Electromagnetics of Kundalini

The body's EMF requires ions in the air through which to flow. The higher the ion count the higher the flow in the EMF. The higher the EMF flow, the higher the energy generation of the cells and the higher the energy of the nerves, which means a correspondingly higher EMF flow as well. The EMF or nadi egg comprises the sum total of the body's energy generation and conductivity. This explains why we are automatically more connected, awake, intelligent and spiritual in high negative ion environments. That is around moving water, in forests, in the country, the mountains and in sunlight. Our EMF has more of a medium in which to flow and this ups all the energy exchanges in the bodymind. Modern cities, deserts and much of our technology, transportation and architecture are anti-evolutionary for this reason, for they lower the ion count of the air and increase the % of positive ions we are exposed to. (see The Ion Effect by Fred Soyka and my book on regeneration for more ion info).

Remember that the heart cells are the first cells to form in the embryo, so the body grows and is organized in the heart field. The heart has a much larger EMF than the brain, so one can imagine that during metamorphic heart expansions the heart has a radically increased field. This increased heart field would reorganize the matter and energy in the body (transfiguration). Key to the transmutational ability of kundalini is that DNA is EMF sensitive, as is RNA and protein synthesis in general. EMF's induce cell differentiation and morphogenesis.

Blood moves through the heart and vessels in a vortex-flow. Joseph Chilton Pearce in Biology of Transformation p.57, mentions that inserting a single ion into such a vortex will create a powerful electromagnetic field. During kundalini the blood and cerebrospinal fluid are laden with extra ions, thus these ions in the flow of blood would increase the EMF of the heart and blood vessels. This increase in the heart EMF may be one of the reasons for the sense of heart expansion during kundalini and for the massive Solar Heart event itself. The stabilization of this increased heart EMF propagates substantiated evolutionary and transmutational changes in the bodymind.

The crown and root poles meet in the inner-conjunction through a rhythmic atunement of all the oscillating systems at a certain frequency, and perhaps in a certain sequence of frequencies. All complex electric systems in the body have their own field systems because a current creates a magnetic field. So that means that nerves, ganglia, plexes and the brain itself all have their own field systems that combine into the meta-field system of the body. The power of the inner-conjunction literally pulls all of the oscillating systems into sync, thus feeding its own flame. Normal waking consciousness and ego activity prevents the syncopation needed to let all the bodymind systems fall into this higher alignment.

As the vibratory systems go into sympathetic resonance, the heightened fields restructure matter to accommodate the increased field. The more this occurs the more the heightened spin and vibration is stabilized thus we achieve stages, rather than passing states. This process of field amplification and matter restructuring is known as "eating one's soul." Other terms for it are metamorphosis, transmutation, substantiation, and transfiguration. We know something is going on in the subatomic/atomic realms and at the cellular level but we don't yet know what this alchemy is.

Since during peak kundalini awakening the body is digesting itself to provide the energy for transformation and to rebuild the organism...there is energy available for the transmutation of elements. Normal level nervous system operation and gastrointestinal tract digestion would not provide either the quantity or quality of energy needed for this process. But at a certain point of readiness the body just naturally falls into the groove, the flame ignites and we become a transmutation machine!


From the quantum perspective the universe is a meshwork of interconnecting interference patterns of energy fields. Because our own energy field is amplified during kundalini we have a far greater sensitivity to the vibrational universe. Energy waves are a more effective and efficient method of information transmission than the locks and keys of physical matter. After all radiant energy travels at the speed of light. The energy ocean both informs and creates our physical matrix. Some of waves that affect life include, light, sound, radio, microwave, extremely low frequency waves, gravity waves, scalar and cosmic rays.

In Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton says that receptors read vibrational energy fields such as light, sound and radio frequencies, and if the receptor is atuned to the particular frequency it can alter the proteins and change the shape of the receptor. This is one of the ways our cells are impacted by the vibrational Universe. "Thought waves" and "emotional waves" being of obvious importance in the field effect on biology. We are immersed in living fields of vibrational information.

"Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation regulate DNA, RNA and protein syntheses, alter protein shame and function, and control gene regulation, cell division, cell differentiation, morphogenesis (the process by which cells assemble into organs and tissues), hormone secretion, nerve growth and function." 111, ~ Bruce Lipton, Biology of Belief.

Considering that the body's energy field, and the heart in particular is greatly enhanced by the extra nerve flow and metabolism of kundalini we can assume that there is increased informational communication via energy waves and the alteration of receptors and all body processes. This amplified energy field effect is the foundation of the metamorphic process. And because there is a self-reinforcing feedback loop between the generation of increased field and the supernal alteration of body tissue, this is why full-on awakenings last for such an extended period.

The sensory organ that perceives "soul" is the heart. The heart sense works by aesthesis, or by "breathing in." Thus the term aesthesis is similar, if not identical to Robert Heinlein's word "Grok." That is, the direct perception and understanding of the world via "Whole-Seeing." When the heat entrains the brain we become sensitive to Depth or the spiritual dimention. Aisthesis is gnosis of The Good, The True and The Beautiful through the empathetic direct perception of the heart. Only the heart-brain can grok the ineffable.

The Nondual Jung termed "Pleroma," where nothingness is the same as fullness"...an Absolute in which there is no division between subject and object. Jung intuited this nondual Pleroma to be a collective transpersonal reservoir, an ocean of collective unconscious. From this omnipotent universal Pleroma our individual psyches coalesce around "attractor archetypes." In this sense Jung was approaching the Buddhist axiom: "Emptiness is Form, Form is Emptiness." Although we only vaguely know what we are talking about, today we refer to this storehouse of consciousness as the Universal Mind or Global Brain.

"The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field of the body, and this field becomes more coherent as consciousness shifts from the brain to the heart. This coherence significantly contributes to the informational exchange that occurs during contact between different electromagnetic fields. The more coherent the field the more potent the information exchange." 108, Stephen Harrod Buhner, The Secret Teachings of Plants, the Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature; ~ GaianStudies.org

During heart entrainment when the brain wave patterns are embedded within the larger field of the heart, information processing is very different. With entrainment the heart and brain oscillating together. When neurons in the brain entrain to the heart, their firing timing alters, and this timing of neuronal firing conveys several times more information than the firing count. Hippocampal activity increases significantly when the heart becomes the dominant oscillator. Increased demand on hippocampal function from feeling the world through heart-centered cognition, stimulates stem cells to form new neurons in the hippocampus. Heart coherence also reduces cortisol production thus enhancing hippocampal activity as well as boosting the immune system. With heart entrainment, brain chatter is reduced and there is more connection between brain and body.

However when the brain becomes the dominant organ and the heart is entrained to the brain, the heart begins to lose its coherence. The more the heart entrains to the brain and the longer it does so, makes the heart less sensitive, less variable, more dissociated and basically less intelligent as an organ of gnosis. The focus of consciousness in the brain leads to an increased disconnection between brain and body. Since the heart's entrainment of the brain gives us the widest range of consciousness, sensitivity and health it is obviously "supposed" to be the dominant oscillator. It is afterall the seat of the soul and the organ for "Whole-seeing."

The goal of life is the discovery of the intelligence of the heart. No matter where one journeys away from ones Heart-eye, all roads lead back to it...usually found again on ones death bed. "The intelligence of the heart is the intelligence of the Universe to hold itself in unison." ~ Joseph Chilton Pearce

The dream of our waking life and the awakeness of our dream life are revealed.

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