Evolution is Not an Illness

Personally I think there is grave danger in treating the symptoms of kundalini arousal with psychiatric drugs and other forms of suppression such as stodgy food. Since the metamorphic symptoms represent a dismantling, purification and strengthening at work, it is these functions that should be supported and encouraged. Thus our intent must be to go-into and work-with the process, rather than fight it in the effort to remain bound to the pupael bodymind. Understanding the psycho-biology of the transformation is vital to navigating the storms of this greatest of upheavals.

Kundalini is the raising of the energy of the body in an alchemical process of spiritual emergence of the higher self. The medical world do not yet know what they are dealing with in kundalini. They do not know that a hyperactivated sympathetic is going to eventually flip into a  hyperactivated parasympathetic...and that we need soothing reassuring conditions not drugs. The cycles must be left alone to take us through our heights and depths. If we get tranquilized during an up-phase then it will just flatten the energy extremes and dull the mind, so we will not get any benefit from the alchemy, but instead will be spiritually impaired instead. Kundalini can take us to the limits of our energetic and emotional endurance...this is as it supposed to be. If tranquilizers are used instead of allowing the energy to do its cleansing and restructuring then chances are we will just go into an extended depression instead of a spiritual awakening. The same goes for antidepressants and anesthetics as well...however there might be the occasion where these things might be necessary in an emergency.

The medical world also need to be familiar with Dr Batmanghelidj's understanding of hydration and blood pressure; along with the understanding that the high blood pressure of sympathetic activation does not need to be medicated, nor does the low blood pressure when things shift over to parasympathetic dominance. Medically messing around with current symptoms without considering the cyclic nature of kundalini will simply abort any growth potential inherent in the metamorphic process. Imagine trying to stop a chrysalis from dissolving because you are ignorant of the butterfly about to be created...that is what medical meddling is. We must understand the hyperbolic nature of kundalini and support all phases in the fullness of their process rather than trying to counteract each extreme to bring it back to normal physiology and so prevent the butterfly from forming altogether.

Digestion takes the most amount of energy of any activity. The reason we overeat is because we have not "planned" our life and directed our energy toward achievable goals. Thus we "eat our energy" rather than send it forth in self development and achievement. If we are not moving forward, we tend to hold ourselves back!

There is a much better way of working with the symptoms than snuffing them out by diverting energy to digestion. Since the difficult symptoms we experience are due to kundalini working its way through deformations, it doesn't make sense to "reduce" the fire. Instead as these blockages arise we should be aiding the fire in its work "through" the miasmas. For example if angst (choking in the narrows) is occurring in the throat, then toning, mantra, singing and humming greatly helps to relieve the pain and pressure. Clarifying one's truth and relationships should be done at this time. Writing poems from each of the charkas might help the flow of energy through the body. Meditation should be shifted from the third eye to the crown chakra. Gestalt and all forms of artistic expression will help the throat clear. Spontaneous music, drumming and dance are especially helpful in clearing the throat chakra.

And as with any kundalini difficulty, the digestive system should be thoroughly cleansed whenever an obstinate symptom arises. A juice fast of moderate duration is an ideal first line of approach in dealing with any miasma that is up for us. Fasting will generally increase metamorphosis and speed evolution; but do not water fast during kundalini for the liver needs all the glutathione it can get. There are solutions to every problem whether it be excessive sex energy, headaches, heat, confusion, radical heart pressure, pain or numbness in the tissues.

Generally the line of approach for difficulties should go something like this:

  1. Inquire internally as to the nature of the problem

  2. Stop the bad habits (samskaras)

  3. Detoxification and juice fasting

  4. Increase energy and breathing

  5. Calm and soothe energy, toning, yoga, meditation

  6. Strengthen tissues nutritionally

  7. Exercise tissues physically (O2)

  8. Use light, sound, touch, vibration, nature and inquiry-meditation

  9. Focus, concentrate, refine, strengthen use of the area

  10. Integrate the part more fully into the whole

We don't discard the lower as we ascend Maslow's pyramid, as we ascend there is a "refinement" of the lower levels. The self-actualized body is different than a pupual body. One needs less food, of a higher quality after metamorphosis has progressed. Also consider that sex, relationships, work, nature appreciation, child rearing, dharma, muse and everything is refined and changes as we move up the pyramid. It's a matter of "quality" not quantity. The quality or "depth" of our world changes as we ascend.

If the resistant egos addictive-substance suppression of the liver is lifted, the liver awakens to its full function. Then the right side of the body and the right-brain comes out its submission and latency. Normally in this culture our liver and right-brain are greatly repressed in order that we may avoid our ESP, truth, creativity, emotion and intuition. The lifting of this repression would be tangibly felt as energy-bliss-awareness rising through the right side of the body. A sign that this transformation is occurring would be the radical relaxation of the right neck and shoulder, with obvious changes to the personality and adaptive functioning including increased emotion and psychic abilities.

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