Biological Relation to Zero-Point Energy

At the ground of matter there is the Quantum Field, or Void, Vacuum, Zero-point Energy. At the ground of mind and thought there is Sunyata, Emptiness, Void, Absolute Unity Being.

A description of zeropoint:
“The field of cosmic consciousness they experience as a cosmic emptiness—a void. Yet, paradoxically, it is also an essential fullness. Although it does not feature anything in a concretely manifest form, it contains all of existence in potential. The vaccum they experience is a plenum: nothing is missing in it. It is the ultimate source of existence, the cradle of all being. It is pregnant with the possibility of everything there is. The phenomenal world is its creation: The realization and concreatization of its inherent potential.” 155
Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything, Ervin Laszlo.

 “Laszlo proposes that it is scalar waves that encode the information of space and time into a timeless, spaceless quantum shorthand of interference patterns. In Laszlo’s model, this bottom-rung level of the Zero Point Field—the mother of all fields—provides the ultimate holographic blueprint of the world for all time, past and future. It is this that we tap into when we see the past or future.” 174,
The Field, Lynne Mc Taggart.

David Hudson conducted experiments by giving people monoatomic elements which propelled the individuals into kundalini awakenings and Christ Consciousness. Through analysis of cows and pigs brains it is likely that 5% of our nervous system is composed of monoatomic elements. Looking into David Hudson's work it seems to suggest that the increased heart field and EMF of the nervous system during the peak kundalini, acts like a synchrotron to actually change certain elements in the central nervous system into their high spin monoatomic state. It may be that during heightened activation the body can transmute certain palladium group elements such as iridium and rhodium into their high spin state by adding energy to the atoms. Thus through the transmutation of these elements the body makes its own monoatomic atoms on which the causal and subtle fields of the organism are organized.

Increased causal level hardware is laid down and consequently we are making or amplifying our own soul. The fine network of these high spin atoms throughout the central nervous system acts to superconduct energy-consciousness. The causal nervous system is such that the working parts (the high spin atoms) do not need to touch, but communicate immediately through sympathetic resonance with space being no obstacle--ie: they superconduct energy and consciousness. And it is through this high spin atomic system that we achieve cosmic consciousness, Christ-Buddha mind and all ESP and spiritual phenomena. NASA and the biophysicist Mae-Wan Ho suggest that life superconducts consciousness, and yet it's not known yet exactly how this is done.

In the monoatomic state the atom oscillates in 2 dimensions not 3, weighs only 56% of its normal weight and does not ionicly bond with surrounding atoms--hence mono-atomic. Communication between atom and atom proceeds via state resonance. In a monoatomic state an atom is larger ie: it has more space between the particles. In a high spin state the atom interacts with the zero-point of vacuum energy differently and probably warps space-time less...hence the lower gravitation or weight. (Investigation of this monoatomic phenomena may be the key to The Grand Unified Theory.)

According to monoatomic theory these atoms in a high spin state are used by life to superconduct bio-electromagnetism. That is the morphogenic field and etheric communication--the soul if you will, that maintains the intelligence and integrity of everything that we are and ties us into the All. Monoatomic science could lead us into a new understanding of Enlightenment and our highest spiritual capacities. Monoatomics must also be the key to precognition, and our spiritual capacities realize Timelessness--the Eternal Present. To transcend both time and space with consciousness. David Hudson

The transmutation is occurring subatomically with the transmutation of elements. During metamorphosis the cellular reconstruction of the body is done via the macrophages with the aid of free radicals to oxidize the "inferior" cells to death. The cell renewal rate increasing, is one of the reasons transmuting individuals glow with light, because mitosis gives off ultra violent light.

Glen Rein, a biophysicist at the Institute of HeartMath, CA, has been working on detecting subtle energies he calls non-Herzian or scalar energy. Scalar waves (non-Hertizian or Tesla's "Radiant Energy" waves) are hyperspatial vortex ring in structure arising from abruptly bucking magnetic fields wound into a caduceus (bifilar) coil.Scalar energy or healing energy has been shown to be not part of the electromagnetic spectrum as we understand it. He found that by exposing neurons in a petri dish to healing energy this caused them to fire at their synapses. That is action potentials passed along the nerves from one nerve to another when they were exposed to the scalar energy. This leads one to presuppose that if the energy of nerve transmission is increased during an awakening that this would create a field in which extra nerve energy would be naturally kindled. Thus explaining the phenomena of both romantic love and shaktipat, and why we feel elevated and sparked in the presence of individuals of genius.

Scalar waves might be the point of fundamental intersection where matter and consciousness can influence each other. Their effect is independent of distance and time and is 3-5 times stronger than that of electromagnetic fields. They are prior to, that is more fundamental than magnetic fields and they transmit information, not energy. The transmission of scalar information creates consciousness fields--which are probably Rupert Sheldrake's Morphogenic Fields. They cannot be detected by the usual instruments for measuring electric and magnetic fields, that work by interacting with electron flow and energy transmission. For this reason they are still considered theoretical.

Kundalini energy may have scalar wave origins, for there is no doubt that kundalini and healing energy are one and the same. According to Robert Jacobs scalar waves are capable of acting on living organisms at a sub-atomic level, and certain frequencies of scalar have been shown to destroy viruses and bacteria. The work of Cleve Backster on the primary perception of cells might be attributed to scalar waves. And since telepathic messages between organisms seem to be able to pass through lead enclosures, such ESP may not be communicated on the electromagnetic scale, but through scalar waves. Scalar waves propagate at faster-than-light speed except when transmitting scalar information on electromagnetic carrier waves. If something travels faster than light, it means that it can penetrate any matter as though it wasn't there. Therefore scalar waves pervade all matter and cannot be shielded against by Faraday cages.

"Quantum mechanics shows that every point in the vacuum possesses an infinite amount of energy, unmanifest, unformed energy." ~ Dean Brown, Cosmic Law, Patterns in the Universe

The emptiness of the vacuum is in fact not empty, but is a vast ocean of scalar energies (as opposed to vector energies) that underlies all physical reality. The scalar energy ocean is sometimes called zero-point energy--the all-pervading energy that fills the fabric of space. The term "Zero-point" refers to zero degrees Kelvin and it means the energy is not thermal in nature. Quantum electrodynamics theorizes that all particles are intertwined in a vacuum polarization interaction with zero-point energy. Ordinary electromagnetic waves are called transverse electromagnetic waves, to distinguish them from the new scalar longitudinal electromagnetic waves.Strangely these scalar waves do not actually exist in our "material" world, but exist only in the vacuum of empty space, or the time domain. Tom Bearden refers to this ocean of energy as being of the domain of "Energy out of time."

The vacuum is filled with ghost particles and phantom fields that rapidly wink in and out of existence. Under certain circumstances however, these virtual particles and fields can become real. Though it sounds more like mysticism than science, it is said that the vacuum is a universal field of information or consciousness. It forms the matrix of all manifestation, like an ocean out of which matter arises and then disappears into once again. We must remember that this vacuum of space we speak of exists all throughout everything even our bodies. So the Gateway to the Void is accessed at every point in the universe. Could Kundalini be the 'channel' that connects the unmanifest void, with the manifest world of subatomics, atoms, molecules and cells? Could kundalini be the cellular expression of energy generated from the vacuum? Perhaps this is why kundalini exhibits such pronounced psychic and trans-temporal effects.

"The substructure of matter probably contains energies that are as far beyond nuclear energies as known nuclear energies are beyond chemical energies...[zero-point] energy provides a constant background which is not available at our level under present conditions. But as conditions of our universe change, a part of it might be made available on our level." ~ David Bohm

Tom Beardensays one can freely and inexpensively extract enormous electromagnetic energy flows directly from the active vacuum itself. Wherever there is a dipole there is already immense scalar EM energy ushering out of and back into the vacuum. The intensity of the body's dipoles goes up during a kundalini awakening, possibly therefore there is an increase in the transduction of longitudinal scalar waves into ordinary transverse electromagnetic energy.

The spinal core with its outlying sympathetic trunks and their ganglia create a structure capable of generating a caduceus wound double helix magnetic field. The vortex ring is an archetypal form for self-organized coherence in zero-point energy. It appears in all levels of nature from galaxies to elementary particles.

When the pulsed charge in this system meets a certain threshold where the excitation signal matches the resonant frequencies of the water molecule's bonds, this would induce ion oscillation. This electrolytic ion motion could produce a self-organizing interaction with the zero-point energy. When sufficient energy from an electric impulse is added to a "gas" it ionizes into a plasma, and as the energy increases more ionization will occur. At a certain point I think the cerebrospinal fluid becomes superfluid and saturated with ions enabling it to carry a massive electric current. The caduceus wound magnetic field with the ionized cerebrospinal fluid core appears to have both electromagnetic and quantum properties. This massive energy generation can occur in a living system because the nervous systems of organisms contain a monoatomic lattice, and this affords the superconduction of vibration so that total syncopation of atoms is possible for building the bucking caduceus magnetic fields and massive charge.

The charge of the 10,000 org inner-conjunction might very well be due to the ionization of the rapidly moving cerebrospinal fluid in the center channel of the spine, when the double helix magnetic fields are at their max, creating a bio-plasma ball lightning effect. Further more a Toroidal electromagnetic field activated by the caduceus coil of the spine may generate a tempic field which would alter the pace of time for objects in it. Given sufficient energy to the abrupt bucking fields the bending of the fabric of spacetime would occur. If the bending becomes extreme teleportation would result.

"Opposing magnetic fields have been associated with ball lightening production. Tesla launched fireballs from his large coils when the oscillations were phased to create opposing magnetic fields. Perhaps the most efficient coiled structure to create such opposing fields is the "caduceus" wound coil. Here the double helix symmetry of the windings allows for perfect opposition of not only the magnetic fields but their higher order time derivatives as well. Could then opposing magnetic pulses maximize their stress on the fabric of space causing a "hyperspatial involution" that orthorotates the zero-point energy flux. Abrupt opposing magnetic transients could be important for ball lighting creation." ~ Moray B. King, Tapping the Zero-point Energy, 2000

If zero-point energy machines were developed on the biological model of the caduceus coil and central ion channel then our energy generation could actually enhance human evolution rather than harming ourselves and the planet as it does now. Similarly if we construct superconducting solar architecture with a monoatomic lattice in manmade stone, then the energy emanating from this energy generator will also enhance the consciousness of life around it.

In 1998 I had a vision of Solaris, a futuristic city that is made of a manmade-crystalline stone that incorporates iridium/rhodium in its lattice. Sound technology is used to help form the lattice of the stone in such a fashion that it becomes a superconductor and collector of light energy which is then stored in liquid crystal batteries. Thus making the city completely non polluting with sufficient energy to provide for travel between cities also.
The extra coherence provided from being in this living-city will help fortify the inhabitance so that they both rise in consciousness/spirituality to sagelike levels, and their bodies are exposed to heightened coherence as well so that cancer, and most other diseases will no longer occur. As it stands now our technologies are degrading our physical and mental health faster than we can find fixit solutions to solve the problems. This is so because our technology-science-medicine is and our general living conditions are still anti-life at this point. Once we understand the quantum nature of our biology, we will essentially have to change everything about how we operate and we will move into a very new technological era. (See also Solaris)

David Loye author of The Sphinx and the Rainbow suggested that all material forms are simply coagulated energy. Thus it appears that the fundamental creating and animating force of Eros in the universe is prior to matter and is in the process of constantly creating and transforming matter. To give you a sense of the "space" from which matter emerges I would like to turn you onto the mystical writings of John Worrell Keely (1827-1898) reveling in the glories of the primordial ground. He calls the Void or Zero-point energy the Neutral Center.

"There is a celestial mind-force, a great sympathetic force which is life itself, of which everything is composed."

"Every molecule, every mass, every moving body in space, every solar system, every stellar system, EVERY ROTATORY SYSTEM, is built about A NEUTRAL CENTER. It is the indestructible unit around which all that we recognize as matter is built. Immovable itself, it moves all things. Indestructible itself throughout infinity of time, it creates all things. It produced and preserves the incalculable energy of motion of the entire Universe. It bears the unthinkable burden of the mass of the Universe. It is the most wonderful thing Man has discovered in the Universe since he discovered fire."

"The sympathetic conditions that we call mind are no more immaterial in their character than light or electricity. The substance of the brain is molecular, while the substance of the mind that permeates the brain is interetheric and is the element by which the brain is impregnated, exciting it into action and controlling physical motion. In order to trace the successive triple impulses, taking the introductory one of sympathetic negative outreach, towards the cerebral neutrals, which awaken the latent element to action, we find that mind may be considered a specific order of inter atomic motion sympathetically influenced by the celestial flow and that it becomes when thus excited by this medium a part and parcel of the celestial itself."

More info on Keely and others is at Sympathetic Vibratory Physics--It's a Musical Universe!

We can't say anything definitive about the influence of the subatomic realm on biology and consciousness, however there is speculation that the vacuum is the indispensable foundation of quantum biology and quantum medicine. We can however use quantum metaphors as a rich source of healing and inspiration. Dr. Arnold Mindell's book The Quantum Mind and Healing, How To Listen To Your Body's Symptoms, offers profound assistance for integration for kundi-actives, with many practical exercises for exploring the bodymind-soul connection.

The non-physical "subtle energy" fields of the vacuum, in turn generate corresponding electromagnetic fields (e.g. biophotons) by imparting the potentials. Kundalini might have the effect of stimulating an increased flow of ions upping the body's dipole and increasing the EMF. The biomagnetic field of the body generates micro-electric currents that determine the normal differentiation of cells and their final shade and size. The increased energy flow through the areas where there is blockage restores healthy resonance and energetic order--higher order equals higher synchrotronic lasering of consciousness and energy. In 1935 Lakhovsky discovered that a cell possesses two characteristics--capacitance and inductance--which are the elements of a tuned circuit like a radio. He found the cell must be tuned to the desired frequency needed to sustain life. The constructive interaction of coherent oscillating fields means there is greater information exchange between cells leading to increased spiritual presence or incarnation.

Besides scalar waves that permeate the matter of our being, the ways that kundalini energy may be conveyed around the body include:

Roger Penrose considers consciousness to be a subatomic phenomena of wave function self-collapse via quantum gravity, whatever that means. Quantum gravity describes the interaction of gravity with the three other fundamental forces: electromagnetic, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force. Cells communicate with each other, and the vibratory energy reaches within the cell via the cytoskeleton and microtubules. Microtubules are structural components that are part of the neuron cell cytoskeleton and brain cells are particularly rich in them. They are cylindrical protein lattice assemblies of tubulin molecules in which the "quantum computations" of consciousness are reputed to take place.

The Penrose-Hameroff model proposes that internal quantum events occurring within tubulin in cooperative interaction with each other, are the bridge between subatomic quantum events and molecular "classical" reality. Stuart Hameroff says consciousness exists on the edge between the quantum and classical worlds. He believes that we plug into the universal proto-conscious mind through this quantum activity in the microtubules.

"I think more like a quantum Buddhist, in that there is a universal proto-conscious mind which we access, and can influence us. But it actually exists at the funda-mental level of the universe, at the Planck scale." ~ Stuart Hameroff

Neurotransmission provides input and out put from the quantum processes in the microtubules of neurons. Like Stuart Hameroff I think that consciousness at its most subtle material form is conducted within quantum processes. This is then translated into the classical chemistry of nerves, synapses, receptors, neurotransmitters, hormones and the like. And so the endless variety of thought, behavior and experience of manifestation unfolds.

"Pre-conscious (unconscious/subconscious) information exists as quantum superpositions - multiple coexisting possible actions or experiences - which, upon reaching a specified threshold at the moment of consciousness/self-collapse, choose a particular action or experience." ~ Stuart Hameroff

Reading, books by Dean Radin, Cleve Backster, Rupert Sheldrake, Thomas Bearden,

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