Working Toward a Transcendent Future

Ken Wilber says enlightenment is the number one priority because only "enlightened action" transforms and we need transformation more than mere translation. However joining a sangha, going to endless weekend retreats, yoga lessons and therapies seems like self-indulgent dilly-dallying while Rome burns.

Teilhard de Chardin said that transformation is the Triumph of Spirit. This Triumph of Spirit is not brought about through inflated Boomer world-saving projects or get rich quick schemes. The Triumph of Spirit is the empowerment of the body, mind, heart and soul toward action that reflects the Good, the True and the Beautiful...(or God).

Thus we can see that the way to bring about enlightened change is through focusing our thought, feeling, intention and action on those areas of our personal and collective lives that need to be brought into the light of Grace. And thereby facilitate this Triumph of Spirit.
If we succeed in this active cultivation of Spiritual Triumph, then we can ensure that our action is enlightened and will contribute toward an enlightened collective future.

Each of us has a specific role in the spiritual evolution of humanity that both reflects our identity code of where we came from and is informed via Spirit from the transcendent future.

Our "job" in this lifetime involves breaking out of the molds of external determinism (be they gender, race, age, class, geography, politics, economics and education) to discover what it is we are really here for.

The second imperative that arises on vision-questing our enlightened path is to find others that one can work with in some, or all aspects of our vocational-dream. Through collective efforts an autopoietic structure emerges that is designed by and for Spirit.

If the quest is beyond mere seeking for personal survival and spiritual enrichment, then it stands as a cosmically, integral and holy endeavor. In this way the Mystic Civilization is born from the dying structures of the old.

We can be sure that our results will mirror our means. Therefore to bring into manifestation a future that is based on love, humor and the Good, the True and the Beautiful, all stages of our path should reflect these qualities.

The thing with freedom is that the horizon keeps getting further away, and as one awakens one realizes how much further out of the prison there is to go. All we can do is work with where we are. To compassionately accept that, and to make changes that lead to greater facilitation, so we are not working against ourselves, stumbling, bumbling about, apologizing for existing, denying our soul.

Freedom, like enlightenment is infinite...sometimes all that is asked of us is to make ourselves a little more at home on this earth.

Certificate of Permission

You are hereby granted license to be your real Self regardless of how the world sees you or your own idle opinions of yourself.

Forthwith you are encouraged to live out and indulge in your wildest dreams and explore the unknown cosmos without hesitation.

This license gives you leave to venture, to celebrate and delight in the depths and beauty of yourself and the universe.

With this certificate you have consent to follow your passion and find satiety in all aspects of your life.

You are encouraged to valiantly seek-out your unique hungers as an aid in your search for your rare Self, for satiety is the key to transformation, full embodiment and God Realization.

By express concession you hereby are empowered to feel the depths of your soul and being…to bring forth full recognition of the gift that you are.

You are verified and sanctioned to express your full beauty and like a flower in the field become beauty to ignite the beauty of others.

From now till eternity you  have privileged admission to shine in excruciating beauty for all to see.

You are given approval to become Pleasure itself and henceforth to give pleasure endlessly for all eternity to the limits of your perceptive ability.

Thus you have sanctification to investigate the full dimension of inner and outer worlds with ever greater sensitivity.

You have full and absolute leave to refuse to carry on the inheritance of suffering and instead to be intensely happy and vitally whole.

You are thus blessed and authenticated as who you are and given permission to exist in your full sovereign code and individual glory.

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