"Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness...the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire." ~ Pierre Theilhard de Chardin

Both Jung and Sri Aurobindo believed that the soul is both individual and universal and that the physical and psychic exist simultaneously. Supra-sex you could say is the spiritual intercourse of the Global Brain—the communion of the overmind or Superman (Aurobindo). This communion is superluminal, nonlocal and probably involves instantaneous communication via scalar waves or sympathetic resonance. Supra-sex is a mysterious subatomic force that spans the globe. The experience of supra-sex makes it apparent to us irreverent humans that we live in a spiritual universe, an intelligent universe, far more profound than we could possibly imagine. There is nothing more powerful than the force of Supra-sex. It is the force of evolution and consciousness itself, the energy at the ground of manifestation. Future generations will know more about and honor it more deeply than us, for slowly humanity is being awakened by this evolutionary force.


The spiritual journey is driven by sex hormones, as the principle drivers to metamorphic alchemy and awakening. The urge to unite with God, and the urge to merge with a beloved runs on the same biological equipment, it is just lived at a different level of expression. Bliss is the energy of transcendence, and when kundalini arises and the Heart opens it feels like a lover. For females it feels like a male lover, for males it feels like a female lover. For this reason it is commonly thought that the soul of each sex is the opposite gender. Hence the anima/animus of Jungian philosophy.

The idea of Supermind (global brain) maybe as old as Plotinius, tho not explicitly stated. A teacher of Aurobindo brought it to his attention and so seeded Aurobindo's sadhana. For information on Aurobindo’s take on the Supermind check out the book: "On the way to Supermanhood," by Satprem. The Supermind is as vital as the body of man is vital—as the Earth herself is vital. Unfortunately our modern world is filled with interference patterns to consciousness such as electromagnetic fields, pollution and the destruction of nature itself leading to the devitalizing the human organism. The Supermind is when one’s subjectivity exhibits a planetary empathy. So one has to be enlightened to reside in Supermind be both separate and not separate at the same time. Maps of consciousness such as Spiral Dynamics maybe a ladder of objectivity, but no matter how high one’s eye, cognition is always subjective. That is Evolution = increasingly objective subjectivity.

Spirit uses the sexual chemistry and apparatus in the metamorphic process, so that even though the mystics may not be actually engaging in sex with another human their systems are fully sexed, fully revved up and potent during the great Passion of the alchemy. If this energy is simply masturbated away or spent on gross level compulsive sex then the Great Passion will fall short of its mark. To be fully sexually potent doesn't necessarily mean one is actually engaging or even interested in sex, but that one is not repressing the full flow of Eros in the bodymind. At the mystic level supra-sex transcends, includes and amplifies normal-sex. Supra-sex is the total alchemy of transformation of which super-sex is a symptom or beneficial side effect.

Kundalini operates on the body’s sexual system to radically heightened degrees: in dreams that facilitate certain phases of the metamorphosis, in magnified sensory sensitivity, in heightened attraction or rather spiritualized attraction, higher sexual energy and sex hormone production and vastly increased levels of opening. But in fact kundalini simply uses the sexual system in the same way that it uses the nervous system, the immune systems, the endocrine system, the lymphatic system and the digestive system—to “evolve” the structures and systems of the bodymind. This process is transpersonal and related to species survival and evolution.

The transpersonal nature of the overmind or World Soul is recognized as one becomes a pawn in the hands of the Gods, with the ultimate objective of evolving and connecting the individual neurons of the Global Brain. The individual neurons being ourselves. This is why in 2000 I said, “Sex is not Sex.” Supra-sex transcends, includes and amplifies normal-sex.” The global brain wakes up through sexual attraction, and nothing is more wakeful and enlightening than the pull of supra-sex, and you don't even have to have sex for it to be so. It is the trickster nature of the Universe. Remember sex is not sex, it is the energy of the Universal existence…sex IS the is all the play of the charges, hemispheres, sexes and poles, and enlightenment proceeds via this cosmic intercourse of the marriage of opposites.
Union beyond all states is basically nondual intuition, or being one with the flow of Spiritual Eros. As far as action in the world goes, as long as we are an ego acting for or on the world this is still not the highest dharma. Consider the concept of relationship AS the World—even 'sex' for worldcentric reasons. Coming from this highest ethical level then there would not be internal divisions that would prevent joint-nirvikalpa. This kind of relationship is perhaps the only kind of relationship that is deeply satisfying in the soul-sense, and thus fundamentally “Real.” Relationship AS the Universe. 

Supra-sex is autopoietic and seems to be focused primarily on the spontaneous transpersonal evolution of consciousness itself. Because it is the most extreme experience of love and sex, we learn that human relationship is a subset of this much larger transpersonal agenda of Nature. Supra-sex cannot be described in words, for one can only know it by experience, thus I resort to Gurdjieffs idea of supra-sex to help clarify the distinction that this is something so beyond our usual concept and experience of sex that it defies both understanding and expression. There is a great piece on sex in Chapter 12 “Sex and Evolution” in Ouspensky's “A New Model of the Universe.”  Here he described the three types of sex.
Infra-sex: A non-understanding, terror and disgust of sex, arrested development or degeneration, sex abnormalities, underdeveloped sex, all perversions, either abnormal sex desires or abnormal sex abstinence, indifference to sex, exaggeration leading to inner degeneration, wastes energy. Disharmony between sex and other sides of life.

Normal-sex: Contains no danger, sex harmonizes with all other functions including emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Sex inwardly is completely justified in the normal man and this justification is based solely on the full coordination of sex with other aspects of life. Builds energy, awareness and inspires.
Supra-sex: The sex system is greatly magnified and subsumed into spiritual alchemy, such that normal sex eventually ceases. Supra-sex signifies the inner marriage or metamorphosis and is intimately tied into one’s life purpose and calling. The Muse or Holy Spirit becomes prior to all else.

“The first sensations of mystical experiences intensify sex sensations but the further waves of the light that a man begins to see completely absorb and cause to disappear those small sparks of sensations which before seems to him a blaze of love and passion. Consequently in true mysticism there is no sacrifice of feeling. Mystical sensations are sensations of the same category as the sensations of love, only infinitely higher and more complex. Love, “sex,” those are but a foretaste of mystical sensations. It is clear that the foretaste must disappear when there comes that which has been anticipated. But it is equally clear that struggle with the foretaste, the sacrifice of the foretaste, the giving up of the foretaste, cannot bring nearer or hasten anything.” 541,Ouspensky.

Ouspensky says that it is the cessation of transmutation that is the curtailment of metamorphosis, which produces pre-normal sex characteristics (infra-sex) such as suppression and pathologies of sex. He says that the degradation of sexual attributes “secondary characteristics” points to a weakening of transmutation. Thus it seems that sex must be healthily integrated into normal life so that evolution to supra-sex or mystic life is possible. Ouspensky says that if transmutation is possible, it is only possible by passing through normal-sex for none of the lower infra-sex forms can evolve. And that through supra-sex, alchemical transmutation is brought to a totally incomprehensible and unknown intensity, which creates a new type of man. Behind all esoteric teachings lies the knowledge that we evolve in consciousness through the higher-utilization of sex energy, which is normally wasted unproductively in ordinary life. Both Ouspensky and Wilhelm Reich were intuitively advocating the liberation of the evolutionary energy of man…supporters therefore of the continued evolution of life on earth.

The Sacred Marriage is not a romantic fantasy, nor is it arrived at through the direction of personal will. Rather it is prior existant, unadorned, uncorrupted and uncontaminated. It is the “cooking” of spirit and matter that is occurring at the elemental core of our being, despite our unconscious efforts to subvert the process and waste the energy. Surrender to the complete satisfaction of the energy (emotion) is to be in tune with cosmic design. For this we must “cease” subverting and bleeding off our energy into the lesser drives of the needy, deprived self. The person who speaks most clearly of the aborting and shunting of spirit into lesser drives is Robert Augustus Masters...he has been talking of this since the 80's with his book Way of the Lover: The Awakening and Embodiment of the Full Human. The way we use our sex energy is a model for the way we do everything in life. The sacred marriage occurs by dropping completely into the energy and emotion and thereby allowing it to complete its alchemical cycle, whereby illumination is arrived at along with peace and equanimity. The Sacred Marriage is the felt-sense recognizing What Is.

The male and female and the potential love between them is the main catalyst of the evolutionary force of God, Eros or Awakening. Whether the relationship actually occurs or not at the human level is irrelevant to this evolutionary force that proceeds despite us, imposing “its” will regardless. Spirit uses whatever means are necessary to break us open and force us to awaken. Alchemy between the sexes is the primary vehicle for the awakening of consciousness and the Global Brain itself. Kundalini represents a ripening and fruition of the psychosomatic life of the individual and the driver for collective awakening. Kundalini is perfect love, that elevates all that is base and 'raises' all that is dead.

The mystical birth of man proceeds through the full realization of sex energy as the caldron of transformation. In Celtic lore the  cauldron had three powers: inexhautibility, regeneration, and inspiration. Of course the alchemical caldron is “The Holy Grail,” and it is by following the pure heart’s desire in search of The Grail that we undergo the journey of transformation. Unless the heart is given the time and space in which to unfold the metamorphic alchemy, it might start and fizzle, just like a flower severed from its plant. The pure heart’s ability to allow the alchemy of individuation to proceed is the gallant quest of the preceptors of the Mystic Civilization. This is the central meaning of the Grail myth in preparing the way for realizing a global Camelot based on the vitues of justice, bravery and truth.

Mastery (non control) of the serpent power sustains the enchantment and regeneration of our world. While the inability to master it can be destructive. Mastery involves submission to rapture. That is, allowing ecstatic sublime currents that melt the entrenchment of the ego’s sense of separation, bringing freedom from fear and judgment, and the petty nature of resistance in general. Mastery of Kundalini is in effect mastery of the ego! Kundalini adeptness is the alchemy of individuation through the integration of ego and Self. That is the unification of the conscious and unconscious elements of the psyche and the establishment of the proper center. This inner center or cosmic consciousness is the steady state of intuitive knowledge or illuminated mind that develops from the harmonious nuclear fusion of the Tao within our very atoms. Mastery of kundalini involves dropping our resistance to this harmonious inner sacred marriage.

The Global Brain Awakens by Peter Russel
The Global Brain by Howard Bloom
Earthmind, Communicating With The Living World of Gaia, Paul Devereux et el.



Carl Jung felt that alchemy, the miraculous science of inner transformation, was the best system to use to understand dreaming and individuation. Carl Jung proposed that the numinosum manifests itself through archetypal images. He believed the Higher Self within speaks to us in dreams, and referred to such dreams as somnia a Deo missa (“dreams sent by God”). Jung believed that numinous dreams have transforming and healing power and are milestones in a person’s individuation process. By processing archetypal personality issues and addressing personal problems such as childhood trauma, numinous dreams have developmental potential and are psychologically helpful in releasing individuals from pathologies as well as nourishing spiritual transformation.

Dreams seem to affect our growth more intensely than waking life, perhaps because the dream is intuitively autonomous and autopoietically driven and so gives both the physiology and the soul exactly what it wants and needs. Paradoxically in dreams there is more control over our process, and yet this control comes from beyond the conscious mind and ego. Apparently in REM sleep (dreaming) there is less activity in the prefrontal cortex which represents the superego in its inhibitory and discriminatory functions. In dreams it is the Gods that are "at play" with us. With the removal of our prefrontal control our dream life taps into a much larger picture than our waking mind, perhaps because more of the subconscious and superconscious comes into view.

Although in dreams we still have our cognitive filters, they are not the rigid familiar filters of our waking personality, which keeps our cognitive contents within a very small bandwidth. Dreams spontaneously take us to a more panentheistic reality of All in Being—All in totality—All in God. Through the intuitive reality of the dream world our perpective is more from Whole Seeing. From the rational perspective dreams seem like a random cast of the dice, and yet from the perspective of Whole Seeing, dreams exhibit a precise essence, consequence, importance and potency the likes of which we rarely encounter in “real” life except during the heights of peak experience.

Intuition is knowing something in a participatory manner and in dreaming we literally “become the dream.” It is through the nonseparation between dream and dreamer that we are trans-formed. In dreaming we are both observer and content and there is a sense of the self that becomes intensely real when it moves into the object. When you get into the object (participate) you begin to see things you could never dream of knowing from the purely analytical point of view. Dreams directly show us through “amplified experience” the power of love: that which uplifts, dignifies, maximizes liberty, ennobles and seeks a higher good of plenitude, abundance and win/win conditions.

Like a herald of the Muse, when the mind tries to get you to become more conscious of an important dreams it will give you a lateral often humorous zen-like prompt, after which an important dream sequence will occur. Often automatic writing and the running off of verbal obscurities and speaking in tongues occurs, perhaps as the left brain language areas get fed energy from the right side of the brain. Apparently we are collectively being awoken through our dreaming as never before right now.

Dreams show us when we are going through an “undoing” and dissolving phase. Being pulled into the ocean is a classic dissolution dream, as the bodymind starts dissolving itself, the known self tries to retain its ground. During my kundalini awakening I dreamt I was being smooshed into the beach by a huge wave that was about to suck me out, and I was crawling up the beach to dry land. We think madness or death lies in being pulled out to sea, but really it’s our enlightenment that is out there, if we let go.

Both flying and levitation dreams/visions are common when we are growing into our subtle body. Heat and flame are also common themes during the peak. Alchemical dreams often have a sexual component, but the sexuality, attraction and intimacy is greatly exaggerated to Godlike levels. Sometimes our minds will use people we know, at other times it is an unknown dream lover that we conjure, or perhaps we even have a precognitive dream of someone from our future.

Alchemical dreams most often occur with peak events of metamorphosis such as the heart-brain orgasmic conjunction. These dreams have more of an impact on our metamorphic alchemy than our waking life does. Their effect can last in us as a felt-sense for months, and the restructuring they do will last for our lifetime. Notice how we can grow and change a huge amount just by one significant dream. We have certain dreams at specific stages of the alchemy. And there is no way of telling if the dream creates the peak alchemy or if the rise in metamorphic activity creates the dream imagery. My intuition is that it is a synthesis of both, that is each is cause and effect of the other… all we can say is that it is one thing...a simultaneous and synergistic emergence alchemy. Eros in action.

It takes many years of alchemy before we can be strong enough to absorb the full flux of alchemical sexual attraction without the need/desire to act on it, even in fantasy. This is so because the life of the ego is “exploitive,” it seeks to do something with the energy rather than just merge into it or Be it. To the ego, love is seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself. Eventually however the transmuted body itself is so relaxed, open and in permanent bliss that egoic-masturbatory ways of using spirit for petty ends are naturally overcome. Thus we emerge from the lower entropic forms of existence to energy accumulating syntropic forms of being and experience. You can’t run away from fire, you have got to be prepared to turn and face it. We have the choice to submit to Divine Will or to be diminished. All actions we do in the world are in the attempt to balance our own psychic chemistry.

Both in real-life spiritual relationships, transpersonal non-relationships and in sexual dream alchemy there is a facilitation of the marriage of sexes, poles and hemispheres. In physiology the term “facilitation” refers to the lowering of resistance in a neural pathway to an impulse, resulting from previous or simultaneous stimulation. Just as Michael Persinger suggests in both romance and enlightenment there is an increased integration of the hemispheres of the brain…an interhemispheric intrusion where there is temporary heightened communication between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Alchemical relationships do not have much to do with people as personalities. Like a hurricane they are a force of nature and there is little one can do about them but ride them out. The convergence and amplification entails a rising up of the energy and intelligence of the atom, coupled with a simultaneous effervescent emergence of the energy and intelligence of the transconscious superconsciousness. The poor personal ego is thus wafted to dizzying heights of the unknown, which could be very destabilizing or reassuring depending on ones sense of biological faith. Often dream romances remain unconsummated showing that it is alchemical dream for brain reconstruction; otherwise the energy would have been dissipated by having gone "outwards" a lover.

Alchemical relationships are “high energy.” Apparently in order to avoid entropic relationship (codependency) and raise energy and consciousness to the level of transformational alchemy, we have to establish a healthy relationship with our own inner family and heal our inner child. That makes a whole lotta sense.
“When we enter relationships from the place of a happy child whose needs are met by a loving family and as an adult who knows how to tell the truth of what he is feeling, we enter the Co-Creative Relationship, which is true Alchemy.”

Ego level relationships are based on the lie of Self amnesia and utilitarian function. We are scared of the lack of centeredness and helplessness of others, because we fear our own lack of centeredness and connection with soul. It is the goal of our lifetime to get out of our own way and learn how to not perpetuate self-rejection. The pain of lack of self love awakens differentiation (Individuation) and the final redemption in the homecoming of Self-love. If we are afraid of ourselves we may either enter a codependent relationship or avoid relationships altogether. We are afraid of ourselves perhaps due to having parents who were similarly afraid of themselves. One could say that codependency is the interrelationship of individuals who are afraid of themselves. That is those who have not “accepted” their God given gifts or their shadow.

Society makes these kinds of people through shame/blame religions, and exploitive politics and the patriarchal (left-brain) bias in general. There can be no health on any level of human existence if spiritual power of the individual is denied, neglected, abused or decimated. Thus self-love is the foundation of human existence. Because it is the foundation of spiritual alchemy, creativity and generosity of spirit, happiness is the ultimate currency in the Universe. By being afraid of our self and Self, we cannot grow because we cannot relax or open to Grace and tacitly experience a benign Universe—we must be constantly on guard and looking for ways to support and protect ourselves. If we are afraid of ourselves we forfeit our natural inheritance to breath, relaxation and presence awareness.

Breath, relaxation and presence awareness are the essential ingredients of transformation; this is partly the reason why true love relationship is alchemical. There is a quickening of kundalini, heightening of the senses, automatic purification, and the amplification of hormones and neural activity. The cells of the body transmutate under the myriad of influences which only spiritual relationship can bring about. It is for this reason that Nature uses alchemical sexual dreams to bring out the same kind of rapid transformation in the absence of real life human intercourse. We are programmed to evolve through this mechanism because Nature has been involved in the process of transmutation via the sexes for nearly 3.5 billion years on earth.

Spiritual Relationship

The Greek prefix telo means “the end or complete” and philia is Greek for “love or loving.” Thus we can use the word telophilia to represent the highest form of relationship or the union of souls or joint alchemy. So I equate the phenomena of supra-sex with telophilia. Note these stages are the classic alchemical stages of soul development. Another name we might call spiritual relationship is psychephilia, as psyche is both “soul” and “butterfly” in Greek and so apply reflects the metamorphic nature of soul union. At one time I found a reference to the word “teleiaphilia” meaning a principled friendship grounded on shared virtue and precepts; which is a philosophical level relationship. Telophilia however is one step beyond that being an empathetic, synergistic relationship of all levels, including soul. These soul-relationships may not include sex but because they amplify kundalini they can be more energetically and intensely intimate and transformative than sexual relationships.

Following is an outline of the stages of soul relationship but to a certain extent all stages happen at once to varying degrees as well.

1. MEETING—Recognition, initiation, surges of energy in the head and solar plexus, enlivening of the genitals. Enlarging of ones field in relation to the other, heightening of alertness and energy level. Irresistible magnetic pull, constancy of attention and soul urge to be in each others presence.
2. QUICKENING—Spiritual acceleration, extreme heart opening, purging, purifying, nausea, awe, hope. Clearing, tidying up loose ends, nest building, talking to oneself, physical exercise to absorb tension. Alternating periods of hyperactivity (sympathetic) with heart expanding lethargy (parasympathetic).
3. RUBBERBANDING—Alternating surrender with periods of sensual indulgence as the ego tries to use and/or suppress the charge. Boundary testing, uncertainty, exploration and resolution of differences. Blowing off the cocoon through compression and expansion.
4. TOLERANCE—Bodymind gains faith, becomes stronger quieter and more peaceful. Learns to protect and allow the intense “opening” energy cycles of soul-merger. Rewiring to handle the amplified energy and kinesthetic senses.
5. SURRENDER—Attraction to spiritual intimacy as soul increasingly incarnates with the opening of the bodymind. There is a letting go of morbid thoughts and behaviors as trust develops. Eros progressively triumphs over Thanatos.
6. TRANSPARENCY—Proactive-YES AND Green-lighting Spirit. With conscious joint metamorphic alchemy there is a movement from deprivation states to co-Being. Sympathetic resonance causes the falling away of resistance and strengthens the ability to “enjoy” love.
7. SUBSTANTIATION—Maintenance of a mature equilibrium of holding the “We Space,” while still sustaining full individuation. Potent, creative, cooperative partnership, mature monogamy-(RAM)

The symptoms of attraction in relationship correspond to those of the metamorphic process and are representative of the two sides of the nervous system in a kind of tango. Normalization of the nervous system can be achieved through walking, deep breathing, toning, movement like Qi gong and immersion in water. This is not to make a problem out of love, for we can enjoy both parasympathetic and sympathetic hypertonal periods, but in order to "assimilate" them comfortably without being triggered into negative coping mechanisms there are a few handy tricks we can use. Incarnation is often hard work, especially if we are used to blocking energies and consciousness from having grown up in dysfunctional environments.

Sympathetic hyperactivation: The stage fright like surges of energy in the solar plexus and high blood pressure in the head can be handled by gentle rhythmic tapping the back over the adrenal glands/kidney area.
Parasympathetic hyperactivation: The heart expansions and low blood pressure of this cycle creates fatigue, weakness in the arms, softening of the neuromusculature and gives a sense of needing to get horizontal. This condition can be eased by repetitive gentle tapping on the chest 1-2 inches below the notch of the clavicles.

How to establish a Telophilius relationship:
First we have to talk about it for many years, then we seriously contemplate it quietly, then we start to imagine it in 3D, then we begin to become "attractive," then we manage to magnetize a perfect polar partner to us, then we enter the honeymoon and think we have found heaven on earth, then we are plunged into the hell realms to feel the full range of our self-betrayal and self-rejection, then we learn we specifically created exactly what we got, then we forgive all creation and especially ourselves, and then at last we enter a true tantric, supra-sexual, metamorphic, alchemical relationship."Whatever words we use to describe this transformative process, what we are talking about here is, at least at one level, the process of deep relaxation, of loosening the energetic knots that keep us bound to our present perceptions. It is through deep, organic relaxation that we learn to untie these knots and to let go of what is superfluous in our lives, the unnecessary structures of thought, emotion, and sensation that we have constructed to support or defend our self-image. These structures not only consume our energy, but they also keep anything new from entering. Learning how to see and let go of these unnecessary structures not only has a beneficial influence on our health and well-being, but it also helps conserve and produce the energy we need for a work of inner transformation…It is the organic experience of this essential spaciousness that embraces the various polarities and contradictions of our lives and allows them to exist side by side in our being without conflict. This inner, organic embrace, this sensory acceptance of everything that we are, frees not only our body, but also our mind and feelings, bringing us a new sense of vitality and wholeness."

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”
Henri Bergson.

“If we are going to create a more humane world, it’s important to discover how to form sustained relationships that fulfill our deepest needs and contribute to an atmosphere of caring that the culture is crying for.” Hugh Delehanty,

The Third Thing

“Health was a state of perfect subatomic communication and ill health was a state where communication breaks down. When we are ill our waves are out of sync.”
52 Lynne Mc Taggart, The Field.

By “following our bliss” as Joseph Campbell suggests we are following the ecstatic wave of Grace in which our waves are all in sync. The Ecstatic Wave is the flow between dissolution and structure, which is the natural speed of evolution without resistance. When we fall in sync in relationship the field effect is magnified, so imagine when we can do this consciously in relationship. What Grace. If anything, kundalini is an impersonal force that is trying to get us "connected." Connected both within ourselves and connected to the Kosmos—to fall in sync with the universe in a perfect state of Grace.

You feed me in the Grace of your reception and depth of Grokking me, such that I no longer know what is me, and what is you…we are so complete in the circle of us.

In his book The Mystery of Human Relationship Nathan Schwartz-Salant introduces the concept of the interactive field, and explains that transformative alchemy can progress once we acknowledge the field which exists between partners in a relationship. He says this "third field," an area encompassing the mutually interpenetrating subconscious, conscious and superconscious levels of both people. This shared juncture of being is not only a repository of subjectivities, but it also has an objective character as well. And remember we are like icebergs, with only about 1% of our consciousness that is actually “conscious.” Exploring this interpersonal field, what Richard Moss calls “The Third Thing,” can lead to personal growth capable of enriching all relationships through tacit understanding of our transpersonal (spiritual) nature.

Removing that which gets in the way of the symphony of our joint state of Grace (being in sync) is how the container of the relationship “The Third Thing” or the field of unconditional love is preserved. And it is through this purified and substantiated field that we as a couple find a new relationship to the Universe and grace the world with our presence.

“In certain relationships, the level of profound close goodness is so great that any thing that gets in the way of that that is not pure, clear connection will feel incredibly bad to the degree that I will have to amend it or feel almost sick. My partner in this will feel it too. Our inclination is to exit the relationship, or withdraw, or become clingy, but none of those actions work except to cause further pain. The ONLY way out is THROUGH. With some other relationships I have, if things arise, it doesn't matter, because they are not obscuring this pure connection. But with this one, it is spiritually imperative that what has arisen that causes pain is dealt with. Each of us has to take extreme responsibility for our own feelings, and be brutally honest, completely open and non-defensive and able to listen in a space created purposely for the healing. When the problem is shared, the level of relief is extraordinary and it feels like a great healing has taken place, not only of the issue at hand, but of some greater older deeper issue that was triggered by the problem presented within our relationship. It feels like this indeed IS the purpose of the relationship. When these old hurts are dealt with and the air is cleared, it is as if nothing more needs to be done.
A great, huge love is felt that encompasses the whole world and we are each completely accepted "as is".”
Jacqui Denomme

“Where there is love there is no conflict, because love has no image. Love doesn’t build images because love is not touched by thought. Love is not of time.” 73, Krishnamurti, On Relationship.

“In some ways, the interactive field only exists because the two people are connecting in a field of attraction, in relationship, that is both the meeting of their own unique signatures but also higher gradations of fields overlapping as well, which connect straight to the divine. The amount of energy that is imbibed in the relational auric field is dependent on the openness present in both individuals in relationship. The largest component to that openness is a willingness to fully inhabit the present. If that openness (and its associated purity) is present and accessible, it does have a sort of indestructablility as well as resilience when disruptions (or heavier spots) appear in the field. But, like any relationship, it will have periods of different feeling tones, anywhere from dissonant, intense, heavy, edgy, as well as blissful, clear, etc. As human beings, we are all gradations of energy: dense and refined. I don't think the secret is to avoid or shun any of these qualities, but to enjoy them as they are....all the while (for the sake of health) exercising an awareness and intelligence with embodying its variety of configurations.” Andy Acker

By the embrace of truth and through working on the blocks to harmony in our interactive field we become “As Gods” as our boundaries with the Infinite and the Eternal are dissolved.


Oh what sad iron clad defenses
Cripple our quivering hearts
So that we will not be broken by love
But be torn asunder from lack of loving
The Mystery see
Lets not even presume
The mind can know the least of things
Why limit the infinite
Kill what is not ours to kill
Why make small what is measureless
Hold what cannot be caught
No where to hide anyways
Soul has no prison
Lets stop the petty game
And live the truth
See what is really there
Beyond past's lies
Such luminous White
The music is champagne
In my blood

Epistemology or the theory of knowledge is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature and scope of knowledge. The term "epistemology" originated from the Greek words episteme (knowledge) and logos (account/explanation). Sophia is the highest virtue of the "contemplative" part of the soul (epistemonikon). Aristotle proposes the human soul has two main noetic functions:
1. The ability to grasp “a priori knowledge” (epistemonikon), whose virtue is theoretical wisdom (sophia).
2. The ability to grasp truths about the changeable world (logistikon), whose virtue is practical wisdom (phronesis). —Fantastic articles based on Dr. Michael Persingers work. “If the archetypes have a location; neurostructures that instantiate them, it’s not impossible that we can believe in god because we have a brain center that specializes in fatherly images seems not unreasonable.” — Richard Moss teacher of essential relationship. “Self-realization must be lived in the context of daily human relationships with all the joy and suffering that they entail…This is not work you can master intellectually, because it is not a movement about strategy, achievement and goal. It is about a prior relationship in wholeness, a process of being that grows in faith. This will grow and understanding will emerge gradually, leading to a new connection to yourself and life as a whole."

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