Figure 1: Time, Timelessness and the Self

Perturb our present point awareness and "depth" of consciousness percolates to the surface. Or deeper layers of consciousness percolate to the surface and perturb our present point awareness. This loosens our sense of linear time. Through Kundalini with its expansion of consciousness and increase in communication between the brain hemispheres, our life comes to a conjuncture. The time current from the past and the future seem to collide in an experience that is "out of time." In Kundalini our awareness and senses are greatly expanded. Our emotions and experiences are more extreme than we could possibly imagine. It truly is the realm of miracles, when our life reaches that critical apex where the past and the future touch infinity. They say on a quantum level time runs in both directions, but this experience of the nexus of our lives cannot be expressed in words.

A kundalini awakening is an endogenous, automatic, autopoietic cascade of happenstance and chemistry. It is a pre-destined Great Attractor that our lives inevitably lead up to and are resolved away from. As such it is a huge blip on the radar screen of our life. With heightened kundalini something strange happens to time...this ineffable sense of timelessness, or the penetration of the illusion of time, is the nexus of ones archetypal psyche.

With spiritual acceleration our sense of self expands along the umbilical cord of Cosmic Consciousness, through which inapprehensible Timelessness is sensed. The Ever Present Witness "at" the ground of Being shines brighter encompassing both more of the past, present and future. It is this that gives us the sense of Timelessness. The inner alchemical marriage seems to expand our Present Point of Awareness to encompass the tacit sense of our Total Life. In the Absolute sense our entire life occurs in this instant and throughout Eternity. We are not aliens lost in the unknown, we are the Absolute unfolding Universe. Time and Timelessness, relative and Absolute are one in this great passion, as we awaken to the Great Spirit within.

Heightened kundalini gives us a translinear experience of time, through which we realize and build our transrational faculties. With the heightened sensibilities of kundalini we learn that our body-soul knows what is coming up in future time even when we do not consciously know. Whatever stage of the alchemy we are experiencing "now" is because in the future there will be this next inevitable sequence of the alchemy arising. At all times our physiology is preparing for the next event. Whatever is happening "now" is due to that which is preordained to happen in the future.

Throughout the awakening ego-function is less solid and there is a dissolving of the sense of "I." This conserves the energy that would have gone into daily life for the metamorphic chemistry itself. Perhaps our ego becomes more indeterminate because our normal conscious range is amended with extra bandwidths from the subconscious and transconscious. Until we have integrated these new levels we feel somewhat like a fish out of water, and at the same time never more ourSelves. While the ego structure is "less solid" it is also more reactive--and this serves to speed processing, detoxification and conscious recognition of things we normally would be oblivious to.

The ego completely disappears during states of extreme kundalini, but then it comes back hours or days after. What is really interesting is that when the ego does disappear and only witness remains, we are paralyzed and we lose our sense of time. Ekhart Tolle said when you negate ego you negate time. Perhaps there is a pre-egoic uroboric loss of time, and a trans-egoic Cosmic loss of time. Pre-egoic time loss constitutes oblivion and trans-egoic is nirvana; different brain chemistry on the one hand leading to a diminishment of consciousness and on the other an expansion of consciousness.

If we consciously incarnate or witness our Presence Now then the psychological need for external security lessens. Fear for our security is related to past memory and future time. The time-bound ego is simply one that has not adequately delved into states of trans-egoic loss of time and come back to loosen its obsession with the past and future. The quality of a human life is reflected in how deeply Infinity is experienced Now.

Fasting increases depth penetration of consciousness, by increasing the perception of conscious-bites/second, this slows our subjective experience of time. This increase in conscious-bites/second is what makes reality more vivid with kundalini, drugs, or falling in love etc... Basically fasting reduces the "noise"...one can talk about chemical interference of toxins and metabolites, but really it is also evident on the quantum level, with reduction in quantum interference. Whenever Žlan vital rises we register more conscious-bites per second.

"Movies seem continuous, but they are actually sequences of frames. The notion of consciousness as a sequence of discrete moments is consistent with Buddhist reports which counted events occurring at around twenty millisecond intervals. That's actually close to the 40 Hz activity which Crick and Koch (1989) portray as the neural correlate of consciousness. The frequency of conscious events could determine subjective sense of time. For great athletes like Michael Jordan, time slows down. To him, the other players are in slow motion. Michael may just be having more conscious events per second than the rest of us. " Stuart Hameroff consciousness.arizona.edu/

One of the best books out there on the perception of time and precognition is An Arrow Through Chaos: How we see into the Future by David Loye.


Some wise person once said that "Isn't synchronicity just increased conscious awareness?" Enjoy synchronicity while it’s happening because the intensity of it will come and go, and other forms of weirdness may arise. For example when a friend was visiting for the first week we saw nothing but paradox everywhere...so we coined the term God-Damn-Paradox. Synchronicity does make life seem like a drug trip some days.

How to make sure ones actions are correct? To a certain extent we only know if we have acted correctly in hindsight. If you are in the flow with your brakes off your actions will be correct to the circumstances.  Our primary programming can show its head and interfere with our ability to get into flow...but if we are observant we can catch these neurotic ticks, and work to do better at staying in flow next time. Keeping the body pumped up energetically with wheatgrass/spirulina and opened up with hot/cold water and yoga, and the brain pliable with meditation/toning and we are more likely to be openly responding to flow in the moment.

Also with synchronicity the little-mind that normally associated with ourselves, seems to make all these apparent mistakes, which it turns out that Bigmind is making...and which turn out to be the correct moves. That is as we start to operate from the larger mind, we start to see the insufficiency and finitude of the habituated mind...and yet we are not quite at the point where we can claim this larger consciousness as us, but it feels like a holy visitor showing us around and making our usual self look like a fool or very inept and limited. This is the main function of dreams and psi activity I think...as a stage leap into deeper dimensions of ourselves and the kosmos. Psi and dreams seem mostly to occur to show us that a profoundly deeper experience of reality is possible.

The more work we do to clear out the bugs in our emotional and rational processes that weigh us down and keep our inertial gravitation around the conventional-conditioned consensus mind...the more we stabilize this higher level where both timelessness and nonlocal consciousness, dream and awaking seem to be interpenetrated. The more people that are acting in flow the more synchronicity happens. You might want to start documenting the synchronicites and formulating theories on time and nonlocal consciousness.

As consciousness/enlightenment is infinite there must always be an interference pattern on the sector boundary in moving from a former state/stage to a new and higher state/stage. When we are not used to witnessing this shift it would appear first as a "disorientation." But as we get used to moving into deeper layers, it would be felt more as a "reorientation" and then a "proorientation" and eventually a "prioriorientation." Essentially following the path of Self rememberance, an anamnesis of our Original Face.

The witness gets so stable as it were, that it is centered in consciousness itself, not in the objects of consciousness. When we are no longer identified with our thoughts or objects in the phenomenal world, we are essentially free to consciously choose between them, rather than be a "product" of mere thought and phenomenal karma. At that point we start to get into Brezney's pronoia...where we observe the universe is conspiring in every way to aid and support our enlightenment and wellbeing.

"To the extent that temporary discrete states become actualized and are not just transitory, they must enter the stream of development and "obey" its patterns." 257, Ken Wilber in Paths Beyond Ego by Roger Walsh and Frances Vaughan 1993

Here Ken is referring to a term he later coined "Spiritual Eros" and the "Grain of the Kosmos." As we learn to "obey" Spiritual Eros and the Grain of the Kosmos we are graced with the fruits of conscious development that are patterned into the fabric of the Universe itself. Through obedience we learn more fully to obey through the very pleasure/pain circuitry by which Kosmic-Nature has built us.

Spirituality is a line in itself (particle) and an attitude (wave) via which all lines are brought to their highest point.

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