The Provita Plan

After many years of researching nutrition, I finally found a low stress eating plan for sensitive conditions like kundalini awakenings, and for life in general. It works with the body's pH biorhythms for the best utilization of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, while producing the least amount of toxins and free radicals and wasting the least amount of energy.

The system is laid out in Dr. Jack Tips, book "The ProVita Plan, Your Foundation For Optimal Nutrition." Following Stu Wheelright's 5+5 meal plan, it is essentially focused on eating protein and vegetables for breakfast (preferably between 7-9am) when the body's pH is in an acid cycle. This leaves the body ample time for protein digestion, utilization during the day when we are moving around so lymph can bring amino acids to the tissues for building. Then overnight the body is cleansed more thoroughly and sleep is better, because the body is not made acid by protein intake later in the day.
The ProVita way is to not eat protein after 2pm and to not eat it with carbohydrates. The carbohydrate portion of the diet is eaten later in the day as it produces serotonin which tends to make us sleepy anyways. Some people have their evening meal as just fruit salad, which is after all the most cleansing and easily digested thing to eat before night. Instead protein is eaten along with vegetables in a 5+5 fashion. One cooked protein source and 4 raw proteins are eaten along with one cooked green vegetable and 4 raw vegetables.

"The point about timing the major meal is quite simple. Protein foods are best introduced to the body early in the day, so they become available when we want to be active and productive. Carbohydrates and alkaline foods are best eaten in the meal preceding sleep, because they are more sedative in their effect. These foods also support the cleansing of the acidic metabolic wastes during sleep." ~ Jack Tips, The ProVita Plan, p.174

It takes approximately 8 hours for proteins to be digested, assimilated, humanized by the liver and made available to the cells, provided that the liver is healthy. So exercise is best taken 8 hours after the protein breakfast meal. The lympathics can then deliver proteins to the cells during the building cycle, which lasts till around midnight, then the body switches to cleansing cycle. Proteins eaten later in the day interfere with the cleansing cycle, create hypoxia during sleep, have missed out on the building cycle and become toxic wastes which the body has to expend a lot of energy and resources in order to get rid of. Then with the extra toxic load the body tends to want to continue cleansing till 11am the next day to cleanup the residue from yesterdays maldigestion.

The 8-hour metabolic cycles proceed as follows:

7am--3pm: Process nutrients (eat, digest)

3pm--11pm: Use nutrients (build, exercise)

11pm--7 am: Cleanse cellular wastes (rest)

The Pro-Vita system builds strong protein metabolism, strong adrenals, avoids blood sugar fluctuations and makes for a higher energy, more productivity and positive emotions. Eating carbohydrates for breakfast works against the body's natural pH cycle, exhausts the adrenals and sets one up for energy crashes, addictions and lowered immunity. Carbohydrates provide quick superficial energy but because they create weak tissue integrity they do not build vibrant health.

This weak tissue is exactly what you don't want when kundalini fires mega-volts through your system. So it stands to reason that we should work with nature and eat a protein breakfast so that it is ready for the anabolic-building phase, and consume carbohydrates later in the day. Doing this one thing we can master a kundalini awakening so much easier. Ideally we should aim for strong tissue integrity prior to awakening kundalini, but if its already awakened the need for disciplined, mindful attention to building integrity is vital to our survival and preservation of health and spiritual welfare.

"If we work in accord with these natural cycles. Nature rewards us with better health and longevity. If, in contrast, we fight or live in conflict with our natural cycles, then dispassionate nature allows only the survival of the fittest." ~ Jack Tips, The ProVita Plan, p.110


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