The Bio-Lightning Effect

Louis: "A few days ago at about 5AM, while in my bed, lightning struck my right hand. It was the most pain I've felt all at once, truly like lightning. It wasn't from the sky and it wasn't of God. This was not Love. When this thing hit me I immediately got to my feet, reeling, and flung myself out of my room crashing hard into the door-frame, cutting myself and smashing into the walls and a chair fighting with everything in me for my soul. I swear to you this is how it felt. I was overcome by a malevolent spirit that meant to harm me. I think for a few minutes I was dead, not alive because when I tried to feel my heart there was nothing beating in my chest. I went to the hospital just to be sure there was nothing wrong with the body and of course they said "you're fine.""

"There was no appliance to electrocute me in my room and I have caps on the outlets. I have been happy lately, really happy, and I'm not on any drugs either. I'm very skeptical and nothing like this has ever happened. At first I thought it was I who had crossed some line with God, and I got zapped, but now I think it wasn't anything I did. God doesn't do THAT."

Kundalini shows up in the weirdest of ways and human lightning is one of the strangest. What must have happened to Louis is his body built up a charge, static electricity is actually composed of "separated" opposite charges. The polarity in his arm might have switched over at 5 am as the pituitary gland proceeded to set the body for the waking state. The ions in the air in his bedroom must have provided the means for the Zap, as the charge was trying to ground itself. So he was rather like his own thunderstorm.
When these massive events happen we invariably think that it is some outside entity, because we are so habituated to being our normal everyday self. No way are we prepared to suddenly be awoken and struck by God, or anything else to such a degree. When I had my first spontaneous 10,000 orgs up the spine I thought I had been struck by God--there was no precedent--I immediately entered a "new" universe so to speak. The white-shock effect to part or all of the body, is the result of self-electrocution. It is I think for want of a better name "septic shock." My whole body was in that state the morning I woke up from Sex with Eros.

When Louis when to the hospital and was asked for his address he couldn't remember it, so that might be the left brain that carried most of the charge from the shock to the right arm. However loss of left-brain (directionality) would probably occur with any kind of electrical shock. We might be able to tell which hemisphere took the charge by looking at the size of the pupils are they the same size when in the same light. Left-brain dominance is generally reduced during an awakening, thus we feel a new Presence (the right-brain consciousness) with its heightened emotional, sensoral and supersensory awareness. Over stimulation of the left-brain to the point of incapacitation, thus permits a "disinhibition of the right-brain.

I offered the following advise to Louis to help him recover from the event: Rehabilitation will come a little faster if you do hand scrunches around a tennis ball or squeezy thing...push your arm against a wall or both arms against a doorframe...also put your arm alternatively into hot and cold, but not too extreme. Get some Epsom salts for your bath for the magnesium to relax those shocked muscles...and eat a big green salad or wheatgrass every day till symptoms disappear. Take some Vitamin B complex. You may also might need to do some bilateral therapies such as walking, swimming, dancing, tossing a ball from hand to hand, and boxing perhaps, to help your rehab your right brain.

Get some bodywork ASAP, and do some hot-tubing/water therapy if possible. I recommend that you go bare foot as much as possible, especially outside at this volatile time of year (midsummer) when the air is charged with electricity right across the United States. Go lie on the grass once a day for 1/2 an hour and put all parts of your arm on the grass. And drink lots of water to facilitate metabolic recuperation. One of the possible causes of the shock might have been too many H+ ions in the body (acid) due to dehydration. To avoid shocking yourself again I would suggest either getting a negative ion generator or an indoor waterfall for your bedroom and change all your surfaces over to natural products...cotton, wool, wood, wool carpet etc... Put some leafy potted plants in your room also.

The phenomena of getting shocked by self-lightning is bioelectricity--bioelectromagnetism to be exact. Biophysics in itself is what is interesting, more so than our symbolic/mythic interpretations. However it is good to see if and how our brain is wired for victimhood under extreme conditions. To gain distance we need to see that psychic and bioenergetic phenomena doesn't actually "mean" anything other than the meaning we give it.

• We have to understand the power of spontaneous alchemical imagination in both creating and interpreting these extra-normal events and for this we need a thorough grasp of Jungian archetype and projection.

• Dreams, visions, lightning Zaps and visitations by apparent entities occur simultaneous with peak alchemical events and cannot be phenomenally separated from the event. Thus a chicken and egg situation occurs...and the question arises of whether the dream/vision/zap creates the chemistry or does the chemistry create the dream/vision/zap?

• These events usually occur in the service of greater integration. If there is a lot of damage/deficiency in the limbic brain and brainstem then the archetypal imagery, and entity-sensation will likely be scary, as the charge works through the fear-response areas.

• These events are real in of themselves, and the way to deal with them is to go through them. That is to treat the apparition, feeling or archetypal-mythic complex "as if it were true" and play in a gestalt manner with the drama of it, as if in a Greek play. In this way the chemistry is resolved and the nervous system is grown and stabilized.

• While I say to play with it "as if it were true" if you really believe in the reality of the scary entity without prefrontal-lobe detachment as well, then you may propel yourself into a perpetual stress response which will be very hard to get out of, and will ultimately lead to neuron damage and depression.

• If we persist on indulging in neomedieval imagery it will mess up our chemistry, keep our fight/flight going which may perpetuate a futile downward spiral.

Another example of kundalini lightning energy from Pie, the most "electrically talented" of the kundi-actives that has contacted me:

"All my life I have interfered with radios, cell phones; TV's at times all those would go static etc... I have a box of light bulbs in my room because I blow them out so much. Everyone in my family knows Pie shouldn't change bulbs and Pie shouldn't really fix things that require sockets or fuses. I have blown my car battery with a static shock by just touching my car. I have blown fuses in my car again by static shocks. This happens when I'm excited about something and then I go to get into my car and I feel the shock and something has shorted out. The electrical distortion was always quite funny growing up. Sometimes when I used the microwave, (I don't use one now) I used to short the whole house out."

"My mother last year witnessed something very strange. I was in the kitchen pouring a glass of wine (I don't drink anymore) my mom was letting the dog out. She saw one of the bulbs in the ceiling fan go dark--but the energy arced and hit my right shoulder... went down my arm... through the wine bottle into the wine glass--and in the glass the spark blew and shattered the glass. I saw the energy leave the light bulb into my arm through the corner of my eye and my mom saw it too. She quietly told me to go lie down. I didn't question anything, I was scared, I just went and laid down. This was by far was the strangest energy transfer I was a part of."

I am sure I must have seen this on a movie, but this is a real life account of a truly unreal phenomena: "I started noticing around ten years ago that street lights would go out as I drove underneath them. Not all them mind you, but enough to notice. I thought it was weird, then I thought it was a coincidence. Now, I just accept it. It happens a couple of times a week." Vortex

Kundalini makes the eyes incredibly shining, also the skin during high states of kundalini ecstasy is shining, luminous and dewy. You can actually see there must be extra photons moving through the nerves and the brain...the inner light makes the eyes very bright and colorful and it’s almost like there are beams coming out of them. My friend Jim said that when he was around 23, he was meditating in a darkened room, and when he opened his eyes forked lightning shot across the room from his eyes. Rather interesting.

I will attempt a preliminary hypothesis to explain human lightning, note however that this needs to be verified by biophysicists. The obvious difference between kundalini lightning bolt events and normal electrostatic discharges is that the kundi-actives may not necessarily be building up static charge in the normal manner through the friction of materials. For kundi-actives already have a higher charge and higher electromagnetic field, which can without frictional provocation, cause a spark toward various charged objects or electric devices. The fact that kundi-actives can pull a spark of lightning out of an electric light bulb is fascinating, and I would like to meet the physicist that could explain that one. The highly energized body must exhibit an opposite current and electromagnetic field powerful enough to cause the current to alter its course and to leave the wire filament and arc out through the air.

A charged atom is called an "ion." An atom that looses electrons has more positive charges (protons) than negative charges (electrons), thus it becomes a positively charged ion. Conversely an atom that gains electrons has more negative than positive particles, that is if it picks up extra electrons it is a negatively charged ion. Opposite or different charges (a positive and a negative) will attract, or pull towards each other, while ions of the same charge will repel. The triboelectric effect is a type of contact electrification in which certain materials become electrically charged through friction. The amount of charge generated by the triboelectric effect depends on the area of contact, the speed of separation (friction), relative humidity, and other factors. During the summer when the air is more humid, the water in the air helps electrons move off us more quickly, so we do not build up as much electrostatic charge.

Static electricity is defined as an electrical charge caused by an imbalance of electrons on the surface of a material. This imbalance of electrons produces an electric field that can be measured and that can influence other objects at a distance. Once the charge is created on a material, it becomes an "electrostatic" charge which may be transferred from the material, creating an electrostatic discharge event. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is defined as the transfer of charge between bodies of different electrical potentials. The most spectacular form of ESD is the spark, which occurs when a strong electric field creates an ionized conductive channel in air. Electrostatic discharge lightning can cause minor discomfort to people, severe damage to electronic equipment, and fires and explosions if the air contains combustible gases or particles.

The best known example of a spark is a lightning strike. The earth is positively charged and the bottom of a cloud is negatively charged. When the EMF of the cloud is at a certain threshold, a bolt of lightning occurs. The spark is triggered when the electric field strength exceeds a certain threshold value in the air, causing a rapid increase in the number of ions in the air (electrical breakdown), and these free ions temporarily cause the air to become a conductor. Scientists don't know what causes the air, which is normally an insulator, to collapse in electrical breakdown and carry the charge of a lightning bolt.

The main effects produced by electric current are magnetism, heating, and voltage drop across resistive conductors. Any flow of electrons sets up a combined electric and magnetic field around the current, which in turn affects other electrons nearby. Electrons and protons carry electric charges of equal strength. When electrons move away from an area, it becomes positively charged, and the area to which they move becomes negatively charged. Direct current is a more or less even flow, as opposed to the instantaneous discharge of static electricity as sparks or lightning, or the alternate currents that power most our appliances. If there is no conductor the electric potential between two objects can build until a violent burst of current equalizes the charges, such as when bio-lightning strikes.

"Static" or imbalanced charges can be created by removing electrons from a neutral atom. They can also be created by adding or removing charged atoms from an object, and the atoms being removed can be negative or positive ions. It is even possible to add or remove bare protons from some materials (after all, protons are the same as positively charged hydrogen atoms.) If you have a positively charged human body then you probably have too many bare protons (that is too many H+ ions which increases acidity.)

The electric currents in living organism flow simultaneously in two opposite directions because there are both positive and negative charges. During Louis's nocturnal electrocution the electric current in his body was produced by the flow of positive sodium and potassium atoms, negative chlorine, and numerous other more complex positive and negative molecules. During the electric current, the positive atoms flowed in one direction, while the negative atoms simultaneously flowed in the other. The negative atoms behave like electrons, which drag an entire atom along with them, while the positive atoms behave like a proton, but a proton with an entire atom attached. The flowing negatives and positives are usually not equal, and the speed of the positives in one direction is usually not the same as the speed of the negatives in the other. When we receive an electric shock, no electrons flowed through our body, only charged atoms flowed. A moving electron does not "carry energy along", any more than a moving air molecule carries a sound wave with it. The charges wiggle back and forth, but the energy moves continuously forward. This is analogous to the way that sound waves move continuously forward through the air, while the air itself wiggles back and forth.

For those who want to look further into life energy and phenomena such as human lightning, the field is called Bioelectromagnetism. Bioelectromagnetism examines the electric, electromagnetic, and magnetic phenomena that arise in biological tissues. It refers to the static voltage of biological cells and to the electric currents that flow in living tissues, such as nerves and muscles, as a result of action potentials. Bioelectromagnetism is the electric current produced by action potentials along with the magnetic fields they generate through the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. Bioelectromagnetism is associated with biorhythms and chronobiology, or the study of periodic (cyclic) phenomena in living organisms. In bioelectromagnetism Resistance, Voltage & Current are treated as a single homogeneous object.

Besides bioelectromagnetism the body (and all life) superconducts energy/consciousness, but with kundalini the flow is amplified and this slowly removes the blockages (resistance) from the bodymind...if the individual cooperates and doesn't weigh themselves down with addictions (resistances) or negative will that is.

The rhythm of life is Charge, Discharge, Recharge. Understand this and we can Grok life.


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