Welcoming Belonging Therapy (WBT)

WBT is a form of self-nurture in which we emotionally reparent ourselves to improve sovereignty and self worth. I would say all children born into patriarchal families where the mother relied on the husbands wage packet would need to have this therapy. In the patriarchal system children were born as extensions of the parents fear and egos, they were not seen as spirits in themselves...their needs where not "felt" as the parents played out their roles. Any woman that relies on a man for livelihood of her and her children is bound to be dissociated...in somewhat of a parasympathetic freeze...because she cannot speak her mind or point her life in her own direction...she thus becomes more infantile and helpless herself. Babies are then not blessings born of self actualized people but are burdensome chattels born to ensure the mothers dependent livelihood. The whole setup relies on and breeds the unconsciousness abdication of self-responsibility, autonomy and freedom.

Economically this situation has changed in the last 50 years, but the fall out from this kind of breeding continues. If we could start a movement of widespread Welcoming Belonging Therapy things might shift, by helping us move into a mode of conscious incarnation, rather than living in the fallout of a social train wreak.

This therapy has elements of rebirthing in it, but it is specifically for restitution to the indignant unseen infantile ego/heart/spirit from conception to 5 years. I imagine that there is perhaps a music background. The tapes or talking are heard while the individual lies down under a blanket, not in fetal position or the person will be too unconscious to take much in. It would be good in a session with a therapist to actually do the auditing of what it was like for the individual from 5 back to 0 first...and then do the reframing. Of course this type of thing could be conducted in groups with individuals swapping roles.

With Welcoming Belonging Therapy the process starts out with ones first day at school, and this is rescripted to care for the real fears of the child, then the process regresses back thru the years back to conception itself, and the whole drama is replayed to portray the most loving, caring, attentive scenario one can think of. With WBT we give ourselves permission to live in our own right...that we are not just extensions of family, or worth only what we give; that we have a God given right to a life that is "self-determined" prior to family, state or human race.

We can undertake this reprogramming by ourselves, with a partner, in groups or we could make up an audiotape. Some of the things it will heal are infantile pride and defensiveness, approval seeking, borderline disorder, leaky boundaries, codependency, lack of connectivity, lack of place and purpose, inability to trust, dys-intimacy, infantile-bio-anger at rejection, and would probably cure compulsivity ie: disincarnation, and neurotic armoring etc...

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