The Amrita-Heart Connection

Besides meditation, visualization, projection, toning and energy circulation through the microcosmic orbit, the the amrita-heart connection shows how the brain and body naturally coordinate to build the diamond body or the resurrected body.

Studies show that about one-half of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) removed from the cranial vault is cleared by extracranial lymphatic vessels. Transport of CSF through both the lymphatic drainage and arachnoid villi routes increases as intracranial pressure is elevated. Although the ambrosial liquid excreted from the sinsuses is the most potent form of amrita, during max kundalini all the CSF is highly charged and can also be classed as amitra, when it is thus superionized by the superfluid state of the activated central nervous system (CNS).

There are three main methods by which the amrita that is generated by the CNS is transported around the body:
Digestive System-- Excretion of amrita down the back of the throat. This amrita is super pontentized with secretions from the circumventricular organs including the pituitary and pineal glands. One can speculate what effects this might have on the digestive system, first through direct contact of mucus membranes with the liquid and then throughout the rest of the body via absorbtion into the blood and lymph at the small intestine.

Lymph--There would also be uptake of the supercharged CSF by the lymphatic vessels in the head. The lymph then enters the bloodsteam at the left and right subclavian veins at the top of the chest. From there the blood flows into the superior vena cava and right atrium of the heart. Lymph should be considered as a major vehicle for kundalini chemistry, especially of fat-soluble components, because it comprises of 80% of the total body fluid and the lymphatic system is 4 times larger than the blood circulatory system.

Blood-- Blood from the head enters the superior vena cava and along with other deoxygenated blood from the rest of the body, enters into the right atrium and ventrical of the heart and on to the lungs for reoxygenation. Afterwhich it returns to the left atrium and ventrical of the heart to be circulated throughout the body. Thus the right chambers of the heart and the lungs would be the first organs to be in contact with the amrita-charged blood coming from the brain. After that it is the heart that is first to receive oxygenated blood for its own use.

This leads one to suppose a direct blood circulation route whereby the supercharged nervous system could impact the function of major organs above and beyond the normal means of communication via nerves and EMF. All three mechanisms for amrita circulation are probably in effect during most if not all peak events: Inner-Conjunction, Sex with Eros, Samadhi, Tantric Union-Joint Samadhi and the Heart Nova or Solar Heart.

The Heart Nova is when the heart-brain connection is so acute that the experience of a prolonged brain orgasm occurs. For me this happened for an hour or so every night for a week in October 2002. One morning I awoke from a dream in which I was playing with Mr. Universal's penis, although it was many times more sexually potent than one could ever experience in real life. Either the dream instigated this phase of the alchemy or the alchemy instigated the dream for throughout that day my prefrontals were very heavy and stoned. Strangely that afternoon I thought I walked right by Mr. Universal sitting outside a coffee shop. Then that night and for at least 7 nights after that I experienced an ecstatic trance that I call a Heart Nova. This is when amrita entering the blood and lymph makes a sublimely coherent and profound link between head and heart. Thus the mechanism of increased heart-brain entrainment is not a mere neural connection, but is also facilitated by an equisite feedback relationship between the circulatory systems and the nervous system.

If you get my drift that the amrita flowing from the CNS and impacting the the MAIN PHASE of a spiritual awakening, then you will see that the term Heart Nova is an apt description of this culmulative event. At the time of my peak 2 years prior to my Heart Nova event, I was calling this subterranean intuition of the Heart Nova...a Global Nova...not knowing what I was really talking about for it hadn't happened yet; but the energy of future events always promotes an feltsense intuition of what is instore. Thus we might use archetypal symbols or irrational terms to try and describe the direction and process that is unfolding within us. Only well after the fact do we understand the full meaning of this unfathomable submerged language that is bubbling up from the infinite depths of our being.

I am convinced that the effect of this amrita-modified blood on the heart is what is historically called the Solar Heart. It is also undoubtedly the specific alchemy behind spiritual sovereignty or the growth of the soul of the individual. Here is a similar intuition of the Heart Nova from the Adi Da camp:

Consciousness has traditionally been understood to have three basic states, or "avasthas" in Sanskrit. These are the states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. In chapter forty-three of The Dawn Horse Testament Avatar Adi Da Samraj says that:

Da says that in the sixth stage of life, the right side of the heart becomes awakened as the root-origin of attention, and the seat of the Witness-Position of Consciousness. He says that at the culmination of the ascending process, the Spirit-Energy comes to rest, in the right side of the heart. Substantiation or the Solar Heart would be Da's seventh stage of life where the Spirit-Current rises again in the "regeneration" of Amrita Nadi, from the right side of the heart to the matrix above the head. In this process he says the body itself is infused with the Divine Spirit-Current in the Circle of the body-mind. Thus, the rightside of the Heart is abidingly substantiated as the "root-organ" of Divine Self-Realization that is "Amrita Nadi."

I don't know how much this description of Adi Da Samraj is traditionally inspired, but it exactly corresponds to my present understanding of the connection between amrita, cerebrospinal fluid and the heart. Note the words "Divine Spirit-Current in the Circle of the body-mind" refers to the self-reinforcing feedback relationship between the superfluid nervous system, producing amrita that induces the organs to further enhance the nervous systems production of amrita, creating a profound corroboration of body and mind.

Let me tell you how freaky Spirit is. Saniel Bonder is an exdevotee of Adi Da whose Waking Down Workshop I attended in 2000. During that weekend I did Cardiomuscular Release (CMR) on Saniel's wife Linda. As soon as I had gone into position 2, (where her head was turned to the right, and I have one hand on the right side of her heart and one hand on her origin of the sternocloidal mastoid on the neck under her ear) her heart went into an immediate Nova. I could feel the bliss through my hands and the intensity of it gave me a shock and I pulled my hands away and exclaimed "You feel so beautiful." From this it is apparent that amrita affects the heart "as soon" as it reaches the right chamber, and also no doubt when it returns from its journey from the lungs back to the leftside of the heart. The mere turning of the head aids in the draining of amrita in the blood and lymph and its most powerful impact is to propel the heart into a Nova. I must point out that Linda was already in a superfluid state prior to my doing CMR on her; she was the most physically "opened" individual I have ever worked on. The CMR just provided a releasing mechanism for a surge of amrita and the heart responded in an explosion of ecstasy.

Kundalini is God's narcotic

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