Mathematics of Awakening

  1. CAUSATION: First there is prenatal and birth experience and development, which forms the original template.

  2. REGULATON: Second there is orbitofrontal connection to the limbic system built through affect-regulation (bonding) with the primary caregiver.

  3. ADAPTATION: (Family) Then there is years of socio-emotional development built in direct response and adaptation to the Causation and Regulation stages.

  4. INDIVIDUATION: Differential in growth promotes a psychosomatic tension between the old patterning and the new, which is felt as yearning and seeking.

  5. QUEST: This tension forces the individual to go on a (Hero's) spiritual journey to find the limbic Attractors that trigger dissolution/reconstruction in order to resolve the tension.

  6. PERTURBATION: Then there has to be a disinhibition or letting go of the general adaptation patterns. The psychic tension itself can trigger this penetration of repressive mechanisms. Other triggers include--romantic love, proximity to or shaktipat from a Guru, drugs, acute shock, spiritual practices etc...

  7. AWAKENING: A flowering of consequences occurs in a massive cataclysmic release of the tension stored in the growth differential.

  8. DISSOLUTION: Followed by dissolution of former structures and patterns--meltdown, collapse, crisis, Dark Nights, die-offs. The various kinds of dark night have their own specific chemistry that is in perfect correspondence to their associated up-cycle chemistry.

  9. REFORMATION: New contemporary networks are built and substantiated with use, showing greater phylogenic and ontogenic integration between the parts. With the restructuring of the primary matrix, the energy differential disappears leading to non-seeking and equanimity.

Mathematics: the systematic treatment of magnitude, relationships between figures and forms, and relations between quantities expressed symbolically. Spirit moving through its symbolic and material accumulations lives out a dramatic journey as an expression of the layers, strengths and weaknesses within us. The interrelationship of the aspects of ourselves, in our environment and in concert with cosmic unfolding, constitutes a kind of spiritual mathematics. The Mathematics of awakening is the hero’s journey.

How forcefully one pops depends on how far the prenatal and birth experience was "resolved" through the following affect regulation (primary bonding), and the degree of growth differential (contained as stored tension). If both CAUSATION AND REGULATON phases are traumatizing, then the lack of orbitofrontal-limbic control will bring on an earlier awakening of a more catastrophic nature.

If birth was difficult yet the REGULATION phase was satisfied, then the awakening will be later in life, but may be equally catastrophic because the original trauma was more "hidden" by completed prefrontal-limbic regulation. Such a person, because they are well socio-emotionally adjusted may not be aware of the cataclysmic energies held within the somatic memory of the birth trauma. So that when it is unleashed it is a complete surprise and the well formed ego is blown to smitherines by the emergent birthing throws of the infant within.

The thing with fetal life and birth is that it is pre-meaning. From the perspective of the subject being born, no amount of cognitive understanding will reconcile such an extreme experience...that is moving from an aquatic being into an air breathing being through a very tight passage, with a very real danger of dying. Nature herself makes anesthetizing chemicals to protect the mother and child during such an irrational ordeal. But if anesthetics (ether, morphine) are taken, both mother and child are prevented from expressing their "protest" and so this irrational screaming protest is held within the tissues for the rest of their lives. If that protest response emerges later in life then everything that person has built themselves to be is undone by this fundamental chemistry, in order that the protest response be liberated AS the state and form in which the trauma was registered. Thus it is necessary for all filters and repressions to be suspended so that the aquatic-infant can express its outrage. A protest response withheld in a mother is likely to turn into chronic depression.

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