Crisis Management

If we have had a trauma background there will be a need to do more orbiofrontal-limbic neural networking by engaging in such activities such as bonding, playing with kids, animals, martial arts and coordination, motor skills, sensory stimulation work etc.... BEFORE you do any primal therapy and de-repression work. Normally emotional regulation and the orbiofrontal-limbic link are built within the course of healthy family life. But if there was abuse or deficiency in this you must build up your container yourself as an adult. Then you can go do peyote, rebirthing, holotropic breathing and other primal therapies. First build then regress, build, regress and then all that terror (protest-despair) contained in your original wiring will be released in a manageable fashion. If you do the primal therapies without doing the orbitofrontal work as well, (when normal consciousness is perturbed by whatever means) your limbic brain and brainstem will just take over and act out, for they are trying to purge your original traumatic memory.

Because the activity of the limbic brain and brainstem is greatly activated during Kundalini awakening, this offers the perfect opportunity for old neurology to take wholesale control over your normal cognitive functions in order to express its “protest”. It does this because our normal repressive mechanisms are usually very strong and keep it "down." The stronger your repressive mechanism (despair-freeze) the more powerful the force below needs to be to knock it out of commission in order for it to be heard. And one way or another that traumatized infant and child WILL be heard. Perhaps you could find some compassionate, creative, playful and "safe" ways for the child to be heard, without having to give your life over to that infant to do so. That is to consciously go “towards” the child with open arms, rather than locking it up in the dungeon and treating it like a dragon. You know how when you stop running from the demons in your dreams, they turn out to be allies.

If you are in complete crisis you may need a surrogate mother or father figure to help you to learn to self-regulate your autonomic system. Any compassionate person with a reasonably well-developed nervous system and vast understanding can serve as a balancing force. By undergoing the crisis in emotional tandem you will probably avoid things escalating to madness, prevent brain damage through panic and avoid becoming prone to seizure.

Stay focused on something to look forward to, something you want to do, build the image of that up in your mind, write it out and start making plans. As soon as you engage yourself into some future fun thing, your body-mind-spirit will come together. Your energies cannot ascend coherently unless you are using active imagination in all five senses to visualize where you want to go, who you want to be, and what you want to do.

• Don’t panic, the energy of your state will tell you exactly what to do if you listen deeper and deeper. Long walks in nature will dissipate the most tenacious panic attacks.

• Drink two glasses of water and lie on the grass under a tree. Breathing “harmony,” “order,” “peace” these through the heart and into your solar plexus.

• Focus on something specific to look forward to, something you want to do, even if it is just daydreaming, in order to move your body-mind-spirit into coherent clarity.

• Try and get some sun on your naked body about half an hour a day sunbathing either early or late in the day would be ideal.

• Get someone to massage you regularly, or massage and stretch yourself and take long Epsom salt baths.

• Do the Inner Arts and especially the Pot of Gold, dropping further into the feltsense intelligence of the body. Placing what you think is the antidote state or emotions into your organs.

• Play soothing music such as Byron Metcalf’s Wachuma’s Wave, Steve Roach, Amethystium, Enya, Liquid Mind, Evanescence.

“Magic individuals who create their own destiny and are masters of their fate draw from the strength of the positive current.” The Magic of Everyday Life, Maria Szepes. Perhaps my very favorite book.

Rudi: 14 Years With My Teacher by John Mann, is a fabulously reassuring book on the psychological aspects of cultivating kundalini.

Osho's lateral mind and all embracing permission are an antidote to the punitive spirituality and repressive social structures of Western society. Thus Osho’s voice and writing is very reassuring to anyone in crisis mode. Especially his Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic.

Expose yourself to uplifting books and media. —excellent positive psychology lectures by Tal-Ben Shacher. —Interviews with people like Stephen Buhner, Bruce Lipton, Leslie Taylor, Joseph Chilton Pearce, John Perkins —Episcopal multimedia explorations. —Uncommon wisdom radio —Jeffery Mishlove’s inspiring series