Psychosomatic Release

An advanced decontraction journey for dropping the painbody (armor/shell/ego)

The philosophy of the Inner Arts practice is self-disclosure, self-meeting, self-communion and self-melting.

By the mind's eye I mean the kinesthetic felt-sense and directional focus of the brain. This feels like a connection between the third eye region and the brainstem. While directing the mind's eye, the closed eyes point in the direction you are focusing on. Thus you can even look out through the back of the eyeballs and down into the brainstem, or in any other direction of focused intent.

Following is the full version of the Psychosomatic Release, however as a shorter daily practice you might simply track the blockages through the neck-shoulders and torso, then the thyroid, jaw and pulling the tension out of the head via dropping the tongue into the belly.
Lying on the back:

1. Feel the most prominent area of holding in the body--perhaps it is the right neck and shoulder. Put your hands on this area and focus your mind's eye into it. Go deeper into the feltsense of the area melting it with the power of your mind's eye. Dropping into an infinite void and then dropping some more, bringing the mind's eye back to the spot if you drift off for a while. Progressively dropping consciousness into an area will repolarize the nerves, relax the muscles and bring new life and blood to an area, essentially making it more conscious. You can readily feel the shift in "charge" when the body reclaims an area and it starts to let go. The contracted body part will not let go of its accord unless it is made conscious through focused awareness. Use whatever visualizations you need such as imagining melting butter or seeing gentle waves lapping the sand to melt into an area.

2. Shift focus of the melting onto the next area of holding such as the liver by putting one hand on the right side of the heart and other on the liver. After that the next areas of holding might be the solar plexus and then the bottom of the belly. Progressively melt each area as it arises in awareness with breath, the mind's eye, visualizations and your hands.

3. Once you are done with the side of the body with the most apparent holding move over to the other side and run through areas moving down the body eg: the left neck and shoulder, then down into the spleen, solar plexus and belly.

Lying on the side:

4. Hold the sternocleidomastoid area under the ear on the side that is down and the clavicle of the topside gently pushing the clavicle down toward the feet.

5. Push the top of the lungs by pressing down under the clavicles and hold to melt.

6. Hold to melt the jaw on the bottom side while working the scapula topside.

7. Thumb push slowly up ridge of shoulder girdle.

On back Again:

8. Place hands lightly on/over the thyroid at the front of the neck and melt this area with the mind's eye, drop your tongue progressively releasing tension as you do this.

9. Tap the thymus gland which lies under the sternum for a few minutes with your fingertips to stimulate the immune system.

10. With the body released you might find that pressure/pain in the head is felt--drop the tongue into the belly drawing down the brain...continue to pull the brain down into the belly by the tongue for at least 5 minutes until head pressure is released.

11. Cup the bottom of the ribcage with the fingers and push ribs into the diaphragm...breath into the pressure for about 5-10 breaths.

12. Reach under the mid back and press fingers into and melt the adrenals and then the lower back, moving down to work into the sacrum. Melt any tension, holding in these areas with the mind's eye, warmth, breathing and visualization...progressively bringing the whole bodymind into the void till it is free of static charge and holding.

Opening the "Mouth of God" or "Bindu" Center to the spiritual inspiration of the “Flute of the Gods,” cosmic mantra or logos. Also known as the Jade Pillow by the Chinese. This area lies at the base of the skull, above the first cervical (neck) vertebra is part of a pump that draws spinal fluid and chi energy upwards. While lying your the the back of the neck, in the dip where the spine meets the cranium place the tips of your three middle fingers and with the other hand press the third eye region—while toning Huuu with the mouth open for more resonance...and meditating by pulling energy up the spine.  To this add the Inner Smile to assist in opening the Mouth of God—smile and extend the energy-sense up into the jaw and past the ears around to the Mouth of God. It helps to wiggle your ears while you are doing this. This is the fastest way yet I have found to work on detoxifying and integrating this region, allowing a more perfect flow of ecstatic energy into and through the brain.

Pot of Gold is the completing sequence of the Inner Arts...the other practices involved developing the skills and nerve pathways to get to the Pot of Gold. Simply what Pot of Gold does is turn off the sympathetic activation and removes recriminations and worry-mind; it quickly stops all “egoic mind chatter” and generates Presence. Building up and tuning into the parasympathetic nervous system, if your sympathetic nervous system is running away on you, this may be a way to balance the panic and hyper states of kundalini and stress in general. It can also be used in any and all social and psychological issues, and to set the vibe to blissful equanimity prior to making decisions. Not only can Pot of Gold be used to alleviate depression it can also be used to enhance creativity. The amrita chemicals produced in the brain during this process increase visual acuity and transcendental vision.

This is a simple method of generating ecstasy, peace and equanimity. You lie on your back on the floor or bed, like the NER worthiness position make a J with your hands around the right side of the heart—cupping your clavicle with your left hand, and the right hand under the left-breast with the thumb pointing between the beasts. Turn your head to the right, drop the tongue down into the belly, focus the mind’s eye on the brainstem and silently repeat the word "peace" with your gentle belly breathing. You can tone also, but beginners may find this extra element hard to include with so much to focus consciousness on. The more you generate a huge charge of peace-ecstasy with this technique the more you change your nervous system away from sympathetic activation of defense circuits, which generate nerve-static and high blood pressure.

Right Side of the Heart

Thought-emotion-feltsense-chemistry-energy-spirit are different but simultaneous aspects of one and the same thing. The generation of the solar heart involves the two main factors self-love and individuation. Self-love generates equality, equanimity and focus on expression of the Muse, while conversely low self-esteem generates inflation, bombast, hierarchy, usury, and enmeshment. Thus we can use the Inner Arts to install worthiness in our cells and generate the amrita with which to become authentic...that is filled with the Presence. Bliss is when the Presence of Spirit fills that which was cut off and occluded from the light of the unity of body, mind and soul (organism-total). The "return" is felt as blissful honey moving into that which was in pain or numb. It seems we continually want to go back and revisit our pain so we can feel like we remember who we are. But this is just the perpetuation of the memory of the false self.

The ecstatic brain juice "amrita" is the Universal Medicine. It is the Elixir of Equilibrium with which to conquer love and hate and build the solar body. The amrita produced in the crystal chamber of the pineal-pituitary area travels with lymph and blood and down into the right side of the heart creating perfect entrainment between head and heart brains, and the constant deep ecstasy of soul-embodiment. The Sufis say the left side of the heart is associated with the mind, the right side with the Soul. The right side is more palpable with the fingers as electrical energy or bliss sensation, because the right side of the heart has the most neurological tissue.

Turn the head to the right during meditation or CMR and you can often get a sudden influx of amrita to the right side of the heart that puts you in unity consciousness (Samadhi)...that is if your kundalini is already charged and you are spiritually and vitally open. The "channel for immortal bliss" is none other than tryptamine charged lymph (cerebrospinal fluid) entering the bloodstream and flowing into the right side of the heart thereby entraining the brain fully into the heartfield.

Further on in the alchemy the lower belly (hara, lower tantien ) becomes Solar as well as the Heart. This sets up a permanent current of bliss between the center of the brain (crystal chamber), the Heart and the lower belly. This marries intuition with intellect, so there is a lived psychic experience in daily life as the general course of things. The activated Philosopher's Stone however is not the end of the game, but the beginning of a truly human existence. Go see "91 Platonism and Alchemy" video at, it will tell you what I mean.

Through the Heartfield we establish the intrinsic value that is love, worthiness and primordial trust. Love ignites being to its depth potential. Deeper IS faster. Shallow is wasted life.


Polarity Therapy The Complete Collected Works Volume 1 by Randolph Stone --Bruce Kumar Frantzis...after looking into one of Bruce's excellent books I found that this Inner Arts work is rather like Taoist energy arts. The taoists have been doing the same kind of work of melting into the body for thousands of years.

Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: Chi Gung for Lifelong Health

Relaxing Into Your Being, The Water Method of Taoist Meditation Series, Vol. 1

The Great Stillness: The Water Method of Taoist Meditation Series, Vol. 2

Bruce Lipton's videos at google describe the difference between "growth" chemistry and "defense" chemistry and how that relates to health and behavior.

--Bruce Lipton interview with Gabriel Cousens

--Bodywalk Meditations CD

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