Process Work

Process Work developed by Arnold Mindell is based primarily on Taoism, Jungian therapy and shamanism. Process work fits right in with the potential for therapeutically and developmentally guided kundalini awakenings. Since kundalini, either raw or cultivated, represents a more colorful and energetically charged cycle of detoxification/dissolution/resurrection, the potential for growth during an awakening is enormous. Because the archetypes that arise during an awakening have greater sway over our rational faculties due to the overpowering of the prefrontals during peak kundalini flow. Going-with the contents that are arising allows a greater depth and roundedness of human experience and self knowledge...we can get further INTO ourselves as "process" during kundalini than at any other time, when the constraints of ego and culture have greater hold over us. That is we have greater potential to open to grace and rise above conformity.

Process work and uncovering work such as holotropic breathing or Rosen Method are an essential part of the mix to a "lived" experience of what it is to be human, rather than a rational thinking machine. Since we are so conditioned to not rock the boat and so live false lives in the name of a stagnant peace, I am wondering if it is not very hard to actually allow "madness." Madness, that is breaking away from the constraints of consensus reality, usually has far greater "sanity" than the pernicious code of silence; of addressing what is truly real. The "process" of the unraveling the socially condoned insane repressive mechanism is not so strange. It is a spontaneous journey of soul recovery and the revelation of the life of soul, which in this world is all but forgotten. One could say that whatever arises on this hero's journey is not mysterious, but inevitable.

Voice Dialogue--One of the most holistic and comprehensive forms of process work available is Voice Dialogue. According to the founders of this system, Hal and Sidra Stone, we have a myriad of selves within us, each with their own interests, thoughts, feelings, opinions and energies. These sub-personalities, voices, or aspects of our consciousness, often have a great influence on our lives and our daily choices. Our selves are born at various stages in our developmental process to interpret and adapt to the demands and desires of our family environment, with the ultimate goal of protecting us and helping "The Whole Self" survive.

Voice Dialogue is a non-judgmental communication process between these various selves--the more dominant (Primary Selves) and some parts less so (Disowned Selves), with the Aware Ego as a conscious moderator engaging our various selves. Through this process we distinguish between the "Self" and our "sub-personalities," and build up the viewpoint of the Witness. In this way we are now free to have our various subpersonalities, while not getting lost in them any longer. Voice Dialogue draws on a vast information and skill base including dream work, Jungian archetypes and symbolism, enneagram, myth, gestalt, bodymind and energy work. This methodology can be beneficially applied to relationships in the family, community, work place and even in international politics--and especially to our relationship with our Self. A book that presents a good overview of the work is: Embracing Our Selves: The Voice Dialogue Manual by Hal and Sidra Stone.

Hal & Sidra Stone

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