Phases of Kundalini

Just like everything else in life kundalini cycles thru a specific flow of chemistry. The general periods for a full-on awakening are 2 years priming, 6 month apex, 3 years peak, 5 years recovery, but awakenings come in all shapes and sizes. The peak-apex of a mature awakening is usually around 6 months, the awakening itself is usually around 3 years, then the assimilation phase is perhaps around 5 years. These figures are almost impossible to contrive because everyone has an awakening specific to themselves.

Each stage has its particular sensations, symptoms, emotions and thoughts. Broadly speaking the following outlines the linear process. The kundalini process cycles through these phases again and again, creating a hyperbolic wave of nested cycles.
PRIMING--Two or more years of sexual heating, increased creative drive and muse/PSI--Thyroid, sex hormone activation.

INFLUX--Opening, Grace, ecstasy, electrical. Initial Inner-conjunction, Double Helix of energy rising around the spine--Sex with Eros, God's Lightning Bolt.

SHOCK--Major septic shock from influx nitric oxide spike—contraction, panic, sympathetic/adrenal hyper-activation--White Death.

TRANSMUTATION--Fires, Heart-expansions proper, grounding, gravity warping.

MAIN INNER-CONJUNCTION--Full body orgasmic, massive energy up spine, paralysis--Silver Cord, Achieving Ones Self.

DIE-OFF--Ego inoperable, 3-7 days in bed, feels like body is eating itself, catabolic breakdown--Dark Night, Death prior to Resurrection.

HEART-BRAIN SYNC--Mature link; right orbiofrontal-limbic connection activity and associated heart expansion--Penis on the Brain, brain orgasms.

SUBSTANTIATION--Regrowth, building higher quality tissue, integration, calm, wholeness, anabolic--Spiritual Will.

All these cycles have to do with the mechanisms of biological transmutation, but one can talk about it in terms of cell-life duration, homeostatic coping ability, reserves of resources, physical-mental-emotional blockage and resistance, conduciveness of ones environment and rest-recovery-repair.

The question of the down-cycle's relationship to the up-cycle is a big one for kundalini and is always fascinating to me. The intensity of the up-cycle is usually equivalent to the intensity of the down. However once we understand the actual neuro-hormonal chemistry better, we should be able to modulate both extremes. This might make kundalini awakenings somewhat more functional and adaptable to everyday life. Conscious navigation of the alchemy will not make awakenings less profound, but with greater knowledge there will be less resistance, secondary defensive coping strategies, story and terror, so the whole process should go more smoothly with less stress and organic damage.

Metamorphic chemistry "takes over" our life so we do not really have to monitor that we are getting enough relaxation to balance out excitation, for these cycles run on their own accord and demand adherence. But we do have to make sure that we are indeed following signals and going-with the particular phase, not fighting it. If it's a grounding, relaxation, exhaustion phase then we must give in and not try to overwork ourselves and prop ourselves up on stimulants. Similarly the excitation phase will demand extra exercise, breathing, hot baths and time in nature. That is we must have a sober and respectful adjustment to whatever reality is presenting to us in order to work-with metamorphosis.

I surmise that the trajectory and duration of an awakening is determined by all the body systems and conditions, coupled with one's life circumstances and the specific work that kundalini was doing in the body, plus the nature of one's spiritual practice. By conditions I mean the strength, conductivity vs. friction and reserves: strength of protein structures, strength and openness of cardiovascular system, strength and development of the nervous system, immune strength, degree of muscular spasticity, toxicity load, plaque/ama build up, liver efficiency, glycogen stores, antioxidant supplies, mineral and enzyme reserves, plus hormone and neurotransmitter resources.

The phases of metamorphosis cycle round roughly in an annual cycle following the seasons, and solar-lunar gravitational tides. Over the years the cycles DO get easier, or we become more conscious in our embrace of them. Things tend to get less electrically "raw" also with time and once we are over the peak years it gets much easier. We learn to learn and our resistance gets worn down by ecstasy. We learn to find solutions and through metaadaptation we can face-into kundalini without fear. “Consciousness” ceases to be a “problem.” The more people that do this, the more we awaken as a collective organism, and thus the less likely we are to commit global suicide.

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