navigate.

Epsilon and Hypnogogia
Epsilon measured at 0.5Hz or below, are the lowest frequency brainwaves.  Gamma (30-70Hz), beta (13-30Hz), alpha (8-13Hz), theta (4-8Hz), delta (1-4Hz)
 I suspect that Epsilon represents the state of hypnogogia and gnosis. The wave works with a carrier Theta Wave to promote healing and shamanic trance states, OBE’s, coordinates left and right brain activity, create nirvana and samadhi and lead to gnosis or spiritual insight.
In the epsilon state there is a lack of awareness of self, for focus of mental activity is entrained on gnosis. Thus body sensation is reduced in epsilon, with any sensory impressions diminishing as you descend to deeper levels. In general, the deeper your brainwaves, the greater your psychic abilities will be. Psychic data gathered in epsilon frequently tends to be correct, allowing high quality psychic performance levels.  Delta and Epsilon states are used when you need high level information or wish to “effect things” via the Law of Attraction. While the majority of daily living must still be done in higher brainwave states.

Ten seconds of delta waves in the temporal lobes of a Transcendental meditator correlated with the meditator’s peak experience.

Binaural entrainment was pioneered in the 1970's by the Monroe Institute ( Hemi Sync) 

"Extensive research has demonstrated that this balancing, or synchronization, of the hemispheres of the brain happens in all forms of meditation...Because Holosync creates the same brain wave patterns [as meditation]--precisely, consistently, and without effort--it allows the Holosync meditator to skip the long and tedious process of perfecting meditation shills and get right to the business of creating positive change." ~ Bill Harris, Thresholds of the Mind.

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