Magnetic Therapy

Using magnets to balance kundalini flow, symptoms and stages is a very direct intervention that may have significant results. Some of the benefits of magnetic therapy include: increasing blood and oxygen circulation and cellular nutrition. pH balance (acid-alkaline), speeds up the migration of calcium ions to facilitate the healing of nervous tissue and bones, removes the pathological buildup of calcium, balances the endocrine glands, stimulates enzyme activity and metabolism.

In Lee Sannella's book Kundalini: Psychosis or Transcendence on page 85 he shows the magnetic field lines around the head. Here it is said that the left front of the head is South Pole (+), the left back is North Pole (-), with the reverse on the other side of the head. If one puts a North Pole (-) magnet on the front left side of the head some of the positive charge on the surface of the neurons might be carried away by the negative charge, thus reducing the action potential (firing) of the neuron. I tried putting the North side of a magnet on my left forehead and the right back of my head. It seemed to alleviate the over-activity-clamp of my left hemisphere somewhat.

A kundalini awakening is like a dance for supremacy between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, the left and right hemispheres, and the older and newer parts of the brain. The different symptoms and phases of the alchemy express the different elements of the nervous system that dominate at the time. In typical Taoist fashion one phase always leads into its opposite polarity.

UP-CYCLE: Thus we can use magnets to reduce the symptoms of the hyperactive peak by using Yang-South magnets on the Yin-right side of the body, and Yin-North magnets on the Yang-left side of the body. So during the Peak and the Die-offs put a quiescent North (-) pole of a medical magnet on your left forehead, spleen, bottom of the left foot, sacrum, over the adrenal glands and on the thyroid.

DOWN-CYCLE: Similarly we can reduce the symptoms of the exhaustion and substantiation phases by using a Yin-North magnet on the Yang-Left side of the body, and Yang-South magnets on the Yin-Right side of the body to stimulate metabolism. Thus at this time put a invigorating South (+) pole on the right forehead, liver, bottom of the Right foot, sacrum, thymus and lower belly-pubis.

This recommendation is merely logically assumed, so if you want to use magnets for your awakening I suggest you read up further on the subject. Note that I counterintuitive included the die-off in the subduing treatment of using the North (-) pole because the die-off, while it is an extreme peak in parasympathetic dominance, it is still a radical activation of metabolism. That is one may appear to be down for the count, but the body itself has never been in such a peak of active cellular process since childhood. That is the dismantling of the body is highly active work even though one has to undergo the process while lying in bed. Future research will correct me if I am wrong on this assumption.

The bioelectrical force of the right side of the body is more Yin and inhibitory. If there is a lack of the Yin-inhibitory force, then this allows an excess of left sided Yang-stimulating charge. This manifests as apparent hyperactivity with symptoms such as high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, palpitations, hyperacidity, etc., all within the overall context of deficiency and dissipation. To add more Yang to the Yin side apply a Yang South magnet to the inside of the right wrist to restore balance. Conversely if the Yang energy on the left-side of the body is weaker than the right-sided Yin, there will be apparent excess Yin symptoms. These can include low blood pressure, hypothyroidism, hypoadrenals, insufficient peristalsis, lethargy, fluid retention and edema and hypoglycemia. These conditions are treated by applying the South pole to the inside of the left wrist.

NORTH (Negative) Pole --YIN, counter-clockwise spin of electrons

The North magnetic pole is used for hyper metabolic, hypertensive conditions for it slows down cellular metabolism, inhibiting and sedating. It is clearing, eliminative, detoxifying, dispersing, cooling, soothing and retarding. N pole energy applied to nerves lowers their sensitivity and reduces pain and swelling, remedies cellular acidosis and promotes tissue alkalinization, promotes sleep, increases tissue oxygenation, reduces infections and inflammations. The Yin N pole calms the nervous system, assists in relief of addictive tendencies; it can stop such symptoms as nervousness, hallucinations, delusions, seizures, or panic without disrupting alertness. It can be applied for the initial inflammatory response to any injury. When a condition becomes chronic then we need to switch to the more strengthening, tonifying S pole to relieve symptoms. North is counterindicated for deficiency conditions, coldness, low metabolism, stagnation and weakness.

SOUTH (Positive) Pole-- YANG, clockwise spin of electrons

The South magnetic pole is heating, tonifying, strengthening, building, heating and increases cellular metabolism. For regeneration of cells and tissues, magnets over 7000 gauss are extremely effective. Indiscriminately accelerates growth, increases swelling, promotes tissue acidity, decreases tissue oxygenation and increases inflammation. S pole energy applied to nerves increases their sensitivity, so can be used to strengthen nerves. The S pole can be used for pains caused by weakness, coldness and deficiency-burnout conditions, also for low metabolism, low energy, weak digestion and weak immune system. Because the S pole promotes growth, it should never be directly applied on cancerous tumors, bacterial, viral infections or parasites. Nor for hyper conditions such as anxiety, insomnia or aggravated emotions.


Chronic conditions that represent a deficiency of both yin and yang, such as the exhaustion phase may require both the positive and negative energies to fully recover, so both poles should be applied. This can be done either by alternating North and South every 15 minutes or using a different polarity at different treatment periods, such as yang in the morning, and yin at night. This harmonizing approach is one of the most commonly used for chronic pains and the Liver and Kidneys also seem to respond better to the use of bipolar treatment.


In studies with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at The National Institute of Neurological Disease and Stroke Eric Wasserman said that if the right temporal lobe above the right eyebrow is stimulated the subject experienced euphoric happiness. When the left temporal lobe was stimulated the subject lapsed into apathy and sadness. Results however would depend on the specific frequency of electromagnetic signal used.

Pioneering TMS researcher Michael Persinger, a neuropsychologist at Canada's Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, found that by stimulating specific areas in the right hemisphere of the brain, he is able to induce mystical states of consciousness, giving some subjects the experience of encountering God. The article on what might have happened in Buddha's brain during enlightenment is particularly fascinating. Spirituality and the Brain website:

The use of magnetics for therapy and normalizing should not be undertaken carelessly. Suggested reading on magnetism includes: The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker M.D., and Gary Selden and Magnetism and Its Effects On the Living System, by A.R. Davis and W.C. Rawls.


In paramagnetism the atoms or molecules of a substance have net orbital or spin magnetic moments that are capable of being aligned in the direction of the applied field. Paramagnetism is one of the most important qualities of a soil that determine its horticultural worth. The genius of paramagnetic effects in nature is Philip S. Callahan, PhD. His books include: Paramagnetism (1996), Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions (1984), My Search for Traces of God (1997) and Tuning into Nature (1975), Exploring the Spectrum (1994).

Natural Multi-mineral Fertilizer--For your sprouting system or garden. The soil conditioner AdzsumPlus™ is a blend of montmorillonite clay, paramagnetically-charged basalt rock, and other ingredients. It is the montmorillonite clay, derived from a natural volcanic deposit in Utah, that contains the wealth of micronutrients - over 67 metabolically active minerals and trace elements. AdzsumPlus™ replaces those lost minerals in the soil and when combined with compost, acts as a catalyst to help plants better absorb them. It increases the water holding capacity of soil, increases soil bacteria and earthworm population, produces quicker germination rates, earlier and longer lasting blooms, increased yields and improves quality of produce, plus strengthens plant immunity to pests and disease.

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