"As Kundalini moves up through the sushumna, She transforms the body and makes it fit for spiritual sadhana; it is only after the body has been purified that the Shakti can work with full force." P. 28 Swami Muktananda, Kundalini, The Secret of Life.

The inner-conjunction is the most intense kundalini experience when it feels like thousands of volts are tearing through one's system. There are many ecstatic experiences during a kundalini awakening, but the shooting up the spine and its associated "Silver Cord" or "Sex with Eros" is the most extreme experience one can endure energetically. I haven't found a name for it in Western literature and no corresponding Eastern name so I call it the inner-conjunction.

I liken it to 10,000 orgasms pouring through every cell of one's body and gushing out the top of the crown, threatening to explode one's head. I say that it is 10,000 orgs up the spine to convey its huge quantum jump from the normal experience of our body. Thus in this book you will see me refer to the charge of the Inner-conjunction as 10,000 orgs. But if someone did actually have the equivalent of 10,000 orgasms all at once it would kill them instantly. The degree of ecstasy is unexpressible, other than to say that every cell in the body is lit up with God...with bliss in the extreme.

Both males and females experience the inner-conjunction as the "peak event" of an awakening or a lifetime. I have had 4 of spontaneous blast out of the blue completely not knowing what it was, one dark night version corresponding to this first one. One Sex With Eros inner-conjunction with womb contractions as well, and the last one included the silver cord.

In Eastern traditions the inner-conjunction might be confused with men ejaculating up their spine. Obviously the men are not actually ejaculating up the spine, though for some reason the Easterners interpret the event as that. What they are experiencing is the inner-conjunction...others might call this samadhi, although samadhi is usually associated with a lot of other stuff which is not the inner-conjunction. (See Kundalini Gland for more on this)

The peak inner-conjunction of my lifetime happened during the transmutation phase of my 2000 awakening, 12 days after the start of the peak-influx. This was when enough purification had occurred such that the crown pole and the sacral pole united in what felt like a sword or silver cord penetrating the center of the spine. It is hard to say how long it lasted for time disappears; yogis work to prolong the duration of this union. After my short union I felt more my Self and more alien than I have ever been, and the irises in my eyes were shining bright blue with an inner light. I have blue irises, which have normally more brown-grey in them. But during ecstasy or inner conjunctions there is more light photons coming through the irises themselves, so they are lit up from the inside...making them almost irridescent light spice eyes in the movie Dune. This peak inner conjunction was the only one that I had looked in the mirror within half an hour.

It happened on my birthday when I was up the hill in nature, lying on the ground putting sun heated rocks on my body. During the previous 5 days I had run through a series of spontaneous chakra voicing poems on the reconciliation of the sexes--starting at the power chakra (solar plexus) and moving up the chakras one poem a day. This focus on the reconciliation of the sexes helped to reconcile the positive/negative, left/right, male/female sides of myself to bring on the peak inner-conjunction of my lifetime.

During acutely active kundalini it feels like there is white light flowing inside the body and illuminating the world--a pervading sense of white even though one cannot actually see it as white--it's like we see white with our whole body. This sense of whiteness may be due to a general increase in nerve action potential and the increased ionization of cerebrospinal fluid. Then the energy collects and nitric oxide permeates through to the central channel of the spinal column creating the principle charge itself.

The principle charge of energy is experienced as the Silver Cord, which lasts perhaps less than a minute, while the entire inner-conjunction lasts around half an hour. This main charge has been referred to as Excalibur as well, because it "feels" like a solid metallic shaft descending into the crown at the same time as massive energy is pouring up the body and out the top of the head. The body is paralyzed and the spine stiffened throughout the experience and this paralysis might add to the sensation of this main charge of energy actually being a solid object. Of all the metamorphic events it is obvious to the experiencer that the silver cord is the highest or most extreme. The silver cord is the "most out there" peak event of the peak event.

Time disappears during inner-conjunctions so one can't really say if it was half an hour or 4 hours. But this climax cannot be compared to a 30 minute orgasm. The word orgasm doesn't really relate to these full body inner-conjunctions of absolute bliss, setting the body on fire with ecstasy that is experienced in every cell of the body. One's entire body is orgasmic with many times more energy than a normal orgasm. In fact so much energy one thinks the brain is about to fuse or explode. There may or may not be orgasm like contractions of the sex organs it depends on the type of inner-conjunction one is having. I call the one with contractions Sex with Eros.

Here is an example of a male experiencing such an event: "The wave goes down to the groin in the sexual organs. It becomes very sexual, at the same time maintaining an essence of purity and spirituality. When the wave reaches the sexual organs, I feel a push to the lower back, that is pressed towards the sky and I reach some sort of very intense "orgasm". The penis is not erected and no semen is ejaculated. But the pleasure is a thousand times more intense than a normal sexual experience." GS, a Scientist listed on the website: Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences (TASTE)

There is no vocalization, moaning, screaming or cooing in bliss. There is no ego available to jump up and look at the clock and start cataloging what happened. One is incapacitated in bliss for hours after the event. After the inner-conjunction one literally feels and behaves like Jesus Christ. When motor coordination returns any stored charge or tension in the neuromuscular system has been expended so there is a great relaxation of the tissues. Hours after this hyper-relaxation we could however flip into a radical contraction, almost like it's a response to being opened too much, but it's simply the aftermath and counter play of the chemicals.

During extreme events such as an inner-conjunction (10,000 orgs) you cannot consciously direct energy because you are paralyzed and have no ego, but you can direct the normal flow of kundalini energy. For example, by drawing it up the back to avoid wimping out, or by focusing with the minds eye coupled with breathing on the solar plexus to recover some will and clarity and overcome excessive bliss.

Note you can also have the chemistry of an inner-conjunction experience that involves extreme terror rather than extreme bliss. This Electric-Dark Night is the same intensity of energy rushing through the body and exploding the head, but in a "bad trip" sense. We may not have a "bad trip" inner-conjunction with every awakening. I only had one during my first because of a pre-conscious body knowledge of my fathers upcoming death, coupled with the fact that I had no idea what kundalini or awakenings were at the time. The shock of kundalini in a neophyte body might predispose us to having a dark-night inner-conjunction.

I don't think that "bad trip" inner-conjunctions often occur in normal healthy individuals (in benign circumstances) because of the years of priming prior to the event and because the climax only happens during a period of maximum heart expansion when the psycho-somatic resistance that normally prevents a conjunction has been removed. An inner-conjunction sparked off by a drug experience, or by stressful circumstances, however, could turn nasty because the bodymind has simply not prepared itself for this zenith chemistry.

In the evolutionary model kundalini is the mechanism of the ongoing maturation and development of the nervous system. Traditionally the symptoms are equated with detoxification, the release of accumulated nervous stress and the overcoming friction or resistance. However I think we need a comprehensive rethinking of this assumption that almost turns the idea of kundalini into a trial of punishment by fire. We normally do not think of romantic love, childbirth or death as stress release, detoxification and overcoming resistance--however these experiences do contain components of these. There are so many factors involved in the actual outcome of one's kundalini experience including: genetics, cellular strength, reservoirs of nutrients, social conditioning, exposure to spiritual practices etc...

In the pathological model it is assumed that the symptoms of kundalini may be mild or intense depending on how much stress has accumulated in the organism. Stress is said to create "noise" in the system that prevents the attainment of higher functional states. That is, noise prevents the sublime syncopation of sympathetic resonances in the bodymind. The stress of say child abuse or war can create Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but if it was not for this extreme perturbation of consciousness by trauma, chances are that the individual would not experience a kundalini awakening. Thus what is seemingly "bad" can lead to great "good." This is an example of the paradoxical and complex nature of spiritual evolution.

Lee Sannella was an advocate of the detoxification model.

"In its rise, kundalini causes the central nervous system to throw off stress. The stress points will usually cause pain during meditation. When kundalini encounters these stress points or blocks, it begins to act on its own volition, engaging in a self-directed, self-limited process of spreading out through the entire physio-psychological system to remove these blocks. Once a block is removed, kundalini flows freely through that point and continues its upward journey until the next stress area is encountered. Further, the kundalini energy diffuses in this journey, so that it may be operating on several levels at once, removing several different blocks. When the course is completed, the energy all becomes focused again at the top of the head. The difference between this final state and the initial state is not simply that kundalini is focused in a different place, but that in the meantime it has passed through every part of the organism, removing blocks and awakening consciousness there. Thus, the entire process of kundalini action can be seen as one of purification or balancing." P.11 Lee Sannella, M.D. Kundalini, Psychosis or Transcendence.

Awakening is all about increased flow...the higher the flow of consciousness, the greater the stage/state. When there is a high degree of energy flowing in the system, ie: when the cells are producing a lot of energy, and the nerves are conveying high energy, there is concurrently a great deal of energy flowing in the body's electromagnetic field (EMF). The EMF surrounds the body like an egg, with one pole at the crown and the other at the base of the spine.

One has to consult Rawls and Davis's book Magnetism to get a more sophisticated version of the configuration of the EMF, but for simplicities sake we can imagine it as an egg. According to Bentov the two poles of the EMF egg find the shortest distance between them and unite through the sushumna. Rawls and Davis 1974, say that the line of force comes out of say the right side of the north pole, goes through the equator and enters the left side of the south pole. Thus all lines of force in these field systems are in a figure of 8. And they would spiral around also, giving the appearance of spinning vortexes. Their poles are probably aligned positive-negative on the axis of the spine.

The years of kundalini priming activity purifies and strengthen the organism to allow this inner-conjunction to take place. Somehow the evolution of the nervous system inexorably leads up to this climatic event and our ongoing evolution requires it. The inner-conjunction occurs when the "noise" or diffusion of nerve energy is temporarily suspended such that all the oscillating systems can entrain and fall into sync. As everything from atom, to cell to organ organizes into a perfect symphony of vibration, all energies are heightened and ordered to facilitate the spark of lasered prana/plasma through the center of the spinal cord (sushumna).

It's not as though the organism needs to be completely opened and stress (noise) free in order for the two poles to conjunct, but there needs to be a sufficient reprieve from stress, combined with sufficient charge built up, to surmount the inertial forces accumulated in the system. Once the zap occurs the higher EMF sets about dissolving whatever stress and disorganization are embodied in the organism so that a greater current of energy is able to flow freely. This temporary reprieve from stress (noise), plus excited charge is probably one of the main reasons why fasting, raw diet, falling in love, being in the presence of a Guru or taking certain drug trips can spark off a kundalini awakening.

"The whole body is rooted in the spine. If the spine is young, you are young. If the spine is old, you are old. If you can keep your spine young, it is difficult to become old. Everything depends on your spine. If your spine is alive, you will have a very brilliant mind. If the spine is dull and dead, you will have a very dull mind. The whole of yoga tries in many ways to make your spine alive, brilliant, filled with light, young and fresh." Osho, Meditation: The First and Last Freedom

Another possible explanation or component of the inner-conjunction comes from the work of Michael Persinger on interhemispheral penetration. Where a interhemispheral penetration of energy between the brain hemispheres may amplify and change the fields and flow whereby a charge is released up the spinal cord. His work is found in the book Neurotheology and

There is probably no limit to detoxifying-strengthening-opening the body to kundalini.
My friend Willy, who in his 40's, gives himself daily inner-conjunctions with the aid of his own binural music. He is able to sustain an inner-conjunction for several hours with no harmful effects and thereby keep his metamorphic (spiritual/revelatory) chemistry moving along at a rapid rate of ascendancy. His frequent inner-conjunctions are not debilitating perhaps because he autostimulates them with his music, and perhaps since he is a musician his system is already detoxed and integrated!

What Willy shown me is that if we cleanse and strengthen our instrument with the music of kundalini and with careful use and understanding of the energy, we can indeed transform ourselves and our lives. There is no limit or lid on our potential with kundalini. Normally I would not encourage others to escalate their kundalini, but to focus on strengthening the organism toward the natural progression of awakening to greater cosmic-unity (popping). Willy’s experience makes me realize that with continued alignment and sympathetic resonance the nervous system can go into a permanent high rev state without burnout or damage. This is I think the information we have been waiting for.

(See more on the influence of nitric oxide in the inner-conjunction in the Nitric Oxide section.)

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