Burnout or Redemption

There is a difference between pop-flop and pop-fulfillment.

During kundalini awakenings we are at hormonal lifetime peak after which it will fall off comparatively. Spiritual evolution is driven by sex hormones--they propel one into a full-on awakening, then depending on our knowledge, skill and discipline we either ride the wave or get crashed under it. When we are maxing hormonally we are also maxing psychically and creatively--the muse is Godlike, we are "globally aware" and "globally sexually active"...that is we are responding sexually/psychically/spiritually to the entire globe or polar partners in particular.

Besides supplementation hormonal potency and higher faculties can be recovered by camping out in nature and being around sexually potent alpha types. Meditation and toning will help some, but hormones are very much related to human relationship and the human adventure...if one is not in relationship and not on adventure then we are hormonally deprived. Stress reduces progesterone, thyroid, testosterone and norepinephrine (NE); reduction in NE reduces neuron plasticity. The stress hormones (corticosteroids) subject neurons to possible injury. Cortisol causes parasympathetic nervous system to shut us down leading to ennui and depression. Repetitive stress leads to a parasympathetic dominant learned helplessness which makes us less capable of handling further threat or stress.

Intense arousal and freeze events without discharge tend to be accumulative, leading to dissociation, PTSD, hypervigilence, progressive helplessness and hypersensitivity to threat. The antidote to this is the attainment of self-empowerment, freedom (responsibility), completion of freeze-discharge, building inner resourcefulness, reintegration and strength or incarnation rather than dissociation or disincarnation. This increased dyscapacity in the face of threat can be stopped through a cellular forgiveness and reprogramming of the threat remembering mechanisms in the amygdala and hippocampus--the heart you see has direct unmediated neural connections to the limbic brain. This entails a completion of the shock response, resolution of the threat in the heart and forgiveness of the vagrities of mortal existence. That is holding the charge in the expanded heart with breath/meditation/toning until all traces of the original "harm" have been cellularly transformed and "forgiven."

I think this is the larger vision of forgiveness, and it's what Jesus was actually taking about when he said "fear not evil." I call it cellular forgiveness...letting go of every bit of fear that every person has directed toward us throughout our life. And forgiving them because they know not what they do. This act of somatic-forgiveness reinforces the stabilization of our Buddha Nature. Understanding clearly the notion of collective karma, we realize that forgiveness is fundamental to rising beyond the ego and our animal threat remembering mechanisms.

I spoke about losing abilities through burnout effects, but we also loose pathologies as well, or at least the intensity of the hold the pathologies of our childhood had over us, and can be somewhat reborn in our own image. Scaer suggests that kindling might be a way that PTSD symptoms are perpetuated and worsened over time. Kundalini is quite different in that it generates a sequence of alchemical events and background of bliss such that much of our primary matrix wiring is "loosened." If the scalar energy of the body rises during an awakening this would cause persistent spontaneous nerve transmission, which in turn would increase scalar energy. This explains the long duration of kundalini awakenings and how they are quite different from seizures or kindling. We could say that awakening causes awakening.

Within this self-perpetuating field the body is dissolved and resurrected and our soul redeemed. Kindling is proposed as a possible means for the long-term entrenchment of PTSD symptoms and to their progressive worsening. But rather than increasing the symptoms of past trauma kundalini tends to result in a reduction of pain, tension, negative emotion, stress and mind chatter. Thus kundalini awakenings which turn our lives upside down and affect every cell and system in the body, cannot be said to be simple brain seizures. They can for all practical purposes wipe the slate clean offering us some distance from what the past made of us.

A kundalini awakening with its spontaneous autopoietic (self-manifesting) firing of neurons must lead to the erasing of patterns held in the procedural (unconscious) memory. This leads to a reduction of the effects of the past on the bodymind, effectively overcoming PTSD. Some of the more notable effects of this rewiring are a reduction in neurosis and paranoia, less energy waste in muscular holding, more efficient neuron firing, less divisiveness between the body, mind and soul, less body pain, reduction in emotional repression/explosion, increased sensation and pleasure, and greater sense of unity with environment.

People often make the mistake of thinking that kundalini offers worldly power...not necessarily so, as a dissolution it more often leaves one helpless in the worldly domain of consensus flatland. Also people misunderstand in thinking kundalini is cleansing and detoxifying...it's not really this, more precisely it is a dissolution allowing the potential for regrowth or elevated growth, ie: death and rebirth. But the outcome is very reliant on the mindset, circumstances and social environment of the kundalini active individual. If the seed falls on rocky ground--well you know the story.

As to living up to the potential of rebirth, well that depends on how well the individual is able to penetrate the stickiness of samsara. With kundalini everything becomes more in ones face, so it's a matter of progressive truthfulness, becoming progressively honest with ones world until the world changes around one, circumstances change, and there become less divisions between body, mind and soul. To eliminate negative interference patterns between body, mind, soul and actions we must become progressively truthful to align our actions with our highest values. After the dissolution training, acute mindfulness, transcendence, forgiveness and honesty are needed in order to substantiate higher spiritual gains in ones life.

The Christ Spirit is kundalini--everything is burned to pure love in its unconditional fires. There is no difference between Spirit, the Holy Spirit and Kundalini; the mortal self and pain-body can twist and distort things to its own designs, yet the flame itself is always pure. And our descended self in ignorance and misunderstanding can use the fire of Spirit itself to destroy us, out of spite for the way we are treated...by those who are not adequately given to Graces sweet fire.

The force of Eros is not safe or convenient nor can it be bargained with. Kundalini comes of its own accord and blows us to smitherines. It is beyond concepts, thoughts, rules, laws that try to coerce it into a lesser service. But Spiritual Eros is wild, it cannot be tamed, just as the truth cannot be faked. Put wild into such a sentence and people think that it is counter-civilization, whereas in reality the more we embody our wild nature the more civilized we become. The more we embody our archetype and fulfill our hero's journey and destiny, the more trustworthy we become, because we are being unduplicitous and true to ourselves. We are not just conditioned automatons living out reactions, we are driven by the inner call of the wild Kosmos within.

Agape is none other than surrender to Eros, not erotic love, but Eros the grain of the Kosmos. Agape is the "work" of surrendering that which is not love into the flame. There is craving yes, but it's passion for the Self which we often project onto a lover or guru or God image...but it's just the yearning heat of our Self calling us home. The bliss is how we navigate, and yet we learn the bliss is only a side effect of surrender to our homecoming.

Spiritual evolution is the progressive assimilation of our original Universal wild-divine nature.

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